Was There Election Fraud in Sweden?

As I said in the video interview above, I was expecting the Sweden Democrats to get around 25% but wouldn’t be surprised if they got 31%.

They only got 17,6%.

I’ll admit, I was disappointed. And perhaps my disappointment is so strong it colours my perception. At the same time, I can’t ignore there’s been an alarming amount of reports of unacceptable behavior.

An international team of 25 observers concluded that cheating took place in 46% of polling stations. So called “family voting” is illegal, yet in the majority of cases staff didn’t bother intervening.

That’s an official report. Unofficially there’s been many incidents reported under the hashtag #valfusk2018 which means “electionfraud2018”. I started this hashtag before the election so people could gather proof in case they saw anything suspicious, since it’s happened before. The day after the election it was trending.


The testimonies range anywhere from voting bills missing (primarily for the Sweden Democrats, Alternative for Sweden and Medborgerlig Samling) and votes disappearing, to one woman testifying how her mentally challenged son was fooled into voting for the Social Democrats. He wasn’t even aware of what was happening but the staff at his group home got him to do it.


On a different note, the Danish EU-politician Michael Aastrup Jensen has expressed criticism against Sweden’s voting system. Among other things he criticized the amount of party officials who stand right outside voting halls and pressure people into taking their party ballots (which is illegal) but also our system of ballots itself.

In Sweden it looks like this:


In other countries, like Norway, it looks like this:


See the problem here?

In Norway you step into a closed space and choose what party you want to vote for. Nobody can see what ballot you pick. In Sweden however, everyone can see.

Sweden is an extremely consensus-driven country. I jokingly say that the difference between Sweden and North Korea, is that the government doesn’t have to threaten you with murder to keep you silent. In Sweden people censor themselves.

The journalist Tim Pool gained fame when he went to investigate Sweden, after Donald Trump’s infamous “last night in Sweden remark”. After several video reports he came to this conclusion: “Sweden is creepy.” He had a really hard  time getting any citizen to show up on camera and speak their mind on politics.

Given Sweden’s extreme consensus culture it’s not exactly a good standard to have non-anonymous elections. And the international team of observers I mentioned earlier took issue with this as well. Everybody can see what party bill you choose. At the same time, SD are the most taboo topic in parliament. The rest is self-explanatory.

There’s also the issue of tellers having way too much opportunity to manipulate votes. As someone pointed out, all you have to do is shine a light on the envelope to see what bill is inside.


This is an especially big issue with pre-poll voters, since it means anyone can alter your vote if they just feel like doing so.

But there’s a different aspect to the election result, which may have more problematic implications.

Here’s a compilation someone made of 20 Swedish no-go zones.


The Social Democrats are overwhelmingly strong in our ghettos. So it’s not exactly strange that they chose to spend 8 million of our tax-crowns on a “democracy initiative”, to get more immigrants in exclusion areas to start voting.

On the surface they present it as a humanist action, since immigrants typically vote less than Swedes. But in practice they’re just using tax money to score more votes for themselves. If this doesn’t constitute as illegal then it’s at least immoral.

Even Swedish-citizen Turks who live in Turkey vote for the Social Democrats.

So this doesn’t have to be a matter of widespread fraud. It could also be demographic changes showing results. And maybe that has worse implications for Swedens political future, given 50% of muslims in Britain want to ban homosexuality.

In the coming 4 years Sweden is expecting 300’000 immigrants – that’s like importing a new Malmö. It’s not strange that the left is so happy about immigration, Social Democrats are losing ground all over Europe. Look at this comparison of 2000 versus 2018.


Exclusion areas are socialist areas. Ghettos are the left’s strongest voting holds, and they never have to live there themselves. So they can just keep importing voters and ensuring fat politician-salaries, while making sure everyone else deals with the consequences.

About 95% of gangrapes in Sweden are by immigrants and 58% of regular rapes are imported. Those figures are now coming from the mainstream-media themselves.

People lacking Swedish citizenships can’t vote for parliament, but they’re allowed to vote for municipality and county. And migrants are such a big group they can basically be the tipping point in some elections, like Kalmar county. Quote: “There are municipalities where voters without citizenships make up 10% of votes. In some districts even 20% of voters aren’t Swedish citizens.”

And believe me, the left is desperate. Right before the election several S-politicians spread lies in Arabic, about how right-wing parties want to steal their children and shut down all mosques. Clan-voting is also an issue in Sweden, where immigrant associations vote collectively in exchange for “support”. We’re also seeing campaign material in foreign languages, meaning immigrants don’t even need to learn Swedish in order to vote left.



There’s definitely been voting-fraud in Sweden. But it’s hard to pin-point exactly how vast. Even if there’s a lot of anecdotes on social media, it’s still just anecdotes. We can’t say for sure it’s been widespread enough to have a larger impact on the election. Personally I’d like to see an official investigation into this. There’s definitely good reason for it.

However, I suspect Sweden’s election result might just be another result of mass immigration. It’s truly strange that the Social Democrats got such a high result after such a disastrous term in government.

But I also think most Swedes aren’t exactly up-to-date on what different parties are up to. At the same time, a lot of Swedes voted for the Social Democrats because they’ve promised less immigration. Swedes essentially want the Sweden Democrats immigration policy, without having to vote for a taboo party with bad publicity.

Whether or not the Social Democrats will actually enforce that promise is dubious. Sweden allegedly closed its borders in late 2015, but in 2017 it handed out 130’000 residence permits.

However, the Sweden Democrats didn’t do as badly as many think. They retained 86% of their voters from 2014. No other party matches that, most of them only retained 50%. SD are also good at stealing voters both from the right and the left. My guess is that they are here to stay and will be more popular next election.

So change is coming. But perhaps not as quickly as some of us may wish. I think the important thing for dissidents to remember is that long-term change is stable change, and the election isn’t everything. Between every election there’s 4 years of opinion-making that we all need to exercise more, in our day-to-day lives.

Your political values should function as a lifestyle. And a lifestyle isn’t something you cover up, are ashamed of and let others bully you over. I see so many people who are afraid to even share a video on social media, or discuss with those in their surroundings. How do you expect the country to get better when you’re a coward?

So many people know that something is wrong but are afraid to speak up. You need to stop basing your life on other people’s approval. I know it’s easier said than done, but either you suffer because you tell your truth – or you suffer because you’re not standing up for what you believe.

You’re going to suffer either way. So at least choose the suffering which builds character and gives you real friends in the long run.

Until next time,

Your friendly neighborhood Foreigner


Social justice being used by criminals ~ Sweden’s car fires

Sweden recently became global news when massive car fires were orchestrated over social media.

My video above covers a lot of information about various motivations for those type of crimes, and how multiculturalism has created a new kind of gang criminal. But what I forgot to mention was the moral message from the perpetrators.

They sent video to a massive media outlet explaining why they did this, and it’s pretty funny – you know, in that horrible kind of way.

1. “The police is brutal and harassess people over nothing.”

Yep, that’s usually what criminals or their buddies say. Just because it’s not obvious to the neighbors why someone is being arrested, they’ll assume it’s over nothing.

2. “Social services are stealing children away from their families.”

Many cultures believe beating your children is a proper way of raising them. In Sweden, it’s illegal. I’ve seen immigrant families complain about this. One scientist also estimates that 240’000 children could be living under honor culture conditions. So no, the social services actions could very well be justifiable.

Also, let’s not forget to mention how these gangs use 14-year olds to deliver automatic weapons and sell dope. That might explain why they’re upset about children disappearing from the neighborhood. In North-East Gothenburg, one immigrant family is responsible for most crime.

3. “It’s unfair that surveillance cameras are put up in poor areas but not rich ones.”

Yeah, imagine who would have a complaint about this? Drug trade and shootings are happening out in the open in certain ghettos, and these people act like shit constantly. Smashing stuff, riding around with motorcycles all day so neighbors can’t relax. No wonder they don’t want surveillance.

The man who delivered the message told the newspaper: ”I can’t even smoke a joint on the street and be high, then I get to fine for having it in my body. I don’t even own my body. What kind of freedom is that?”

Now, I certainly agree that Sweden’s drug laws are stupid. But that mentality is absurd. Everybody knows that it’s illegal to smoke weed in Sweden, so walking around like that and then getting surprised is completely retarded.

The masked man ends the video by saying: ”Treat us like animals and we’ll act like animals. Not a threat, just to wake society up.”

As I covered in my video, immigrant criminals are very easily triggered. They’ll view any triviality as a violation of their honor, and so it’s hardly a surprise that they consider themselves innocent victims here. That usually is the case with criminals. Even serial killers tend to have a good self-image, and rapists rarely view themselves as rapists.

However it is fascinating that social justice is now being used as a tool by criminals, to try and build public opinion. Present yourself as a victim of systemic oppression and hope enough people buy into it, so you can keep being a criminal.

You’d think this is a South Park episode or something, someone should notify Matt and Trey.

But no, it’s just Sweden.



Election in Sweden – A Chat with Sargon

I joined Sargon’s channel to discuss the election, explain what our political parties are and the situation at hand. We also get into Skurt, Sweden’s version of Pepe. 😀

Here’s a quick breakdown on Sweden’s parties, this is copied off a comment someone made on the video. I think it gives a fair image:

Left Party (Vänsterpartiet): basically the communist movement in Sweden. Has plenty of radicals with ties to antifa and other left-wing extremists.

The Green Party (Miljöpartiet): Started out as a party concerned about enviromental issues. Has since been infiltrated by islamists. Sometimes tries to argue for various idiotic token efforts regarding the enviroment (like raising taxes on fossil fuels etc.), but it’s evident they don’t really believe what they preach and it’s merely just a method to steal money from people who need to drive a car in their daily life.

The Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterna): Basically the collective efforts of Swedish labour unions in political party form. Used to be protectionist since they realized that Swedish labourers have nothing to gain from mass immigration. But has since been infected with cultural marxism and “progressive” ideals. Basically run by corrupt former labour union representatives.

The Centrist Party (Centrpartiet) basically a slightly more right-leaning version of the green party. Also infiltrated by islamists and multiculturalist fucktards.

The Liberals (Liberalerna): Supposedly free market capitalists, but not really. Very weak number of voters. Also infected with multiculturalism.

The Moderates (Moderaterna): also supposedly free market capitalists. Also infected with multiculturalism. But where the social democrats want multiculturalism so they can create a welfare dependant, immigrant voterbase, the Moderates want mass immigration so that they can undermine labour laws and rights by dumping wages through hiring desperate immigrants and paying them less than Swedish labourers.

The Christian Democrats (Kristdemokraterna): Supposedly “conservatives” but not really. There’s nothing christian about their party profile at all except their name. Can’t decide what to stand for (one day they’re pro-immigration, the next day they’re not). Really weak voter support. Likely to lose their place in parliament.

The Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna): Mostly civic nationalist, loosely ethno nationalist party. Hated by all the other parties and the establishment. The only party with growing support, while the other parties are basically cannibalizing eachother for voters.

WARNING: PeterSweden is an alarmist that can’t be trusted

I recently did a comedy roast of Peter Sweden, a prominent political pundit who claims to be a journalist. He’s been used as a source by Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo, Mike Cernovich, and others abroad.

And that’s problematic considering how dishonest he is. He exaggerates the image of Sweden to the point where it becomes ridiculous, and as a result people don’t take honest critics seriously. This is a concern for all dissidents speaking out.

Alarmism gives the social justice left ammunition to claim that ”the right” is creating false information to feed their own narrative. Essentially alarmists work as disinformation agents, making it harder for people to accept the real truth once it reaches them.

Put simply: Don’t underestimate how much damage sloppy journalism can accomplish. Letting PeterSweden have a patent on Swedish news is just as problematic as letting a radical leftist represent the image of Sweden internationally.

Honest news about Sweden are hard to find in English. That’s why Peter has managed to get 96’000 twitter followers, and quite a few thousand views on several of his videos.

But Peter isn’t even a journalist.

He just links articles from Sweden’s mainstream media on Twitter. The same media he keeps telling people not to trust. Then he tries to take credit for news that other journalists created. He never even set foot in any of the no-go zones he ”reports” about.


I know he’s traveled to places and interviewed people occasionally, like in this video, but anyone can pick up a camera and do that. That’s not journalism, it’s blogging. The majority of his activity takes place on social media.

Well, here’s some MAINSTREAM MEDIA articles about the handgrenade crisis, which Peter implies nobody but himself talks about. Sources are hyperlinked so just click the blue words to get to the articles.

Grenades being used more frequently amongst criminals. It’s gone from a few detonations per year to a few per month. 21 detonations in 2017, which is lower than 2016, but still alarmingly high to police.

This is reminiscent of the Scandinavian biker wars in the 90s, when Hells Angels and Bandidos fought each other over drug trade. Rocket launchers and grenades were used here as well. Eventually the conflict subsided.

The grenades are 30 years old and originate from the Balkan wars. They are used primarily to scare and extort, not to kill. However, they’ve been found dug into the ground in parks and near roads, and there’s a risk for civilian casualties the more grenades flow into the country.

One of the ”most criminal men in Malmö” planned on using remotely controlled grenades to kill another gangleader. And a grenade was thrown at a villa in nice neighborhood – Why? Because a banker investigating fraud lives there, so you can assume this is about organized crime.

A civilian in his 60’s was killed by accident from picking up a grenade, and police suspect it was a blindwalker thrown by a gangcriminal; meaning a device that didn’t explode as intended. Local shopowner in the ghetto talks about feeling scared after the attack, and another local interviewed says: ”I don’t feel safe anymore. I’ve lived in a country where there’s war and now you’re almost starting to feel like it’s war here. Sweden is broken.”

Police describe how criminal networks are becoming more ruthless towards each other, and careless with civilians. A former criminal told the media: ”When I was active there were certain codes. You don’t attack someone in their home, you don’t go after their families. But that doesn’t apply anymore.”.

You can buy one grenade for 121 dollars, or 1000 SEK. They come for free if you buy guns. ”That can be cool for a young guy who builds up his reputation”, the ex-criminal says. He also thinks the change in aggressiveness is because gang criminality has shifted more towards drug trade, where gangs fight over a market. ”You build up a territory that you have to protect. Then it’s easier to end up in conflict.”

His perception is also that criminals themselves use hard drugs more today, causing the thresholds for violence to lower: ”It’s different pills, like benzodiazepines, that weren’t common in my day. We didn’t do drugs, unless we were partying after a succesful job.”

Today the Swedish police estimates 47 criminal networks in Stockholm. 27 of them are local networks that mainly formed around the members living in the same neighborhood. Between 600-700 people are part of the local networks.

“Right now we have about ten conflicts with risk for lethal violence. The most serious ones are in Rinkeby and Östberga-Bredäng. One of the local criminal networks are in Vårby gård, last spring about 15 people were part of that one.”

This confirms what I said in my first video about PeterSweden; It’s not the majority of a ghetto that are criminals. It’s a very small group of friends, who most likely bonded over having similar social issues or backgrounds, eventually shaping a gang.

There’s also a very important point to be made about Sweden’s drug policy. The majority of drug sales are cannabis and everyone knows that’s a relatively harmless drug, on par with alcohol. Other countries are moving more and more towards legalization, because they’ve started listening to the science that’s out there.

Sweden has a zero tolerance policy on drug consumption, yet we have the second highest rate of drug deaths in Europe. Portugal decriminalized all drugs a long time ago (big difference between decriminalization and legalization) and they have one of the lowest. It’s worked out great for them. So one way to really minimize gang activity and violence would be to legalize cannabis. This would create a safer society for everyone, especially low-income households in ghettos.

Also notice the interview with the locals, where that grenade casualty took place; They’re all immigrants. When PeterSweden ”reports” on Sweden he’s rarely honest enough to explain that immigrants are the most typical victims when it comes to these shootings and grenade attacks. Instead he tries to make it sound like middle-class Swedes are getting grenades chucked in their forehead while walking around downtown.

sweden lost 7

He has a tendency to try and make Sweden sound worse, or as bad, as America. Thus far there’s been 2 civilian deaths from grenades in 20 years. One 60-year old Chilean man and one 8-year old African boy. Meanwhile, the Boston Marathon bombings injured 264 people and killed 3. That’s just one attack in America.

I’m not downplaying the lives that were lost. Because even if it’s ”just” one or two individuals it is still a complete tragedy. Reading the article with the son of the 60-year old man is horrible.

He lives in Chile, and says: ”His partner told me he thought it was a toy, and that’s why he picked it up. Then it detonated. My father was a great man, with a good heart all through. He helped many people who were new in the country. People from Sweden have contacted me to let me know how much he helped them, and just how nice of a person he was. It’s so unfair that an innocent man is dead just because someone dropped a handgrenade there.”

His father was also planning on retiring soon, and residing in Thailand. He was also planning on visiting his family in his home country of Chile, which he hadn’t visited since 2001. But then the accident happened. That is just terrible.

Not to mention the son said: ”My father didn’t like walking around during evenings, because it was so unsafe there. Now I’ve been told there was a shooting the night before. That means there has to be people who know or have seen something about this grenade.”

But that’s not likely to happen. It’s been reported numerous times how unwilling locals are to testify when it comes to these types of crimes, because police just can’t offer them protection. They’re constantly forced to release gangmembers that they arrest due to ridiculous legislations and lenient prosecutors. Meaning if someone were to testify they would almost definitely get shot themselves.

Does Peter ever highlight the fact that it’s primarily immigrant lives that are being lost here? Does he ever highlight the fact that these are problems that can be resolved? No, instead he just does thumbnails saying: ”SWEDEN IS LOST!!!!” and runs away to Norway.

sweden lost

Thumbnail for his video “16 BOMBS in 1 month | SWEDEN”sweden lost 1sweden lost 2

The situation in Sweden is unacceptable. But something can be unacceptable without being a full-scale apocalypse. Sweden is not crumbling. It is “just” betraying the most vulnerable groups in society: Immigrants, women, the elderly, the mentally ill, and anyone else needing social security.

Anyway, some more info about the criminal world: If you buy automatic weapons you get grenades for free – like a bonus. For 1000 euro you can get 5 automatic weapons, ammo and 64 grenades. The reason why drug gangs use grenades is because it’s relatively cheap, access is good, and probably most importantly: it’s lead to few cases of prosecution.

According to Swedish law grenades aren’t considered weapons, but explosives, and the punishment for ” first degree violation of the law on explosives” is at least 1 year in prison and maximum 4 years. They are currently looking to sharpen these sentences. The government is also calling for a grenade amnesty, so criminals can turn in grenades without being prosecuted in order to get them off the streets.

As for Peter comparing Sweden’s grenade issue to Mexico, that part of SverigeRadio’s article was a mistake and has since been removed. But I see Breitbart didn’t bother updating their article, which is a shame.

Hypocrisy with freedom of speech

In Sweden, police don’t have time to investigate rapes due to gang-related murders and lack of resources. Yet PeterSweden wastes their time on reporting a ridiculous cartoon.

sweden lost 4

And this is the same guy constantly whining about how oppressive and communist Sweden is, for not allowing offensive jokes about muslims – among other things.


sweden lost 5.png

This is the picture she was prosecuted for:


Am I okay with that? No, fuck no. I believe in freedom of expression for real. Nobody should be prosecuted over a joke or racist comments. Threats, yes. Targeted large-scale harassment, yes. Shitty opinions and ugly wording? No. Hell no. That’s not worthy of a democracy.

Am I an innocent person?

No, I’m an asshole. And I decided to troll the shit out of Peter, at which point he took the bait and made himself look like a fool. Now the dumbass is ranting and raving about how that satirical comedy picture is some kind of disguised rape threat. As if anyone would seriously believe that I’d wanna take a ferry to Norway just to visit his dry asshole. Give me a break. That picture isn’t a threat to Peters safety. It’s a threat to his ego.

Even if something hurts a lot of people’s feelings, it should be allowed. That’s how we guarantee diversity of opinion, for better or worse. And especially if you’re a public figure, you should have thicker skin than that. Imagine if PewDiePie would write a tweet anytime someone writes him a threat, or something nasty? It would be ridiculous.


Look at that picture. Does that look nice to you? Does it look empathic? Does it look anything other than dehumanizing? No, hardly. But it’s still good satire, and it should not be criminal.

PeterSweden only believes in freedom of speech as long as it means making fun of muslims. When his side does it, it’s humor. When others do it, it’s a criminal offence.

He’s not good with numbers

For example, his ”1 in 8 women will be raped” is as bad as the feminist lies about campus rape.

This is how he did the math: Over the course of 85 years, 614’000 women will be raped. Therefore 1 in 8 women will be raped in their lifetime.

First of all, that’s not true. But even if it were true it’s not 1 in 8. That’s 1 in 8 over the span of 85 years. It’s not 1 in 8 during one year, or even 10 years.

Second of all, here’s the problem with his math: If you read the central beaurau of crime statistics, they say that 42% of the people exposed to sex offences were exposed between two and nine times. 12% were exposed ten times or more. Meaning a large part of offenses is happening to the same individuals, which brings the overall number down.

sweden lost 6.pngIt also gets tricky when you completely ignore demographics, like Peter does, because the risk varies greatly with age groups, ethnicity and location. Women in big cities are twice as likely to be victimized as women in small towns, and second generation immigrant women are more likely to be victimized than Swedish women. Therefore you can’t speak generally on all women. A large part of rape victims are immigrant women.

This article also explains why statistics aren’t that simple. Halmstad municipality usually have between 30 and 40 rape reports per year. But in 2016 they suddenly had 194. Why? Because a girl reported someone close to her for abuse during a period of several years, which went into the police register as 164 reports of rape. One victim, one perpetrator, and yet 164 cases in the statistics.

Considering how overrepresented non-european immigrants are when it comes to rape, it’s pretty obvious that immigration from non-european countries increases rapes. I’ve talked about this before. But that’s doesn’t eliminate all the other factors to consider here.

And that’s something I often see from Peters corner of the internet; just blatant ignoring the larger picture. In his response video he talks about how Sweden doubled it’s explosion attacks in 2017, racking up 200 attacks. What he fails to emphasize is that fireworks count as explosives as well, and grenade attacks in 2017 were 21.

Of course any amount of explosions is terrible. But he really doesn’t put much effort into nuancing and informing. Rather he seems to wanna confuse 200 explosions with 21 grenade attacks, then draw the conclusion that my entire country is doomed.

Hypocrisy with source criticism

Let’s look at some of the outlets that PeterSweden uses as sources.

SverigesRadio/SVT is Sweden’s public service media, with an obvious left-wing/green party bias. They’ve been caught lying about immigration numerous times, often shamelessly.

For example, they claimed that “never before have so many highly educated people fled to Sweden”, making the migrant wave look like a competence rain. In actuality, the migrants we’ve taken in the past year are notoriously poorly educated. SVT were torn apart by an economist on this.

Expressen is a liberal site and the second biggest paper in Sweden. They’ve co-operated with ANTIFA in the past to doxx nationalist politicians for racist comments posted anonymously online. They also did the same with completely ordinary citizens, who happen to be professors or entrepreneurs.

Aftonbladet is a socialist-feminist paper and the biggest one in Sweden. They did the same with numerous people, except they didn’t reveal anyones name. During the #MeToo campaign it was also revealed there’s a huge rape culture in their office, making them enormous hypocrites as well.

I could give you a shitload of examples of skeezy reporting, but put simply: Swedish mainstream media is pretty corrupt, have been caught with fake news numerous times, and without a doubt are responsible for making Sweden a worse place.

They were too afraid to report honestly on the issues with mass immigration until the migrant crisis, when things became so bad they were forced to report more honestly just to remain relevant. Alternative media has gotten more popular with the years, while mainstream media has lost both trust and revenue from the people. It’s not a surprise why they decided to become more honest in their reporting.

We’ve definitely had problems with the MSM covering things up because they don’t want to benefit the nationalist party, The Sweden Democrats, and they don’t want people to magically turn racist. A tactic that’s backfired, to say the least. In 2015 one of them even admitted to creating the echo chamber within the media, saying she was trying to do well but was misguided.

However: This does NOT mean that everything they report is fake. They do a lot of good, honest reporting as well, because not all journalists are dishonest scumbags. There’s many who are self-critical and don’t want to pander to political correctness. It’s a mixture, resulting in both brilliantly honest pieces being made, as well as the most dishonest disgusting fake news you’d imagine.

As a result, we can never rely on somebody’s reputation. Even good people can do bad things, and bad people can do good things. It’s important to always take it case-by-case, and look at the source itself. Not the outlet delivering the source. Whether it’s about mainstream media or alternative media.

And this is where Peters hypocrisy comes in. In my roast of him, he kept complaining about me using HopeNotHate as a source, when I was talking about how he lies about being more connected to Sweden than he is. He was born in Norway and has spent most of his life outside of Sweden, yet he tries to act otherwise. Because his image is his credibility to Americans abroad, a Swedish guy talking about Sweden.


His reasoning is that they aren’t trustworthy since they’re connected to the far-left. Well, HopeNotHate is not the source. Their sources is official government documents and Peters own tweets, which have since mysteriously disappeared. If he’s so bad at source critique that he doesn’t even understand how sources work, he really shouldn’t be calling himself a journalist.

HopeNotHate is not the source. They simply delivered the sources. I encourage you to read their article, the sources are hyperlinked in the text. Just click the coloured words.

Second of all, if you’re gonna argue that they are illigitimate as a source because of various connections to the far-left, then I can might as well argue that Peters “sources” about handgrenades and immigration issues are illigitimate. Because he also uses media connected to the far-left, namely the Swedish media.

This is simple logic that escapes him whenever someone calls him out, because it’s convenient that way.

Last, but certainly not least.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, honest news about Sweden are hard to find in English. That’s why PeterSweden is so popular. Ultimately you could say that he is the Frankenstein creation of the mainstream media themselves, because if they had just valued truth over political correctness we wouldn’t be where we are.

That’s something more journalists should think about. Telling the truth might be uncomfortable, but if you don’t do it anyway you might end up someplace even more uncomfortable in the long run.

And I know you can’t judge someone because of their fanbase. I’ve certainly noticed a lot of dumb people in my own. But it really does strike me like Peter’s fanbase are mainly right-wing christian Americans with strong tendencies towards not practicing what they preach.

And therefore I’ve created yet another comedy roast. Check it out if you’re in the mood for a giggle or two.

Thank you for reading.

Migration activist about her refugee child: “Boy or man? Lover or son?”

Swedish migration activist talks about her refugee child. She is conflicted. Boy, or man? Lover, or son?

Here’s a direct translation of what Lina tells the newspaper: “I can’t answer whether I love him or not, because I don’t know. It’s a position of dependence. But we’ve gotten to know each other and we have a tight relationship. We’ve quarreled, cried and discussed. Sometimes I don’t know what we’re doing. Is it my son, my best friend or an adult male?”

“Sometimes Omid asks me why I don’t see a man, but as it is right now I can’t meet a man. I’m afraid to have a relationship. What if we start something and then something else happens and we have a falling out. That uncertainty? Love is terrible and I can NEVER take risks. Maybe if I would meet someone who’s an activist within our refugee network, but that’s not likely. I’m an ordinary girl and I do normal things. It’s just that I’ve chosen to hide someone.”

“He tells me he’s never going to leave me. That he isn’t like a Swedish child. Well, then he is a child. He tells me he’s always going to be there for me because I’m going to need him. That he’s never going to forget. I won’t ever forget either.”



This reminds me of that other “activist” who described sleeping in the same bed as the refugee she took in. And when she contacted her friend because she felt guilty about it, the friend replied: “It’s okay. We all do it. The most important thing you can do right now is to give him intimacy and make him feel secure.”

The story of the tye-dye-witches and “refugee children” is the biggest political fraud in modern Swedish history.

Adult migrants pretend to be children, and are imported to satisfy middle-aged women. It’s costing the taxpayers so much that public institutions like hospitals and the police force can’t function properly. And yet NOT A SINGLE JOURNALIST in Sweden has covered this story.

The closest we get to a report on this is that video I did a while back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sass4jgyEUY

It’s nothing short of a scandal. How can the journalist elite of Sweden leave the reality-reporting over to an dude on YouTube?

And then they wonder why people don’t trust the media.

Terrorism forces us to reconsider gun laws

What many people might not know about Sweden is that the “gun control” debate is non-existent. It’s not even a political issue, it’s not debated, it isn’t adressed. In Sweden it’s just a given that people shouldn’t be allowed to use guns. It’s not even legal to carry pepper spray, no less a knife.

But consider this: The Islamic State has now encouraged its followers to attack people in their homes. To just choose a random apartment or suburbia house, go in there, and kill people.

“What if they choose my home?” <- That’s a thought nobody wants to have, but are forced to consider now, even if the chances are low.

ISIS latest statement also encouraged jihadists to attack markets, roads and general masses. That’s what we saw in England recently where 3 islamists first attacked people with a car, then jumped out and started stabbing random people in the streets.

Interpol has said that legalizing guns could prevent terrorism. Secretary general Ronald Noble referred to a massacre in Nairobi, where al-Shabab attacked a mall and killed 67 people, injuring 175. This attack lasted for hours. He ponders: Would it be possible for terrorists to spend several hours shooting people in a state like Texas?

Those who are pro gun-control need to ask themselves: Where would you rather be when a terror attack happens? In a location where law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry guns? Or a location where they aren’t?

Politicians tell us not to be afraid. That “love will conquer”. I get the feeling that terrorism won’t be taken seriously until it starts happening in the politicians own white neighborhoods. Politicians don’t live in the same society we do. They live in nice apartheid-societies they’ve setup for themselves, where they never have to experience the consequences of their own decisions.

Bad people already have guns. Shouldn’t the good ones be allowed to have them too? It’s obvious the government isn’t gonna protect you at this point, so shouldn’t we at least be able to protect ourselves?

In Sweden it’s impossible for an average joe to buy a pistol that you can keep at home for self-defense. But if you wanna buy a gun illegally you can go to a ghetto and have it done in 5 hours.

Look at the Paris attacks in 2015. In the Bataclan 89 people died and more than 300 were injured, but over 1000 visitors were present in the location. Two police were nearby and before the special-operations team arrived they ran into the building and shot one of the terrorists.

Afterwards this action has been attributed with saving hundreds of peoples lives. The leader of the special-operations team, Christophe Molmy, said that the two cops made it possible to stop the killings.

But how ridiculous isn’t that? If one of the consert visitors would’ve been armed they could’ve done exactly what the cops did, and this long before the cops arrived. In other words, they could’ve saved even more peoples lives.

Should we, as citizens, just sit around and hope that a cop happens to be nearby when an attack is made on our lives? Unarmed citizens are just sitting ducks.



5 Swedish cops fail to arrest 1 refugee

The clip above went viral on Facebook in Sweden, 2 million views in 24 hours.

A lot of people are baffled at how cowardly the police are. Well, let me explain something about Sweden and put this into context.

In 2015 two security guards apprehended two young immigrants whose age is uncertain. The mainstream-media insisted that the kids were 9 and 11 years old, whereas other people claim they were 13 and 16.

This became a national news scandal.

These kid were wanted by the police since they had escaped from a halfway-house, so the guards were given direct orders to keep them put until the police arrived. When the boys realized this one of them started kicking and punching all he could, he also bit one of the guards so hard in his arm he started to bleed, the scar is visible to this day. The guard also got headbutted, and the boy spit so much around him that the other guard was forced to change clothes.

None of this was made clear in the mainstream-media. They immediately jumped at this with the angle that the two guards were sadistic creeps who derived pleasure from unnecessary violence. The media also made it appear as if the kids head was thrown into the ground, but it wasn’t.

To this very day, it’s easy to find numerous articles about how these boys are innocent victims, and the guards vicious predators. But it’s not very easy to find an article following up what happened, and nuancing with the guards perspective.

Here is one. It explains that the police investigation was dropped, and it was concluded that the guards behaved correctly in an extremely tough situation.

We also learn that the reason they took a time-out from work isn’t because of the ongoing investigation, as it was reported. It was due to safety reasons, and the two men feeling extremely shitty.

They recieved lots of threats. Their own children were gonna “get their heads smashed in too, with steel pipes”, and people would come to the central to ask their employers who “those two child abusers are”. Security guards all over the nation suddenly caught a bad rep because of the media.

Did any mainstream-media outlet in Sweden cover this?

Did anyone take responsibility for the fake news they created?

The media acted as a court and sentenced these men before it even got to trial. And they do this all the time. So just think about that when you see Swedish cops behaving like they do.

If there’s anything keeping the police force down in this country, it’s a burgoise journalist-elite who’ve never faced a tough situation in their entire life. Together with a political establishment always driving the hypothesis that the perpetrator is the victim.