The nazi punch that echoed around the world

Alt-right leader Richard Spencer got punched on live TV: 

I’m so tired of seeing people celebrate this retarded stunt.

First of all, I can’t believe the amount of people cheering over a sucker punch. Quite possibly the most cowardly way you can attack someone, and people let their morals out the window as soon as it happens to someone they dislike.

They are literally cheering on a coward. Spencer was fully immersed in his TV interview when it happened, his guard was down, and the perp ran away like a 5-year old kid.

It wasn’t even that great of a punch. Even with the element of surprise he wasn’t able to knock someone outAnd now we see the progressive feminist left mocking Richard Spencer for being weak and unmanly:


So they’re maintaining the exact same heteronormative macho bullshit they usually claim to be against. Isn’t that interesting? Apparently heteronormativity is only a problem when you can’t use it against someone.

Also note that they never adress how the person who punched Spencer literally is a shit-eating submissive sex-slave: (Warning for graphic images)

If you’re gonna talk about manlyness then fucking do it correctly.

Last, but certainly not least, thanks to the punch Richard Spencers popularity soared.


And if you search “Richard Spencer” on Twitter, all over social media you can see leftists laughing at how funny it is to see “the wicked evil man guy” get physically assaulted. But as usual the feminist left is prioritizing feelings over logic, and this is exactly why you are losing.

A punch is not a counter-argument. A punch will not change someones worldview. And it will certainly not deflate the frustration people feel over what the politicians are doing to your country. All you’ve managed to accomplish is to give a man notoriety, without challenging his ideas. As such, you’ve only furthered the scope of said ideas.

You might think poorly of Richard Spencers vision for a utopian society, but the alternative you’re providing isn’t much better. Reasonable people don’t want to live in a world where you get punched for having unpopular opinions.

Also, it is interesting to see how ANTIFA has spread to America. I see pundits all over the place talking about what a new phenomenon this is, to see violent leftists who actually attack right-wingers. We’ve had them here in Sweden for a long time, and they’re an interesting bunch. They believe that smashing someone’s apartment makes society a better place:

ANTIFA was born as a counter-reaction to nazism. We had a real problem with that in the 90’s here in Sweden, with skinhead gangs running around the streets beating up immigrants for no reason other than blatant racism. So ANTIFA was born as a defense for immigrants and left-wingers who were physically attacked solely for having “the wrong thoughts” or “the wrong skin”. And at one point in time it was actually about fighting back against racism. Now, however, it’s just become it’s own ideology with it’s own fascist tendencies.

You know what the worst part is? I think Richard Spencer is a moron. Seriously, the dude said that only white people deserve to explore space, and that being an immigrant is “pathetic”. He’s literally saying that people running for their lives are pathetic. He’s the epitome of a spoiled, privileged white male. Something that SJWs usually talk about as a fantasy, he actually embodies.

But even with all that in mind, the left is FORCING me to respect him. Because it’s so terribly easy to stand up for your opinion when you got the entire media establishment holding your back. In fact, it’s so easy, that I’m disgusted by how spoiled people are when they don’t understand basic principles like freedom of speech.

If you can’t even provide a counter-argument to Spencers claims, then you’re dumber than he is. Should it really be that hard?

Violence is not the best way to fight racist views, and I suspect that the violent antics from the left is only going to empower the right. Because then they can easily point and show who the most civilized ones are.


What does it take to provoke in the metal scene today?

wolves among sheep


In the 90’s black metal was provocative and outright dangerous, a number of church burnings can be attributed to it’s torch carriers (pun intended). But nowadays black metal bands don’t even dare to make music about Islam, no less torch mosques. It’s basically become yet another safe teenage revolt within the defined confines of the consumerist society.

And therefore NSBM plays a rather interesting role in this situation. You could say that it’s the final thing keeping black metal “pure” according to it’s traditional values: Aggression, hatred, violence, unacceptable taboos, controversial provocation, and putting yourself outside of society.

The Swedish book “Blood, Fire, Death” which details the development of the Scandinavian metal-scene dedicated a chapter to NSBM, and the following point was made – keep in mind Im quoting loosely here:  “You can sing about murder, rape, torture and all kinds of atrocities, and still be accepted by the music establishment. But as soon as you start heiling you can say goodbye to all future gigs.”

We saw it happen to punk. It went from being a genre in opposition to the establishment to becoming yet another product within the cogs of the establishment, comfortably sedated and finding it’s way to top charts, magazines and TV.

We saw it happen to death metal and later even black metal. It’s interesting how that degree of extremely violent lyrics and concepts can become assimilated into the market, like any other genre of music. The controversial aspects were transformed into consumption, rather than ideals. The content of the music became a kind of parody of itself, something meant solely to provoke. The bands don’t actually worship the devil, it’s just a symbol to upset.

However it should be noted that Watain is a band which is very serious in their Satan worship. And yet they’ve managed to get picked up by the music establishment, gotten mainstream and even won a Swedish Grammy.

This despite the fact that the singer encourages acts of terrorism in the name of Watain, celebrated a school shooting during a gig, and once said that he’d like to have a concert on 6 billion corpses. 2 out of these 3 statements took place before the grammy, and none of them are jokes.

And still the band gets described by mainstream music journalists as “interesting with something that’s the opposite to all the goodie-two-shoes presentable.” They’re saying this about a band that possesses bigger hatred than the nazis do.

But I suppose Watain’s salvation is the fact that when it all comes around they do believe in equality. They hate everyone, unlike nazis, and thus they somehow fall in line with the progressive leftist hegemony in Sweden. It’s okay to hate people, as long as you hate everyone. Because then at least you believe in equal human value. Even if that value is zero.

To sum it up: In the minds of the establishment, Watains hateful ideology is the charming spice in a dull everyday landscape of music, and not something you take seriously.

Unlike NSBM, which genuinely challenges the political system. And therein lies the interesting aspect of the genre. It is completely unassimilable. Can you imagine how the music industry would go about in transforming NSBM to the next big thing in the metal world? It’s unthinkable.

NSBM is more than just music. It is a political ideology. The absolutely worst, ugliest, most hideous ideology the Western world knows of. NSBM is forever doomed to lurk in the shadows, far from the acceptance of the mainstream establishment. They are pariah even amongst outcasts, and thus representatives for a true underground movement.

But at the same time, national socialism is just another pack-mentality. A sheepish ideology with the aim to make everyone the same. In that way it completely contradicts the fundamental values of black metal.

Nazism is not misanthropic, it loves white people. Nazism is not individualistic, it is collectivist to the highest degree, with a future dream of racially pure white-picket-fence societies where people live in accordance and stability. The theme is actually one of love, rather than the misanthropy which usually permeates black metal.


I was inspired to write this article after reading the book “Wolves Among Sheep”, a great read about the NSBM scene which doesn’t try to condemn or promote, but merely state things as how they are. Order it here if you’re interested.

Dehumanization – The comfortable way out

I saw a short news report by the name “Catching A Monster“. It was about Peter Scully, a man who made videos torturing and molesting children, and then selling the videos internationally through the deep web. I came across his name when lurking around the depraved section of the swedish forum Flashback.

Looking through what people had to say on YouTube there’s the type of comments anyone should expect when we’re talking about people who do terrible things: “They’re not human. They don’t deserve to be viewed as human.”

Well, first of all, why would you act like humanity is some kind of honorary medal? You’re acting as if human beings in general are awesome. They’re not. They’re morons.

Second of all, people saying that this dude is a monster and shouldn’t be viewed/treated as human are naive. This is a part of humanity, whether you like it or not. That man is a member of our species. So are Hitlers nazis, the Islamic State, the people who performed the Armenian genocide, Japan’s “rape of Nanking” in 1937, and so on, the list of atrocities committed by man through time is long.

By dehumanizing people who do horrible things you’re moving the problem away from mankind. Thus you’re removing man’s responsibility and that makes it real easy not to think about it deeper than the surface. It’s simple-minded to solely dismiss someone as evil, it’s much more challenging to understand how someone would be able to do something terrible and why people are what they are.

As soon as you choose to dehumanize someone you’re opening yourself up to becoming as disgusting as them, by saying: “Only they are capable of evil. Not me.” And history has many examples to offer proving you otherwise. Sure, you might not rape and murder kids, but that’s not the only horror that could come from you choosing to stop viewing certain people as people.