No, Nazis didn’t set out to attack children


Between 70 to 100 men stormed the central station in Stockholm and created noise. (video here) They handed out flyers before, urging people to put an end to the criminal immigrants roaming the streets of Stockholm. The biggest newspaper in Sweden, Aftonbladet, said that they attacked people with a foreign background. But the police cannot confirm this, since no reports of assault have been filed.

The way in which our massmedia is reporting about a “racist flyer” isn’t just symptomatic of the agenda-driven swedish journalism, it also confirms the worldview inside the flyer.

I have translated it in it’s entirety so that you yourself can judge how racist the content is. Text which is light-brown is hyperlinked, so just click if you want to read my sources.



By this point in time it’s impossible for anybody to miss that Sweden isn’t what it used to be, and we’re basically forced to wake up every day to see new murders, robberies, rapes and other assaults being committed. We have been forced to suffer through countless cases of the worst kinds of crime, where the perpetrators more or less escape any punishment simply by claiming that they’re under the age of 15.

Around the country reports are coming in about how the police can no longer afford to prevent and investigate the crimes affecting the Swedish people. In certain cases, like for example the murder of a woman working at the asylum house for “unaccompanied refugee children”, it went so far that the national police commissioner expressed more sympathy for the murderer than the victim.

That kind of respectless behavior is now so deeply engrained in our spineless politicians, our weak justice system and our lying media that nothing surprises us anymore. But we refuse to accept the repeated attacks and harassment against Swedish women. We refuse to accept the destruction of our once secure society.

When our political leaders and police show greater sympathy for murderers than their victims there are no longer any excuses to allow this to happen without protest. When the Swedish streets no longer are safe for ordinary Swedish people it is our DUTY to fix this problem.

It is because of this that 200 Swedish men today gathered to make a statement against the North-African “street children” who are wreaking havoc across the citys central station. The police has made it abundantly clear that they don’t have the means to halt their rampaging, and we now see no other exit than to deal out the punishments they deserve by ourselves.

The justice system has forfitted and the contract of society is thus broken – Therefore it is now every Swedish mans duty to defend our public spaces against the imported criminality.

We who gathered here today were neither your politician, your journalist or your police. We were however your father, your brother, your husband, your colleague, your friend or neighbor. Swedish men and women deserve security in their day-to-day life and we encourage everyone else who also see these problems to follow in our footsteps, both in Stockholm and other places around the country.

For a better future together.”


Does that sound like a racist flyer to you?

The media has also come out and said that these Swedish men were nazis, even though the police hasn’t confirmed it yet. It seems to be football hooligans as far as we know.

One of the biggest papers in Sweden, Expressen, claimed that the purpose of the attack was to “hurt refugee children”. No, the purpose was to hurt Marockan street gangs who roam around Stockholms central train station and systematically rob Swedes, steal anything imaginable, grab women between their legs and slap them when they protest, and lie about their age to avoid punishment. The police themselves have described this problem, in the Swedish state media.

Now, it appears that what ended up happening is these hooligans choosing to attack a mere handful of random citizens who merely looked like immigrants, this according to one witness account. According to the police 3 people are suspected of assault at this point in time. And if all this is true, that’s fucked up. If you attack ordinary decent citizens you’re not much better than the people you claim to be against. But despite this, the agenda of Swedish massmedia is clear: There was no “mass beating”. The intention was not to hurt innocent unaccompanied refugee children, and no refugees were harmed either.

A few months ago a woman was brutally gangraped outdoors in Södermalm, Stockholm. The rape lasted for hours. She cried while they repeatedly punched her in the face. She begged them to stop while they strangled her. She later told the media it felt like she was going to die.

It was Marockan street “children” who did this. And the police in Stockholm has previously come out and said that they can’t handle doing their job because those gangs are taking up so much resources. They’re creating so much chaos that the police don’t have time to investigate other crimes, and the policeman interviewed even said that he doesn’t know a single police who would allow his children to visit the train station in Stockholm.

What’s interesting about the Marockan street gangs is that they often get mixed up with asylum seeking children, when actually they aren’t applying for asylum. And since they didn’t flee war or persecution, they wouldn’t be eligible for it either. They’re illegals who don’t want contact with the authorities. When they get help from youth homes, they end up running away. They essentially want to live as criminals. And Sweden can’t deport them, partly because their own country doesn’t want to accept them, and partly because they don’t have any ID.

What ended up happening with the rape case mentioned above is that the perpetrators didn’t even get 1 year each in prison, because they lied about their age. In Sweden they said they were under 18, but in other countries they had said they were above 18 – according to Interpol they could have been as old as 30. And the one who was the most aggressive during the rape, and pushed the most for it to happen, managed to avoid punishment altogether. Because he didn’t show up to prison.

And after all this our Interior Minister has the following to say: “We (the government) want to create more room in youth homes to be able to lock up all of these street children, so they don’t run away and stay on the street, where they are a danger to both themselves and others. It’s irresponsible to let these children roam in these environments where they face the risk of being trafficked or beaten up.”

So what do you think is going to happen? We’re living in a country where it’s open for anyone to waltz in without a citizenship, rape and rob as much as you want, and then escape punishment because you can’t be bothered to walk yourself to prison. And on top of this, both politicians and the head of police are gonna feel sorry for you when you commit crimes against the country’s legal citizens.

People taking the law into their own hands isn’t the biggest problem here. It’s that not even those who are within the system are maintaining law and order.

Sweden’s handling of criminal immigrants is shameful and bears no equivalent in the rest of the world. This is a country where they hand out asylum even when the person has already committed rape. Immigrants who committ crimes are most often not deported, because it isn’t mandatory by Swedish law, even though nearly half of all long-term prisoners don’t even have a Swedish citizenship.

When authorities, courts and politicians aren’t maintaining law and order – Why would you expect ordinary citizens to?

The hooligans attack happened on Saturday. Sunday night a gang of immigrants from the ghetto chose to travel downtown to a local traffic station in Stockholm, armed with batons, smashing things everywhere and threatening both staff and travelers. People were terrified. The police arrived, gathered the immigrants, and then set them free. Nobody was arrested – unlike the hooligans.

Now the police in Stockholm has put together a special squad to deal with the hooligan vigilantes – Despite the fact that just a few weeks ago they said they didn’t have resources enough to be able to do their job properly, because of the immigrant street gangs.

This is the kind of thing that angers the people. According to the authorities, angry Swedes reacting to criminal immigrants is a bigger problem than the criminal immigrants.

For a very long time now you, the politicians, have pissed the Swedish citizens off to no end with your policy that sets people up against each other. Refugees are getting benefits that Swedes aren’t, and asylum seekers are even treated better than senior-citizens. (Turn on CC for Eng subs) Despite the fact it’s the elderly who built this country up and made our welfare state possible.

Business owners who were subjected to repeated burglaries were told following by the police: “All the resources have been lent out to asylum reception in Trelleborg and Malmö. We’re overburdened right now. So I suggest you get in touch with the local vigilante squad (who hire security companies for patrols).”

Our welfare system is sacrificed for the immigration policy, while immigrants are pampered, while immigrants are treated better than native Swedes. You’re conducting a policy that creates racism, and then you get surprised when tensions in Swedish society reach a boiling point?

The politicians had all the power in the world to prevent the direction Sweden plunged into, but instead they chose to go vote-fishing by spewing clichés about “equal human worth” and humanitarianism. This while hiding in their white pretty neighborhoods where they don’t have to face the consequences of their own politics.

This shouldn’t turn into a debate about whether or not it’s alright to take the law into your own hands. This should turn into a debate about when the politicians are going to start taking responsibility for Sweden. This entire situation is their fault.

People pay them to make Sweden a safe country. Not only do they refuse to give the people their moneys worth, they also spit them in the face, with these constant rasist-labeling of anyone who expresses good old-fashioned common sense. They say the everyday citizen who expresses worry for the future should be ashamed, because he isn’t “tolerant enough”.

Do not think that you can treat the Swedish people like shit forever. The anger in Sweden has been boiling under the surface for a very long time, so much it’s turned people blind.  The dividing line between who’s a good immigrant and bad immigrant is starting to fade, and when it explodes the fire doesn’t care about who’s who – It just wants to hurt any person it can find.

The dismantling of a society starts with the people losing their trust in the establishment and it’s defenders. Where is this going to end?

Right now the vigilantes have a collective mindset about the well-being of all citizens. But if it goes far enough it’s going to transform into an individual mindset: “What’s best for me and my loved ones? My family and friends.” At that point they will start to seek out kinship with those who are equally dissatisfied, and who can offer security and strength.

So are we gonna have clan societies in Sweden? I understand it might sound exotic and exciting for the clueless politicians in Stockholm, whose only meeting with multiculturalism has been buying pizza at a safe distance. But please, do ponder deeper on what your politics actually lead to, and stop spending all your time only with the white upper class.