5 Swedish cops fail to arrest 1 refugee

The clip above went viral on Facebook in Sweden, 2 million views in 24 hours.

A lot of people are baffled at how cowardly the police are. Well, let me explain something about Sweden and put this into context.

In 2015 two security guards apprehended two young immigrants whose age is uncertain. The mainstream-media insisted that the kids were 9 and 11 years old, whereas other people claim they were 13 and 16.

This became a national news scandal.

These kid were wanted by the police since they had escaped from a halfway-house, so the guards were given direct orders to keep them put until the police arrived. When the boys realized this one of them started kicking and punching all he could, he also bit one of the guards so hard in his arm he started to bleed, the scar is visible to this day. The guard also got headbutted, and the boy spit so much around him that the other guard was forced to change clothes.

None of this was made clear in the mainstream-media. They immediately jumped at this with the angle that the two guards were sadistic creeps who derived pleasure from unnecessary violence. The media also made it appear as if the kids head was thrown into the ground, but it wasn’t.

To this very day, it’s easy to find numerous articles about how these boys are innocent victims, and the guards vicious predators. But it’s not very easy to find an article following up what happened, and nuancing with the guards perspective.

Here is one. It explains that the police investigation was dropped, and it was concluded that the guards behaved correctly in an extremely tough situation.

We also learn that the reason they took a time-out from work isn’t because of the ongoing investigation, as it was reported. It was due to safety reasons, and the two men feeling extremely shitty.

They recieved lots of threats. Their own children were gonna “get their heads smashed in too, with steel pipes”, and people would come to the central to ask their employers who “those two child abusers are”. Security guards all over the nation suddenly caught a bad rep because of the media.

Did any mainstream-media outlet in Sweden cover this?

Did anyone take responsibility for the fake news they created?

The media acted as a court and sentenced these men before it even got to trial. And they do this all the time. So just think about that when you see Swedish cops behaving like they do.

If there’s anything keeping the police force down in this country, it’s a burgoise journalist-elite who’ve never faced a tough situation in their entire life. Together with a political establishment always driving the hypothesis that the perpetrator is the victim.