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Hello. I am the Angry Foreigner. If you want to learn how to become good at expressing yourself, click here. If you want to learn about my life philosophy, click here.

Political correctness is the complete opposite of mental activity. PC entails that you aren’t allowed to use certain words, think certain thoughts and discuss certain topics. Taboos hinder intellectual conversation and dumb people down. The individual does not benefit from being afraid of their own thoughts. I am of the opinion that everything should be up for discussion, and that people should be punished only for nasty actions. Not nasty thoughts.

The only thoughts that are actually worth something are the ones with the potential to piss people off. Because those are the ones that challenge cemented notions and force people to reflect. And it is through challenge that one grows.

If you’re here you’ve probably seen my YouTube channel. If not, check out my YouTube channel. It’s pretty awesome.

There is so much insane shit happening in Sweden on a regular basis that I simply don’t have time to make videos about it all. I invest a lot of time into my videos with the script-writing and the multiple takes and the whatnots, so I have to make priorities. And sometimes a video is more important to make in Swedish in order to primarily reach the Swedish people, so then I won’t have time to make it in English. Remember, Swedish citizens are the ones who need waking up the most. The rest of the world is already unplugged from the SJW matrix. (Well, to a certain degree at least)

So I started this blog as a supplimentary for my channel. This way, I can easily inform you guys about things happening in Sweden without having to spend a day making a video. I can also post my thoughts on things I can’t be arsed to make videos about, but nonetheless mean something.

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  1. Hello. I don’t know what to make of all your devil symbology. If you are against social relativism, then understand that only when a society turns to the Truth, back to Christ, is there hope of real social harmony, peace, etc. Humanism, liberalism, etc., are all tools of the devil himself to enslave and corrupt. The protestant revolution and the loss of the Catholic Faith in Sweden was the beginning of Sweden’s descent into madness. Take time to study the issue of what the One True Church really teaches. Tradtional Teaching as opposed to modern liberal cant. I am not trying to be confrontational. I am serious. I can link you up with a real Traditional Catholic priest if you want. God Bless.

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    • Im not interested in your false enlightenment. Christianity’s rape of Sweden is the reason sex is still a taboo in this country, and why people (even in a country lead by SJW’s) still have a retarded shitty view on female sexuality. Hail Satan.

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      • Good form is always the best way to go, old man. You are angry aren’t you? Unfortunately you are angry at the wrong thing. By the way, if was the false religion of Protestantism that messed up Sweden, as I mentioned earlier. Now relativism and pratical atheism so the rest (both of which are the logical outcomes of Protestantism as such). When I was young and stupid I was a Discordian as well. By the Grace of God I returned to Reason and the LIght. God Bless you…


      • In the end, you are really no better than the perverted Islamic retards you claim to fight. It is this relativistic, discordian, anarchistic lucifierian Weltschauung that has brought the West to the brink of total collapse. Wake up bady boy.

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      • I’d actually enjoy that kind of eternity. Just the permanent look on this religious extremist’s face to know they ended up in Hell with me would be priceless. 🙂

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      • The decline in Christianity is why multi-culturalism ideology exists and why we are here. Pursuit of individualism, lack of social cohesion, breakdown of the family have made society weak and is being replaced with other political constraints and ideologies. Eventually the same kinds of atrocities will be committed by ‘progressive’ atheist societies as they try and impose their own moral code on ‘non-believers’. Secular societies have forgotten the drive and danger behind genuine religious belief, which is why they have no understanding of the threat of Islamisation. I am not a Christian, I do not believe in god. But I intensely value the structures, culture and civilisation that it has maintained. I believe, in a world of default utter chaos, that Christianity, flawed as it may be, gives the best result. Call it the best of a bad bunch.

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      • Dear Angry Foreigner,
        I am from America and I was wondering if Sweden shares a similar problem as the U.S.A.

        In America there is a problem with both the left (democrats) and Republicans (right) being corporate whores.

        I have noticed both sides use their “values” as a means to sell to the voting public bills and acts that if one follows the money, is nothing more then selling out. No different then a mega church who claims giving your money to them is a way to win favor with Jesus or a charity which absorbs 80 percent or more donations in form of “administration” costs. Or ISIS getting idealists to join and die for their cause when the leaders use it for their own selfish interests. Using morality to get the voters to favor immoral things.

        One problem with the cronyism in America is people on both sides are guilty with having a cozy relationship with companies that are entwined deeply with the Justice system. Meaning? The system runs the risk of raising incarceration rates due to the incentive of profit and not due to justice.

        This is not a good thing especially for the left in America. Why? Because they run on the platform of helping minorities from systematic oppression yet if some Democratic politicians are cozy with for profit companies involved with the justice system, are actually promoting a higher rate of incarceration of minorities. Clinton is a good example of this.

        Is being corporate cronyism a problem in Sweden too? If yes, is the problem of private companies who are involved with the justice system occurs in Sweden too? If yes does this increase the likely hood of higher incarcerations rates of minorities? If yes, how many Swedish politicians who say they are against racism are involved in these companies?

        i hope I made sense and if I did, I hope you do research into this and make a video. Why? because if this is the case showing the hypocrisy of certain politicians doing this would only strengthen your cause.


      • Just watched your interview with PJW, and looked up your page and saw your comment from 2015. Christianity has been the ONLY world force to hold back Islamic expansionism. Come on man, I know you have access to a HISTORY BOOK. Sweden’s abandonment of Christianity is exactly why you are having Muslim terrorists moving into your neighborhood, plundering your wealth and raping your women. See, when you praise Satan, he will give you a LOT of sex, but not the kind of sex you want. You whined and complained back then about Sweden’s prudish ‘sexual taboos’, and said your prayers to Satan, so just a couple years later Satan’s giving you hordes of Muslims playing ‘The Rape Game.’ You will continue to be punished until you turn back to God and mobilize your people against Islam. If you choose not to turn back to God, read your people’s future in Deuteronomy 28:15-68. It’s not pretty.


      • Odin will not forgive you ungrateful nonbelievers. Unlike your silly little “god” who forgives anyone who says your Ave Marias enough times a day, Odin does naught forget nor forgive. Cast aside your untrue gods, there is only one true god, and his name shall not be said in vain: ALL HAIL ODIN. ALL HAIL VALHALLA!

        TLDR: Dra åt helvete med er.

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    • The Hebrew word satan means “adversary, one who resist.” Satan symbolizes rebellion and resistance to authority while God demands submission and obedience. If you feel like an outcast and don’t agree with the current social orthodoxies, whether religious or political, you may find it easier to relate to Satan. But Satan is not real and neither is God. They are just myths.

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      • as a hebrew expert i can enlighten you that ha-satan means the accuser, the one that accuses you before judge in order to have you condemned – so we’re basically talking about any christian.


  2. Amazing to see the kind of bickering about Christianty on a blog where I thought people would be a little more open minded. People can worship whatever they wish – that is “tolerance” and “freedom”. Some might see Lucifer, and his quest to return to the “Paradise Lost”. Some others see the quest in man through Christ and and God. Some prefer Shiva, or the Hebrew God. That is not the point anymore, I have to say. It’s battling the “unHoly” Left and their thought police, and eventually it will be real police. hristoroquen, I agree with you on a lot of things, and I used to get upset at the Devil symbology as well, but fighting the Left is more important now. We leave people’s personal journeys up to them. I have a friend who is a Satanist, but fights the “NWO” and thought police and is very vocal and has great ideas. I have athiest friends, etc. We have to put aside the religious points and work together, otherwise we’ll all be in the gulag together. Peace.

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    • [t’s battling the “unHoly” Left and their thought police]

      This is so right on – what Stefanie has said above.
      I am a conservative Christian but I want pagans, atheists and satanists to have liberty to believe whatever they please. We will ALL be under leftist Nanny-State oppression and/or Shariah law if we do not recognize mutual enemies and work together for liberty.


  3. I have bad news for you, Angry Foreigner; the USA is not far removed from the Swedish situation. The social justice vermin hold great sway here and our rulers despise the citizens. Recently, the governor of the state of Minnesota said that citizens who objected to immigration from Somalia and other such enviable places should move to other states. He claimed that native Minnesotans are not up to the task of bolstering the state’s economy.

    Perhaps not coincidentally, Minnesota is largely populated by the descendants of Swedes.

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      • I like your rants but when you start to harp about satanism you lose your credibility. It is much easier to dismiss you as a nutcase due to this. A true loss for the common struggle. Maybe become an atheist instead.


      • If you think satanism affects credibility then you’re an idiot. It says a lot more about your intelligence, not being able to keep two separate thoughts in your head at once, than it does about the satanist.


      • Satanism does affect your credibility though, certain people, especially the religious, won’t be willing to listen to you because of it. Peter was talking about reaching a larger audience because keeping ideas closed off in in a circle jerk of people that agree with each other is a useless form of validation that gets nothing done, you need to approach a larger audience, (which you clearly understand because you do videos in 2 languages with subtitles) if you are getting 3:1 ratios of likes to dislikes on your videos (or even reversed) that is a good thing, it means your videos are reaching people that are having their ideas challenged and will need to validate their beliefs by thinking (hopefully, but dismissal works also [you see where this is going]) and rationalizing as far as they can before their ego cannot prevent them from confronting the truth. The like/dislike bar on YouTube is typically filled, or nearly so, blue and the comment section is almost entirely populated with subscribers unless the video is viral or there are a lot of people (even as low as 15%) that disagree in which case trolls and the ignorant will comment, up-vote and probably hold top comment spots. Satanism is cool and all but many people think that people who are satanists worship Satan (I acknowledge that some people who worship Satan call themselves satanists and a minority of people think that atheists do as well.) This situation is similar to how Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn’t label himself as an atheist. For the longest time, even after I became an atheist, I had no idea that satanists didn’t worship Satan and it blew my-fucking-mind when I looked up the tenets of Satanism. Think of it this way, if you are not of the “non-binary gender identity” persuasion or perhaps even if you are you likely do not know every fucking term featured there ↓ and shouldn’t be expected to considering their minority.


        I just think that it would be better for your channel and the collective discussion if you avoided perhaps “turn off” characteristics that would exclude potential viewers except when necessary. I honestly don’t know of any satanist videos on your channel (I have only been subbed for a few months) and the closest I can think of is your profile picture.

        -Concerned Netizen


      • People will think of any bullshit excuse imaginable not to hear someone out. If it isn’t satanic posters then it’s the fact that Im a left-winger, or just look at my latest video about pornstars: A shitstorm in the comment section of people saying “I disagree with your opinion about porn, so therefore I will never watch anything you have to say again.”

        People are fucking idiots. Their stupidity is not my responsibility. Im not going to hide who I am just so I can recruit fundamentalist christians.


    • Hi there. I’m a practicing Roman Catholic and I enjoy watching his videos.
      I don’t share his faith (not sure I can call satanism a faith), nor i’m pro porn, but this doesn’t mean I can’t listen and ponder about what he’s trying to convey. I always like people that know how to think and can use logic tools and learning instead of just be boastful about their opinions, without backing up opinions with facts. And yes, he’s definitely an articulated, educated person providing food for thought. Most of all, I didn’t hear condescence or sweeping generalization from him, and this is actually refreshing, because many other youtubers, especially atheists, while having interesting points, do alienate religious people treating them as superstitious monkeys, morons or worse.

      And indeed on the other hand one of the bigger issues of the current pc thought police it’s actually they treat minorities, religious people (especially muslim) as some sort of poor little untermenschen not subject to the same standards as the majority, so if they beat their wife, harrass people or murder, there will be always someone justifying their deeds and handling protests as expression of ugly racism. After the Cologne ordeal, I had real discomfort because I feel that the public discussion was polarized between the usual pc brigade sweeping the issue under the carpet or blaming males as a whole , and the usual nutcases thinking every muslim is on a colonizing mission and that if you know a friendly, sane muslim he/she is just pulling a taqqiya move on you.
      I’m frustrated and immersed in cognitive dissonance because while self proclaimed ‘professional feminists‘ write thinkpieces about manspreading (GASP! Men having bollocks and sitting in a comfortable way in public spaces!!) and how it’s an horrible form of sexism, we have police officers suggesting women to dye their hair and stay home or move in packs if they want to avoid being raped, and an elected mayor saying that you can solve the issue keeping proper distance. I sense we’re going down the drain and it angers me because we had (I’m italian) our own rape and honour killing culture we’re worked out so hard to eradicate and now I feel it’s being pandered to just because the perpetrators happen to be muslim.

      I applaud the angry foreigner for the courage to expose this mindset, and I think it’s very sad that he’s getting called a racist because he really doesn’t show animosity towards religious people, be they christian or muslim or whatever. Just my two cents.

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  4. Hello. I saw your YouTube video titled “Welcome To Sweden”. I believe you did right by making this video to help bring awareness not only to your countries plight, but as a warning as what’s to come for others.

    I am seriously appalled by what I’m learning about how different governments are handling Muslims and how there’s such a politically correct stance that justice itself is blind to what is going on. When did speaking out to injustice and indignities become a crime?! I personally say keep standing tall make a declaration for your country and its citizens. In the end of all this mess, I believe it will be the people and not the government that make a change.

    I leave you with this article. It was written about Sweden and what’s going on over there by a retired very well respected retired politician, former colonel in the U.S. Army, and now notable political speaker and activist. Perhaps passing this around to your government officials or your U.N. representative can help show that they cannot continue to hide behind words like “racist” and “islamphobiac” because the rest of the world IS WATCHING what’s REALLY going on.

    Please feel free to contact me via email. I am doing my very best to help get the word out concerning the TRUTH.

    Thank you,
    Michelle N.
    Texas, U.S.A.



    • Hey Michelle, great comment. I read Allen West as well, and live near Texarkana, TX. Seems to be alot of freedom lovers here in Texas, as well as people who don’t care for the Political Correct Police. I get very disturbed about the plight of Sweden, and am scared to death that is what is coming for the rest of the world, and the United States. To be so scared, so brainwashed, to accept the demise of your own country without lifting a finger is exactly what the “revolutionaries” want from us. Reading a great book by David Kupelian, who talks about all this stuff, as well you need to check out Red Ice Radio, they featured Angry Foreigner’s video there, which is how I got to see it.

      “We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn towards those that disagree with us.” – Lenin

      Robert Jay Lifton, studied the dynamics of POW brainwashing in the Korean War and in Chinese camps. He identified a sequence of 10 factors that would reliably break down the personality and rebuild it in the image of the brainwashers (Cultural Marxists, today). This is what has happend to the the majority of Swedes, exactly right here. Now they’re trying to play the race card in the United States and also the Islamaphobe card. We must resist the brainwashing.

      1. Assault on identity
      2. Guilt
      3. Self-betrayal
      4. Breaking point
      5. Leniency
      6. The conpulsion to confess
      7. The channeling of guilt
      8. Re-education, logical dishonoring
      9. Progress and Harmony
      10. Final confession and rebirth

      We have to know that these, along with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and the Cloward-Piven strategy are being used at every single point, every aspect in life by these insane Marxists that want to “Fundamentally Change” Sweden, EU, and America as we know it. Once you see how they do it, and see behind their “tolerance” and “diversity” double-speak, you will understand this is a fight for the very souls of the people of the Western World.

      God Bless, -Stefanie

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      • Hiya Stephanie! Nice meeting a fellow Texan. Small world HUH! I’m just north of Houston, out in the country in a little town called Willis.

        Yes, there’s a LOT of people here in Texas that just don’t give a rat’s butt about being politically correct. I’m damn site one that isn’t intimidated if I’m called racist or islamphobiac because of my feelings with this massive invasion that’s happening everywhere and the b.s. that comes along with them starting from “A” and ending with “Z”.

        With regards to being afraid of what’s coming….

        It’s already here! The FBI has confirmed 22 known ISIS camps across the U.S. Their hands are tied however due to the fact that Obama won’t actively label them as “terrorist cells”. On top of that there’s a growing number of over 900 suspected jihad members and the FBI together with homeland security recently arrested 70 ISIS members in the U.S. 3 or 4 of which was arrested at the Mexico/ El Paso border crossing illegally into Texas. Muslims have also tried getting their way with the mayor of Houston and Irving, Texas. Both mayors told them Hell NO! There are several “communities” though. One that I know of is in Houston, another is in Sweeny, Texas. The one in Sweeny is also a sleeper cell. All’s I can say is if you don’t have a gun and a concealed handgun permit, GET ONE!

        I am also very disturbed about what’s happening app over the place. I believe it’s the worst in Sweden because their government have been letting them in for so much longer then many others. (Since the 1970s). It’s clear evidence though of the slippery slope that will happen all over the world if we don’t put our foot down and stop this. I say “we” because God only knows it’s not going to be our stupid PC governments nor the U.N. that does a damn thing!

        I’m a FIRM BELIEVER in “know your enemy” and thus I have been studying what is entailed with regards to sharia law, some of the verses of the Qur’an, and their cultural “norms”. I’ve also compiled a list dating back from the late 60s that has information of all known Islamic terrorist attacks around the world! On top of that, I’m active in several Facebook anti-ISIS/Islamic groups and make posts every day on information such as the Angry Foreigner’s video and different qualified news sources and videos. My main objective is to WAKE PEOPLE UP since our governments and tv news sources won’t tell us the TRUTH if it bit them in the ass! If you’re on Facebook though and would like to be friends to see my posts, let me know. Again, I’m all about getting the word out top put an end to this insanity!

        Take care and stay safe!

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      • Please forgive my typos by the way. I’m writing all this on my STUPID smartphone and it keeps doing that damn autocorrect


  5. “Remember, Swedish citizens are the ones who need waking up the most. The rest of the world is already unplugged from the SJW matrix. (Well, to a certain degree at least)”

    A lot of the Western World is marching toward it, not away from it. I hope you can be a warning sign for my country, which seems determined to rush headlong into it.


  6. i live in the united states.Is there backlash against open borders.I heard the sweden democrats are 1st in a new poll.How is sweden’s economy because in us some people say it is a socalist utopia and people are reallly happy


    • Sweden has one of the highest private debts in the entire world. Our state debt is pretty huge as well. I can’t imagine our economy is doing fine, when the government say they need to both borrow money and take from the humanitarian budget in order to afford immigration.


  7. A Swedish friend posted your “Welcome to Sweden” video on my FB timeline. The craziness won’t stop, right? Similar to you, I’ve been blogging about all sorts of shit like the PC world, crazy-ass American politics using Sweden as an example and other things not politically oriented, but for a good laugh. Glad to have found you.

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  8. There’s a saying that truth, even from the devil himself (pun intended), is still truth. You and I are probably as opposite as we can be on religion, but by God (pun once again intended) you’ve got this multiculturalist think dead on right. Bravo on the welcome to Sweden video, it’s exactly on point.

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  9. Hello, I am from Brazil and I lived in Denmark for two years. I completely agree with you. I think Scandinavian peaple are becaming crazy. They just can’t see the reality in front of the yes. It is awful to see evil spreading like this, just becasuse good people are becaming stupid.

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  10. Hi, commenting here because don’t want to make an account on Youtube. I have watched a couple of your videos, but not many yet. As I don’t live in Sweden cannot comment on the reality of the situation there, but you speak well, with passion and skill, and occasionally touch a raw nerve. That’s good, it makes me think more carefully on things I thought were settled in my own mind. The last one I watched was one on mental Illness, completely off the beaten track from the other subjects, and it made me think about my own attitude to mental health (have had my own problems with it, but am now volunteering to help others) and how I view it. I think I was thinking fairly sensibly considering my own exposure to it, but to hear you talk is to allow sensible doubt about if I might have become complacent in my own recovery and how I deal with others problems. Something to think about.

    The way you have described the way Sweden has become so politically correct makes me think of the other stupidities of the PC movement on the web and in US colleges and how extremism in any form is detrimental to society, especially if it becomes the dominant political force. I am going to watch and absorb the rest of your videos with interest.

    Btw I am British, and have lived in England all my life. I am definitely not a racist thug as people who doubt the PC line are portrayed to be. Have been left wing all my life, and I loath racism. I hate unrealistic and extreme viewpoints however, and the current shape of the PC crowd has gone way past logic and to feats of fantasy, denial and obstructionism to any who dare to argue with them. That’s not healthy and Sweden seems to be the shining crown on how these views taken to extreme can be destructive and counter-productive to the society they are supposed to be helping.

    Keep on telling the truth as you see it. You are a good example of how free speech if meant to be used.

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  11. You are so TOTALLY RIGHT about Sweden, Angry Foreigner! As someone who has been traveling there for over 20 years, there were a few things you brought up in your first video that hit me like a ton of lead, for example that the Swedes are self+loathing. Once on a trip to Södertälje in 1993 I actually prevented a group of Swedish women from a muslim gang rape situation. I can only imagine that Södertälje is much worse than it was back then….I have heard that the town council is largely Muslim. Keep up on telling everybody the truth…och ha det bra, idag, AF! Jag ska lyssna till dig!


  12. Anyone heard of the Kalergi Plan?

    That’s the plot to genocide Europe with mass immigration. Merkel is in on the plot and won an award for pushing it.

    It is real, look it up.


  13. Hello, thank you for your blog and opinion.
    Can I share some of your posts (parts of posts with direct link to the original post on your blog) on http://www.curiousbee.info?
    The idea is to collect interesting posts from personal blogs on one place and make “real news from real people”. So I thought you might to be there.
    You can find more info here: http://www.curiousbee.info/to-bloggers/letter-to-bloggers/
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  14. Trust my words,
    I am from Greece and i dont belong to any political party.I am good on getting peoples character and soul. You are a scam full of complexes , you know very well what you are saying is not right but you are fed by the actual racism you got living in Sweden ( because there was , it was difficult to understand for the reason it was hidden ).
    You need to accept the pain and not be afraid, you are human too, equal to swedes.


  15. Hei!

    Første-generasjons innvadrer i Norge her(er opprinnelig fra Kosovo).
    Lets simplify this because I know Norwegians and Swedes don’t really understand each other:

    Basically, your youtube account is awesome, great post about NSBM too. Not a nazi myself, but obviously understand the aspect of “counter-culture” and all that.
    Anyway, I was wondering about your thoughts concerning the conflicts in the Balkans? Specifically the one in Bosnia-H.
    I have nothing against any of the ethnicities in the Balkans, and considering all Serbs I have met so far have been really nice and decent people, I find the demonization of all Serbs collectively ridiculous. What I’ve gathered about the conflict in Kosovo is that the peaceful protesters didn’t want to be an independent country(probably because it’s economic suicide), and that for the most part the KLA would provoke ethnic Serbs living in Kosovo and thus the conflict started. Of course there were many dodgy policies made, that is why I wonder what you think about it.

    I mean, lets face it, protestants are a bunch of fags but christianity united Europe. Can’t deny that.
    Oh, and the KLA are a bunch of backwards-ass muslims, . Sorry for that, I just have the urge to say that every time I tell someone where I’m from. Firstly because it pisses off certain Kosovo-Albanians, and secondly KLA supporters are traitors to their own culture and all the Europeans that fought the Ottomans.
    Disclaimer: I was born in ’91 and moved shortly after, so I never actually experienced any conflict myself.

    Sorry for contacting you here, I figured I’d just drown in the youtube comments section.

    Keep doing your thing, you’re speaking up for many decent people that migrated and have actually assimilated – because respecting your hosts culture is the least you can do.


  16. Check out Rev. James David Manning’s you tube videos; he’s a black pastor who has several you tube vids discussing why the black population is so very dysfunctional.
    The Porch Monkey Report was amazing, as is ‘Rev. Manning Hurricane Katrina’.
    & thanks for your intellect, which is original, and not a mish-mash of borrowed ideas that are politically correct.
    For, I too am an Angry Foreigner, an American Ex-Pat living in New Zealand for many years now post Bush-era.
    Please do more vids wqith Paul Joseph Watson; start your own show, and be sure to drop in and visit ‘The Vinney Eastwood Show’ who has 30+ million viewers and listeners.


  17. Hello Angry Foreigner, I’ve been following your blog and YouTube videos for a couple of months now and it really opened my eyes to all these topics that are almost taboo or not spoken much from where I’m from. I tried reaching out to my friends and peers on these events and vital information, but they either try to stray away from the conversation or try to convince me that the info I’m giving is false or that my views (which I guess you can say is similar to yours.) are just plain wrong or misguided (Some of my friends are to PC)

    And if people were to agree with what I have to say it often resorts to some kind of extreme and if I don’t pick their side I’m suddenly the enemy. (The whole immigration mess, either its we kick them ALL out including those who’ve done nothing wrong or take them ALL in even if there bad). It’s really tiring to almost be isolated by the people surrounding me, and telling me to choose a side. But thanks to you I’ve become a much more opened-minded person, it’s good to feel informed about things people tend to move away from. So keep up the good work!

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    • Hey Jules. It’s nice to read your message, and know that you’re not shying away from having uncomfortable conversations with people. Keep up the good work there. It’s every bit as important as what I do, because you too work as a seed-planter by doing that. Cheers.


  18. Hi Angry Foreigner. I’d like to thank you for your courage to talk about the reality as it is, with no filters. In Spain, where I am from and where I live, we have enjoyed a sane debate about these topics with no real consequences for those defending either political posture. I have to say that the tendency is changing, and the political correctness is intoxicating the debate, hate crimes are getting higher (mainly towards people with political ideas leaning towards the ones you propose) and the public scorn (mostly via twitter and the mass media) for those with critical opinions about inmigration are an everyday thing. I am worried, the atmosphere is getting hot. The perception people have of Sweden is totally unreal and clung to a time when Sweden really was a Paradise. All the facts that you expose are totally unknown or distorted by the media. I really hope that you get to as many people as possible, also in Spain (language is a barrier though), and all this madness gets reduced. Anyway, all this long paragraph was to thank you for your work and exposure. I am aware that it does not come without risks.

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  19. Ever heard about minds.com ?
    Didn’t try it, and still in Beta, but some nerds seems to be on this (replacing Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, taking over the world, stuff like that).


  20. The angry foreigner is not nearly right wing, nor is he angry by any measurable standard.

    Come to the states if you want insensate, nazi-fueled rage and hatred.

    It’s normal to turn on the TV and hear a normal everyday voter screaming, “Umma gonna shove an Obamaphone up some welfare mom’s fat butt and tear its eyes out and skull fuck it to death! Then the rag heads. Time to shoot some in the face before they breed! I heard they’re all in Michigan waiting to kill me!”


    • Deer Loward. I’m American but I’ve never heard anybody say that on TV or anywhere else. I know there are a few idiots who say things like that, but where the heck do you live where it’s *normal* to hear a “normal everyday voter” screaming such BS? There are also idiots who think that everyone who is concerned about illegal immigration and about massive Muslim immigration are Nazis and that Donald Trump is “literally Hitler” and get hysterical about it, screaming down anyone who ventures a different opinion from their own. Calling people “Nazis” and “haters” and “bigots” when they’re not and delegitimizing them and their views on that basis is just as hateful as the fool who’s threatening to shove an Obamaphone up somebody’s butt.

      I’ve heard way more of the hysterical SJW hate from Americans than I have hysterical “Nazi” hate.


  21. A new follower from America – love your philosophy, posts and videos! You are absolutely spot-on about everything. I’ve shared with others in my office as well. Sweden needs to take their country back!!

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Hey Angry Foreigner, I agree with most things you but I don’t understand your personal stance, it seems kinda hypocritical. Why don’t you go back to Bosnia anyway? I mean, c’mon, stop sucking up the ressources of Sweden! The war that kicked you out of your homeland is over, so why don’t you do us a favor and crawl back to the hole from which you came?


  23. I just read your critique of the Swedish government’s response to criticism of the impacts of mass immigration to Sweden from largely Islamic countries. You correctly challenge the excuse that immigration is needed to boost economic growth.

    The question is: Why do we need economic growth?

    From a global perspective on a finite planet it is a suicidal objective. But it is never questioned.

    The reason “the economy” needs perpetual growth is to keep a planetary Ponzi scheme from collapsing which enslaves the vast majority of us in unrepayable debt while enriching the 1%. Understand and unravel that fact and the whole dysfunctional project falls apart.

    That is the core of the problem. Alter how the money system / economy works (quite simple given understanding and political will) and a lot of the negative symptoms, like the need for economic growth and mass migration, disappears.


  24. Just googled Angry Foreigner because I wanted to know why my girlfriend is quoting unsubstantiated nonsense news from youtube.

    Some people are clearly unhappy and ALWAYS looking for others to blame. Your idea of how things should and have been is an illusion.

    Try studying proper science. You are ill social statistics which show positive correlation about being fed/ choosing to consume bullshit facts.

    I hope you find peace.


  25. Hej Angry Foreigner!

    Jag trodde först att du skulle vara en vanlig idiot som hatar alla muslimer, men du är verkligen felrepresenterad av journalister samt andra som skriver om dig på forum o.s.v. Du inspirerar och utmanar mig med dina tankar. Jag kanske tycker att du ibland är onödigt provokativ i dina uttalanden, men jag förstår att du vill vara det för att stödja din poäng om politisk korrekthet.

    Men hördu, hur står du ut med alla som drar dig i skiten? Till och med här på din sida skriver korkbollar saker som att du ska flytta till Bosnien eftersom de inte lyssnat på dig, utan tror att du är emot invandring.

    Tack för ditt perspektiv på politiken! Du har även nått den här kommunistens öron! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  26. From a supporter. (Offe: April 1 2016 05.27 am)

    Dear T.A.F
    Another word of support.

    An enormous amount of your energy has been spent between above date and today. Beautifully written comments to your work can be seen everywhere, be encouraged! Stupid ones now and again, cannot be avoided, overlook those, they cost too much energy to fight. (There is no known remedy against stupidity!)
    In the meantime, even Sweden is beginning to understand, that one result of all wars by the Evil Empire and their allies and NATO, is the entirely predictable asylum seeker influx into Sweden (uncontrolled immigration) and other countries.
    The terrible and damaging effects are beginning to be recognised – too late!

    The outspoken and very direct Ingrid Carlquist was interviewed by FOX, very difficult to make her quiet!
    Professor Paul Lillrank (Fi) “Sverige ar ett storre hot mot Finland than Russia”. Very scary for the less than intelligent Swedish government to acknowledge.

    That Steve Bannon is declaring”war” on the Deep State from the “outside” is not going to save USA from disintegrating and certainly not undoing the damage done by their invented wars against Afghanistan, Libya, Syria a.s.o., a.s.o.

    The struggle continous.


  27. I agree with more than 90 percent of your opinions with regard to feminism, PC-morons, immigration, islamism etc.I don’t agree that religion is a “hobby”, though, even if I don’t think it’s necessary that we agree on everything. I was, however, surprised and disappointed to see you write “Hail Satan”. If religion is a hobby, as you say, then I can’t understand why satanism wouldn’t count as a hobby too, but perhaps it really is your “hobby”. Satanism is a rather childish hobby and I think you should focus on communicating your views on Swedish politics and media instead of hailing Satan. You pointing the finger at what’s going on in Sweden is great, hailing Satan is not.


  28. Hello Angry Foreigner,

    Can I call you Arg BlatteTalar? I recently watched your video complaining about high taxes in Sweden. You claimed that you earn about the same amount as a janitor. My understanding of the Swedish system was that every one pays high taxes but lower earning people can claim social security? Apparently this is dealt with by the local municipalities for single people without children (Internet search). Can you not claim back a lot of what you are taxed?

    Best Regards

    John Barry


  29. Just a quick note. I think a video about how migrants gets the priority in the housing queue whould be good see: for example https://www.hemhyra.se/nyheter/nyanlanda-far-fortur-storre-delen-av-landet/.

    I saw your champagne conversation with Henrik, very good one but it also makes me bit irritated about the social benefits (socialbidrag). In the housing market today it’s nearly impossible to get a rental, so most Swedish people resort to by a condominium (bad translation of bostadsrätt, since you only own the right to the condominium not the condominium itself. Since as soon as you own a condominium or a house you are automatically disqualified from any sort of social benefits (see for example https://samnytt.se/socialstyrelsen-medelklassvenskar-maste-salja-sin-bostad-innan-de-kan-fa-socialbidrag/ or to some extent https://mickek69.com/2018/09/30/gill-lindqvist-55-jag-vill-inte-bo-pa-en-parkbank-i-brunnsparken/ ) all this will in the end mean that a huge majority of natives will simply never rent a flat and will never qualify, only immigrants will. Not saying I’m a huge fan of social welfare but at least people actually paying into it should be the one benefiting from it.

    Anyways food for thought


  30. Hi Angry Foreigner,
    I’m Swedish and I Iike everthing you say in your videos with one exception. First I have to say that I’m Swedish and a woman. I am not a feminist and not a Metoo fan, but I don’t like when you use the Swedish word “fitta” (cunt) to describe something negative. Please, change this! Find another word to describe something negative or bad.

    I would also like to ask you why you didn’t object when Modiri during his interview with you was talking about integration (of immigrants) as something that also should include the Swedes, that the Swedes should also have to become integrated. Perhaps I misunderstood Modiri? If not, it must have been one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. To be integrated in your own country in some mutual give and take interpretation of the word integration. In the interview with Modiri, you also said you were against “ethnonationalism”. I don’t understand quite what you mean with ethnonationalism? Is it different from nationalism? Personally, I’m a patriot – or at least I was until the PC, stupid elite distroyed my country and I suddenly realised with great pain that there will soon be nothing left to be proud about. When your own politicians, journalists and fellow (PC) Swedes turn against their own country – our country. I feel incredibly sad because the country I grew up in in the 1960s is lost forever. I can’t see how it can be saved, there is no return. I don’t mind having foreigners living in Sweden, I don’t mind foreign influences, but that’s not the same thing as wanting multiculturalism. What has happened in Sweden is a disaster that we will never overcome. I live abroad and feel I can never go home again, as if I’ve become homeless. I am conservative, but not to the point where I think we can go back to the nation states in Europe the way we knew them, simply because it’s reactionary to try and turn the clock back. But we must embrace the notion of our homelands and nationalities and be Swedes, French, Bosnians etc. and let Paris be Paris. Keep up the good work Angry man. Could you not organize a resistance movement of some kind. Perhaps I could think of going back to Sweden then and join you.


  31. I also agree with almost everything you say and I admire you for your energy. I really like Jens Ganman and Aron Flamm too and your discussions with them is blissful entertainment (and at the same time painfully true) of the same caliber as a Bach aria or a Chet Baker trumpet tune, but when it comes down to it, no one else put things as eloquently as you do, for example with regard to the tie-dye witches derrieres.


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