Please follow my website, I’m shutting this blog down.

I’d like to thank everyone whose followed me on here. Trying to make a blog popular in the Youtube age certainly isn’t easy.

I’ve finally decided to register my own website

after my YouTube channel almost got deleted by mistake in the fall of 2019:

However, I can’t afford the Newsletter function.

It’s quite expensive and a real headache to set up, so I figured out a much easier way to follow me: A simple app that uses RSS.

It gives you notifications for Websites as well as Youtube channels and Podcasts. I made a short instruction video below, it’s super easy:

This way you can stay updated with videos as well as new posts. It’s sad how broken Youtube’s notification system is, I constantly get showered with comments on how people thought I stopped making videos.

I aim to make my website a real cultural hub in the long run, with big collections of statistics and data that you can use when arguing with people.

I also aim on publishing more news stories and updates, especially since they deleted Google+ now. I’ll have to rely on my website in order to be able to offer sourcelists for new uploads.

But this might take a while, as I’m struggling with mental illness, stress, and have literally 700 scripts on my computer that I want to produce into videos. I’m also writing on a few books, autobiography as well as satire novels, that will be translated into English eventually.

Put simply, I have a lot on my plate. Because I want to make my audience happy. So just be aware that I’m still working, and still thinking up important, interesting material that I can deliver to you.

Hope we stay in touch.