Was There Election Fraud in Sweden?

As I said in the video interview above, I was expecting the Sweden Democrats to get around 25% but wouldn’t be surprised if they got 31%.

They only got 17,6%.

I’ll admit, I was disappointed. And perhaps my disappointment is so strong it colours my perception. At the same time, I can’t ignore there’s been an alarming amount of reports of unacceptable behavior.

An international team of 25 observers concluded that cheating took place in 46% of polling stations. So called “family voting” is illegal, yet in the majority of cases staff didn’t bother intervening.

That’s an official report. Unofficially there’s been many incidents reported under the hashtag #valfusk2018 which means “electionfraud2018”. I started this hashtag before the election so people could gather proof in case they saw anything suspicious, since it’s happened before. The day after the election it was trending.


The testimonies range anywhere from voting bills missing (primarily for the Sweden Democrats, Alternative for Sweden and Medborgerlig Samling) and votes disappearing, to one woman testifying how her mentally challenged son was fooled into voting for the Social Democrats. He wasn’t even aware of what was happening but the staff at his group home got him to do it.


On a different note, the Danish EU-politician Michael Aastrup Jensen has expressed criticism against Sweden’s voting system. Among other things he criticized the amount of party officials who stand right outside voting halls and pressure people into taking their party ballots (which is illegal) but also our system of ballots itself.

In Sweden it looks like this:


In other countries, like Norway, it looks like this:


See the problem here?

In Norway you step into a closed space and choose what party you want to vote for. Nobody can see what ballot you pick. In Sweden however, everyone can see.

Sweden is an extremely consensus-driven country. I jokingly say that the difference between Sweden and North Korea, is that the government doesn’t have to threaten you with murder to keep you silent. In Sweden people censor themselves.

The journalist Tim Pool gained fame when he went to investigate Sweden, after Donald Trump’s infamous “last night in Sweden remark”. After several video reports he came to this conclusion: “Sweden is creepy.” He had a really hard  time getting any citizen to show up on camera and speak their mind on politics.

Given Sweden’s extreme consensus culture it’s not exactly a good standard to have non-anonymous elections. And the international team of observers I mentioned earlier took issue with this as well. Everybody can see what party bill you choose. At the same time, SD are the most taboo topic in parliament. The rest is self-explanatory.

There’s also the issue of tellers having way too much opportunity to manipulate votes. As someone pointed out, all you have to do is shine a light on the envelope to see what bill is inside.


This is an especially big issue with pre-poll voters, since it means anyone can alter your vote if they just feel like doing so.

But there’s a different aspect to the election result, which may have more problematic implications.

Here’s a compilation someone made of 20 Swedish no-go zones.


The Social Democrats are overwhelmingly strong in our ghettos. So it’s not exactly strange that they chose to spend 8 million of our tax-crowns on a “democracy initiative”, to get more immigrants in exclusion areas to start voting.

On the surface they present it as a humanist action, since immigrants typically vote less than Swedes. But in practice they’re just using tax money to score more votes for themselves. If this doesn’t constitute as illegal then it’s at least immoral.

Even Swedish-citizen Turks who live in Turkey vote for the Social Democrats.

So this doesn’t have to be a matter of widespread fraud. It could also be demographic changes showing results. And maybe that has worse implications for Swedens political future, given 50% of muslims in Britain want to ban homosexuality.

In the coming 4 years Sweden is expecting 300’000 immigrants – that’s like importing a new Malmö. It’s not strange that the left is so happy about immigration, Social Democrats are losing ground all over Europe. Look at this comparison of 2000 versus 2018.


Exclusion areas are socialist areas. Ghettos are the left’s strongest voting holds, and they never have to live there themselves. So they can just keep importing voters and ensuring fat politician-salaries, while making sure everyone else deals with the consequences.

About 95% of gangrapes in Sweden are by immigrants and 58% of regular rapes are imported. Those figures are now coming from the mainstream-media themselves.

People lacking Swedish citizenships can’t vote for parliament, but they’re allowed to vote for municipality and county. And migrants are such a big group they can basically be the tipping point in some elections, like Kalmar county. Quote: “There are municipalities where voters without citizenships make up 10% of votes. In some districts even 20% of voters aren’t Swedish citizens.”

And believe me, the left is desperate. Right before the election several S-politicians spread lies in Arabic, about how right-wing parties want to steal their children and shut down all mosques. Clan-voting is also an issue in Sweden, where immigrant associations vote collectively in exchange for “support”. We’re also seeing campaign material in foreign languages, meaning immigrants don’t even need to learn Swedish in order to vote left.



There’s definitely been voting-fraud in Sweden. But it’s hard to pin-point exactly how vast. Even if there’s a lot of anecdotes on social media, it’s still just anecdotes. We can’t say for sure it’s been widespread enough to have a larger impact on the election. Personally I’d like to see an official investigation into this. There’s definitely good reason for it.

However, I suspect Sweden’s election result might just be another result of mass immigration. It’s truly strange that the Social Democrats got such a high result after such a disastrous term in government.

But I also think most Swedes aren’t exactly up-to-date on what different parties are up to. At the same time, a lot of Swedes voted for the Social Democrats because they’ve promised less immigration. Swedes essentially want the Sweden Democrats immigration policy, without having to vote for a taboo party with bad publicity.

Whether or not the Social Democrats will actually enforce that promise is dubious. Sweden allegedly closed its borders in late 2015, but in 2017 it handed out 130’000 residence permits.

However, the Sweden Democrats didn’t do as badly as many think. They retained 86% of their voters from 2014. No other party matches that, most of them only retained 50%. SD are also good at stealing voters both from the right and the left. My guess is that they are here to stay and will be more popular next election.

So change is coming. But perhaps not as quickly as some of us may wish. I think the important thing for dissidents to remember is that long-term change is stable change, and the election isn’t everything. Between every election there’s 4 years of opinion-making that we all need to exercise more, in our day-to-day lives.

Your political values should function as a lifestyle. And a lifestyle isn’t something you cover up, are ashamed of and let others bully you over. I see so many people who are afraid to even share a video on social media, or discuss with those in their surroundings. How do you expect the country to get better when you’re a coward?

So many people know that something is wrong but are afraid to speak up. You need to stop basing your life on other people’s approval. I know it’s easier said than done, but either you suffer because you tell your truth – or you suffer because you’re not standing up for what you believe.

You’re going to suffer either way. So at least choose the suffering which builds character and gives you real friends in the long run.

Until next time,

Your friendly neighborhood Foreigner


40 thoughts on “Was There Election Fraud in Sweden?

  1. There has definitely been rather vast voting fraud in Sweden, and it makes me feel like Sweden needs a new kind of democracy. If not, some upgrades to the general voting system.

    Sweden is not only a democratorship, it’s also what Muse called “demonocracy”. It’s a democratorship in the sense that the community decides your opinion and what you’re allowed to say, and it’s a demonocracy because every single vote is equal.

    Every vote being equal might sound noble, but a retard and a political experts’ vote being equal doesn’t. I heard the foreigner talk about this in a really old video about how some “politics test” might help. I just haven’t figured out how it would work just yet. Maybe there could be some test that you could do with certain questions about what every party in parliament wants. The government or some authority could ask each party a bunch of yes or no questions. The parties would then (anonymously) respond to the questions. Then, the quiz is sent out the public. The questions would be like “Which parties want xx?” and then there are multiple choice answers. So for example, a question could be “which parties want to keep nuclear power?” and then click on or cross all the parties that advocate for nuclear power. A person can then answer the quiz and if they answer it accurately enough and provide their personal number, they are allowed to vote. So your personal number would then be added to a database and a deep web link or darknet link will redirect you to a site that will let you type in the personal number and it will show “yeah this dude can vote” or “nah this nigga dumb”. This lasts for 36 months until it expires. Then you have to redo the test (and you can redo the test after 30 months so your “voting license” won’t be confiscated for a few days just because you didn’t have time to answer the questions. The quiz will also be updated with questions and correct answers maybe every…2 years perhaps? Maybe parties can freely update their stance on questions.

    It will have a point system where correct answers will add points, and saying wrong answers or NOT saying correct answers will deduct points. And so you need a set amount of points to get your voting license. I want to say that more serious questions give or take more points, but the problem is that that’s very subjective. “Decrease immigration” might be a minor question in places like Hungary, or Spain. But in Sweden that’s a more controversial and important question than leaving or staying in the EU. But I don’t think questions like “which parties want to expel jews” and “which parties want to increase tax for company holders” should have the same seriousness.

    And for god’s sake give us private voting booths. I don’t think anyone should be ashamed to vote for whatever, but having the wrong opinions will cause you to feel anxiety. When anxiety kicks in, we use defense mechanisms to avoid it. One such way to avoid the anxiety is to “straighten up” and vote for the proper ones. Denmark already explained the benefit of private voting so I don’t think I need to go into detail here.

    Now, none of this prevents the voting fraud epidemic, but if you can’t find your party’s voting cards, you can take a blank card and just write “”. Next to the voting booths can be a sign with a reminder of this as well as clear instructions on how to do it (So retards won’t vote “afs” instead of “Alternativ för Sverige” leading to an invalid vote).

    Now I also think we need liquid democracy. People claim that this will lead to social collapse but that’s just dumb. Perhaps some ban or regulation for political advertisements need to be put in place. Sweden is a FUCKING MESS with all the stupid fucking mail and posters. I don’t want to see Blobfish löfven 15 times while I head down to the store because I forgot to buy coffee filters. And if we have referendums every 4 months then these posters will be constant vandalism and not just a once per 4 year nuisance. So yeah, political advertisements would need to be regulated.

    And 99% of people who say “it’s tiring to go vote all the time” will undoubtedly be normies that won’t get voting licenses. So why should they care?

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  2. As to half of Muslims wanting to ban homosexuality: banning homosexuality would not be such a bad idea.

    But to your thesis, I say Sweden has done this to itself. For decades all of Europe has bought into Leftist politics. For decades, Leftists policies have been in place. It is hardly surprising that Europe is in this mess.

    Part of the problem for Europe is this blow back from its interference in North Africa and in the Middle East. If NATO and the US had not taken out Moammar Ghaddafi, Libya would not be funneling “migrants” into Europe today. Similarly, if Syria had been left alone, Europe would not be absorbing millions of Syrians today.

    For Sweden, the model ought to be Orban’s Hungary. But, the Swedes do not have the political will to go that route.

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    • Sweden’s model cannot possibly be Orban’s Hungary. For starters, Hungary never took any ‘refugees’ in the first place, so it doesn’t have the problem Sweden has. Second, Hungary is a fairly conservative Catholic country, while most Swedes are atheists and don’t believe in anything except the supposed humanitarian values they are increasingly denying to their own poor, elderly, and marginalised.


  3. Your media and education system is owned by foreign powers. If I’m not mistaken Kalergi’s mistress Barbara Spectre resides in Stockholm. For sure she wants Vikings to be great again. Good luck with that.

    Swedes proved to be cucks and cowards by not voting for Sweden Democrats. I do not sympathise with you anymore. Italians were able to elect right wing government and give a big F-you to the european establishment, domestic and foreign press, leftist pressure and virtually everyone. Why Swedes are any different? Regarding Swedes I’d rather discuss darwinian natural selection, than politics and reasoning.

    Man. Still I can’t believe why Swedes are so, so dumb. You simply can’t fraud 20% of the votes. Well. I suppose.

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    • As an individual that has been voting for SD since ’94, I can only agree that this people is beyond pathetic. However, at least one in four did vote for SD last election. Sure, the official result is a lot less than that, due to the massive election fraud.

      But no, 20 percent points weren’t moved around, just 10. (..)

      Swedes aren’t dumb, they are pathetic and weak. They know what is going on, but they refuse to acknowledge it, because someone may call them “racist”.


  4. I feel your frustration. I fear we are well along on the same path in Canada with our Soros puppet beta psycho Prime Minister and his cadre of ass kissing personality cultists. The complacent fatalism and political ignorance of so many seems to be a widespread phenomena that is readily exploited by the ” progressive ” left . How the hell did we get to this point so soon after a century of conflict with socialist ” utopias ” that dominated the individual and caused so much well documented misery and death ? I am not optimistic that fake democracy can change the path that is being dictated to us .The window of opportunity to peacefully resolve the coming conflict may have already passed .

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    • It is the same process being played out now in Europe and in the US and Canada. Last century, 2 nations were completely destroyed: Tsarist Russia and National Socialist Germany. Tens of millions killed and that certainly reduced the gene pool for ethnic Europeans. It is a plan to destroy Western, Christian civilization, and it continues. We dare not speak of who is behind this evil plan.

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  5. The EU wishes to see the end of national sovereignty and self-determination and they believe that nationalism, and indeed the very concept of nations, could be demolished through multi-culturalism. They believe that a society that was racially and ethnically diverse was one which was easily controllable by the political elite.

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  6. The anti-invasion party didn’t take third place in Sweden and nobody’s won, unless the Swedes stay shut about this and simply accept the lie. The election was a farce, it was rigged and there was massive fraud. See here:


    Here’s Swedes upset about it and taking signatures: (over 7000 so far)


    Personally I think the SD party won landslide and AfS got validated (the two parties opposing invasion). It seems, though, that at least SD is now heavily infiltrated )))((( and therefore of course compromised.

    We have to stop this bullshit.
    Pass the word.

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  7. Hela svenska valsystemet borde uppgraderas i grunden. Ska 2-3 miljoner förtidsröster ligga i olika obevakade trälådor med tejp som lås? Den som har resurser kan lätt komma åt detta nattetid och de har gott om tid. Borde vara bevakat som om det vore pengar.


  8. Not only was there beyond any doubt substantial fraud in the election, Sweden itself is a fraud. It’s not so much a country of its native people any more as a conspiracy against them, in league with and on behalf of Africa, Globalism, Islam, and Leftism. It really ought to be renamed Swederia, or Swedistan. This would be bad enough in some country on the fringe of the first world, a colony taken from some previous natives, but in one of the handful of most northern, ‘white’, core European homelands of all, with no need of alien immigration at all, it is truly Satanic, sending a clear message, white Europeans, you will have NOWHERE left to call your own – your future is as the trash of the earth, the slave-race of the future, for all time. Get used to it, because that is what is planned for you, and Sweden is a poster-boy for the program.

    That is one hell of a message, and one hell of a betrayal.

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  9. Talking to a wall is worthless and we wasted all these years trying to settle things via discourse, long winded speeches, and endless discussions.

    If you have to explain common sense to an imbecile than you’ve already lost. They will NEVER possess it.

    It’s time for Europeans to take back their land by force – talking solved nothing throughout history and it won’t solve anything here.


  10. Hej!

    Arbetsförmedlingens statistik. https://goo.gl/1JpPbV

    Det talas mycket om en ökad sysselsättning, men när man kollar i statistiken avser det inte folk från födelseland utomeuropeiska länder. 2018, 30% ökning ut till arbetsmarknaden från arbetsförmedlingen. 2% för invandrare.

    Kollar man ex. på öppet arbetslösa (som inte söker jobb, inte utbildar sig, eller deltar i arbetsförmedlingens program). Alla grupper, hur länge de har varit öppet arbetslösa har minskat hos folk födda i Sverige(6,12,24mån). -13% för 24mån.

    Medan den hos gruppen födelseland: utomeuropeiska länder. har ökat med över 5%. Då talar vi om folk som varit i gruppen öppet arbetslösa i 24 månader- inte sökt jobb, inte gått någon utbildning alls, inte deltagit i program.


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  11. Many in the West had a Stockholm Syndrom.They are ill!
    They think the foreigners love them when they hate their own land.but for them this kind of people are sons of bitches.

    ps:In germany its proven by Math that there is a voter fraud.


  12. I’m not Swedish and I’ve never been in Sweden but the news I hear about the Sweden is super confusing. I hear a lot of good news and good stuff about how actually safe and awesome the country is and have no problems with refuges and I also hear a lot of awful news that is basically unbelievable.
    Just so you know you I really love your videos and your sense of humor and your personality A LOT 😀 so please don’t think I’m trying to be against what you’re saying. I just wanna know the truth that’s all and according to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjztkD9l6K0 there’s basically nothing wrong with Sweden at all I mean I know a lot of statistics are real about the crimes and rapes by refuges but it seems like it’s not that bad. and after all most of the swedes voted for this in the recent election so there’s probably no problem
    and again I’m not saying you’re lying or you’re racist. I just wanna know wtf is really going on
    Love you nigga! 😦 ❤


  13. Men man ska ju ta flera valsedlar. Menar du att många inte tog valsedlar av Sverigedemokraterna för att det då ser ut som att det finns en möjlighet att de kanske röstar på Sverigedemokraterna?


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