Terrorism forces us to reconsider gun laws

What many people might not know about Sweden is that the “gun control” debate is non-existent. It’s not even a political issue, it’s not debated, it isn’t adressed. In Sweden it’s just a given that people shouldn’t be allowed to use guns. It’s not even legal to carry pepper spray, no less a knife.

But consider this: The Islamic State has now encouraged its followers to attack people in their homes. To just choose a random apartment or suburbia house, go in there, and kill people.

“What if they choose my home?” <- That’s a thought nobody wants to have, but are forced to consider now, even if the chances are low.

ISIS latest statement also encouraged jihadists to attack markets, roads and general masses. That’s what we saw in England recently where 3 islamists first attacked people with a car, then jumped out and started stabbing random people in the streets.

Interpol has said that legalizing guns could prevent terrorism. Secretary general Ronald Noble referred to a massacre in Nairobi, where al-Shabab attacked a mall and killed 67 people, injuring 175. This attack lasted for hours. He ponders: Would it be possible for terrorists to spend several hours shooting people in a state like Texas?

Those who are pro gun-control need to ask themselves: Where would you rather be when a terror attack happens? In a location where law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry guns? Or a location where they aren’t?

Politicians tell us not to be afraid. That “love will conquer”. I get the feeling that terrorism won’t be taken seriously until it starts happening in the politicians own white neighborhoods. Politicians don’t live in the same society we do. They live in nice apartheid-societies they’ve setup for themselves, where they never have to experience the consequences of their own decisions.

Bad people already have guns. Shouldn’t the good ones be allowed to have them too? It’s obvious the government isn’t gonna protect you at this point, so shouldn’t we at least be able to protect ourselves?

In Sweden it’s impossible for an average joe to buy a pistol that you can keep at home for self-defense. But if you wanna buy a gun illegally you can go to a ghetto and have it done in 5 hours.

Look at the Paris attacks in 2015. In the Bataclan 89 people died and more than 300 were injured, but over 1000 visitors were present in the location. Two police were nearby and before the special-operations team arrived they ran into the building and shot one of the terrorists.

Afterwards this action has been attributed with saving hundreds of peoples lives. The leader of the special-operations team, Christophe Molmy, said that the two cops made it possible to stop the killings.

But how ridiculous isn’t that? If one of the consert visitors would’ve been armed they could’ve done exactly what the cops did, and this long before the cops arrived. In other words, they could’ve saved even more peoples lives.

Should we, as citizens, just sit around and hope that a cop happens to be nearby when an attack is made on our lives? Unarmed citizens are just sitting ducks.



14 thoughts on “Terrorism forces us to reconsider gun laws

  1. AF, Your blog post today describes the situation perfectly even in an armed society like here in the United States. In my State we have the right to apply for and have our concealed carry permits, both my wife and I routinely carry pistols where we can. Our teenage sons are trained to handle our firearms and know how to use them. In our world the police / sheriff is 15-20 min. away. But there are places by law we can’t carry, pubs, bars, large sporting events, schools & movie theaters, you know all the places that are routinely attacked because they are gun free zones. My understanding is in parts of the UK they are also advocating for people turning in their large kitchen knives and you have to be of certain age to purchase them! What’s next, cricket bats, sharp garden tools and pointy sticks? If you google good guys with guns you find 100 stories to 1 about how legal gun owners almost never stop crimes. Yet isn’t it just the simple idea, that you don’t know who might be armed. Many Americans take their second amendment rights very seriously, it is our hope that congress soon passes a conceal carry reciprocity law so that you carry in any state with our legal permit. I hope that you eventually you are able to defend yourself in Sweden!

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  2. Isn’t the right to self defense the most basic and obvious ‘ human right ‘ that should be protected by law ? Believers in a big brother society can’t get it through their pointy heads that their own personal security is primarily their own responsibility. Arming individuals is not insanely dangerous as progressive politicians would have you believe.People can be trusted with motor vehicles in public places [ unless weaponized by the religion of peace ] No different with firearms which are just as absent of will or malice as minivans or kitchen knives.But that would be a pretty clear admission of the impossibility of the state to guarantee your safety.

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  3. No sane society tolerates this nonsense of gun control or more accurately not allowing law abiding citizens to own guns. Such a society can easily have a despotic government when the government has a monopoly on the means of force. One must ask: Why do the Swedes go along with this?

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    • I keep hearing from Americans that they want to have guns in order to protect themselves from evil government. What is funny about that is government doesn’t need to be violent in order to be evil and to control its citizens. Just look at the US right now. They can do whatever they want with your tax money and since most US citizens are very unsatisfied with their politicians, I don’t see anybody doing anything with their guns to protect themselves from this evil government who doesn’t give a shit about you.


  4. Go illegal or die. If you are worried about illegal pepper spray, pour tabasco with a little water in it into a spray bottle. No law forbids the carrying of tabasco. Learn self defense as in martial arts.

    Assess the situation and move. Hesitation can cost you your life. As a woman, I have understood that noone will help me. Not the government, not the police, not Swedish “men”. I am on my own.

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  5. I live in the US. I am on the fence about gun control. I live in a bad area; the sort of city that is touted as THE REASON to own a gun for self-protection. The math works out that you are still more likely to hurt yourself or someone you love by accident than you are to protect yourself from an intruder. It’s even now recommended that you do NOT talk about what guns you own because that will attract certain criminals to break into your home to find them and steal them. Think about that- telling people about your gun ownership with *attract* intruders to your home, not deter them.

    You’re better off with security systems that include motion detecting automatic lights. You’re better off with a guard dog- dogs are highly effective around here.

    There are places in the US where the cops could be an hour away, and owning a gun is your last hail Mary and you should have at least one. But it still doesn’t look good.

    Even for trained officers, aiming a gun is difficult and the odds of hitting a still target are low, let alone a moving one. I’ve done target training where, in an emotionally calm state, I shot at pieces of paper that were stationary. (omg I’m so funny). But the number of times I missed were a grim reminder at my chances for a true emergency.

    Here’s the problem with terrorists- they don’t care if you shoot them. They intend to die. Shooting them is no threat. You can be a sniper and they’re not worried. They intend for most attacks to end in under five minutes. The Nairobi mall attack was unusual in that it took hours. Most terrorists count on being shot quickly.

    It’s not right to put this on the citizens of Sweden. They’re not a gun culture. They don’t have the training or experience that Americans have, and we Americans still have a low success rate with deterring attackers.

    The government needs to stop letting anybody and everybody enter the country, and they need to deport dangerous people. They need to stop Gulf money from flooding their mosques, stop subsidizing Muslim institutions and disallow radical preachers from visiting. It’s not right for the government to fail to do all this and say “but we’ll let y’all have guns! Let freedom ring!” Fuck that.

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  6. I usually agree with your position on most things. I like how you’re exposing Swedish politicians on their hypocrisy about being humanitarians and pro women government, when in reality they are doing exactly the opposite.

    But I must disagree with you on this one. Europe is not US. Most people here are not gun crazy and they don’t want to have guns, even if all the laws about gun control would not exist. US and Europe have two different problems. Most of their gun violence is related to the fact that they have too much guns and they have a gun culture. I’m simplifying their problem, but it boils down to those 2 facts.

    Europe has a problem about terrorist attacks, killing 5-10 people in every attack. Now I know this sounds cold from me, but those numbers of killed are very low. You would need to give guns to almost every citizen of every country and teach them how to use it in order to maybe stop bad guys in those rare terrorist attacks. That doesn’t make any sense. And it would only create even bigger problems with gun violence.

    There are other much more efficient and logical ways of fighting terrorism.


    • More to the point, I think it’s unreasonable for a government to expect average citizens to do the work of professional military and law enforcement. In the US, our easy access to guns enables our high number of mass shootings. It’s not a matter of being Bruce Willis. If shutting down a mass shooter was so easy, why do we spend the time and money training military and police? It’s just not a reasonable solution to terrorism.


  7. Two jihadis did try to attack an event in Texas – that ‘draw Muhammad’ competition a few years back. Both were shot dead before they could do any damage.
    Also, some bataclan victims were horribly tortured before being killed – genitals cut off and stuffed into mouths, vaginas being stabbed, eyes gouged out and so on.

    As for those complaining about guns being too dangerous and using the US as an example – you need to check out the statistics and see who is doing the shooting. The most violent cities in the US regarding gun violence are generally gun free cities. It’s the gang culture and glorification of it that is the problem.

    The irony is that if you’re against guns and are being attacked by someone, the first thing you’re going to do is call for help from someone with a gun.

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  8. Hello,

    I was aware of some of Sweden’s immigrant problems but found out much more since I’ve been here. So, I have looked more into the problem because I was thinking of finishing my higher education here. I haven’t been around too much of the cities, but I have been to some parts of cities where I felt like I was in New York, or going through a ghetto, but I have not seen any major crime myself.

    In saying that, I have to say that I am appalled by the videos I have seen. I do not understand why Swedish people are not defending themselves or saying it is racist to talk about this problem. Letting extreme muslims abuse and kill people, over and over again, without taking this matter seriously has NOTHING to do with freedom of religion. NOTHING.

    This idea of racism also does not make sense. Maybe I am missing something here, but THERE IS NOTHING NORMAL about LETTING someone bully you, rape you or burn cars to take over part of a city. Have you done something wrong? This is very strange.

    I am of Scandinavian blood so this is very depressing to see. In the US, I live in an area, where if anyone infringed on our safety we defend ourselves. I don’t know that I feel good about being here when the Swedish government is not supporting their own people that are being attacked.

    Since I’ve been here I feel that the general culture likes to mirror or “look to” American pop culture. I do not think it is wise to follow the footsteps of the pop American culture.

    Also, I do practice martial arts and would suggest this, seriously. I am also female.

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  9. Hej. I haven’t read this article. I just found and watched three of your you tube videos. I don’t have a you tube account, nor use twitter, etc. but was hoping to contact you somehow just to say, wow, man I get it. I am sending you a virtual back slap (ha ha, older woman, and don’t want to hug you like a batik hag!) and a virtual professional massage…I cannot imagine the stress of living in Sweden, as I am pretty stressed out living in Germany. I feel your pain!!

    I met a Swedish woman in the 90s while backpacking in Europe and was in Sweden a total of 7 times. My friend has three beautiful young children–one absolutely a “Swedish Bikini Team” candidate and a very young son who is prettier than most girls. Yet, she is so typically Swedish, that she hasn’t a care in the world about their safety. She drank the Swedish Kool-Aid.

    Anyway…thanks for your informative videos and I just wanted to reach out. Take care of your stress levels, please!

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    • Paula, I’d be interested in talking to you more about Germany. My profile name here is also a gmail account I check sometimes.

      As for this post/comments; spot on as usual from TAF (plus an interesting, and surprisingly comprehensive, representation of the various viewpoints on “gun control” showed up in the comments. I certainly could argue with some of them, but I can debate anything with anyone anytime really. I will say that in general I am for removing government regulation of most things, allowing social/cultural regulation to find the best balance that works in each geographical area… with possible exception of environmental protection.)


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