The Truth About YouTubes Demise

This video perfectly summarizes everything that’s going wrong with YouTube lately, and where the site is headed in the future.

  • It’s not about left VS right.

All kinds of political channels are being censored through “restricted mode” and having their content demonetized, as well as channels that only deal with entertainment. While both left-wing and right-wing media corporations are excempt from this.

Why is Fox News, a really right-wing corporation, allowed on the trending page whereas my videos are censored from the trending page?

It’s because corporations don’t want to compete with independent news channels like Paul Joseph Watson, Sargon of Akkad, and yours truly.

  • YouTube wants to replace television.

This is their long-term goal, and big corporations can help with this since they have a big budget. Some of them apparently pay to show up on the trending-page, which I don’t think is an unfeasable theory. Otherwise, why would certain unpopular content be prioritized over popular content?

The “trending” page is supposed to go after what videos are hot alone. It doesn’t. I made a video that got more popular than Fox News video in a shorter period of time. Their video ended up on trending, mine didn’t.

This might surprise a lot of people but YouTube isn’t making any profit. After paying various expenses the site barely breaks even. So they’re being forced into the position where they’ll have to stifle creativity to keep advertisers from disappearing. Big brands are protesting as we speak.

This is not about political correctness VS free speech. It’s about corporations VS individuals. Corporations don’t want their ads to be connected with “hate speech”, and in this era of moral outrage that label will apply to just about anyone who is merely a dissident.

Someone needs to invent an alternative that can compete with YouTube, and they need to do it as soon as possible. This alternative needs to be centered around the libertarian idea of free speech. is a good idea but they need to work on their video layout and try to introduce ads to their system.

In the future it is doubtful that a channel such as mine will even be allowed on YouTube. Because it certainly wouldn’t be allowed on television.

8 thoughts on “The Truth About YouTubes Demise

  1. You know how things kind of go on and on and on and on and don’t change. Like the Crisis in Greece. People die still nothing changes… That’s what I think will happen with this and youtube.

    The way to change this is to withdraw all the carefully placed and lobbyied for corporate taxes and other policies that suffocate and prevent/ hinder the average person from starting a small business. However, Trump has turned, Brexit is slow… The only time when things seem to shift is when the people have their say at the ballot box… Possibly this French election on May 7th?

    In the business insider article when reading I feel that there’s an obvious sense of the person wanting to tell the real story, but not being able to in a mainstream- ish news site.


  2. Your writing is fantastic. I follow your youtube channel, but this is my first time visiting this site. Your arguments are well thought out, keep it going. Despite English not being your first language you beat almost everyone else on youtube with evidence backed points. There is no filler either, which saves the viewers time. What stuck with me the most is your article mentioning how you like to walk to provoke and deepen your thoughts on issues. I try doing this myself now, walking by the river or lake and pondering. Anyways keep up the good work and hopefully someone comes up with a replacement for youtube, someone with genuine intentions that is.

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