#LastNightInSweden – Armed Robbery with Kalashnikovs

Here’s a question to all of you who mocked Donald Trump, because “nothing happened” on the 17th of February – which was referred to as #LastNightInSweden.

Did you miss that a gold-store got robbed by three men wielding kalashnikovs? They rammed a car into the store and pulled out automatic weapons, it looked like a scene from GTA for christ sake.



But since it happened in a immigrant-dominated ghetto, people don’t care.

Here’s a list of incidents that have occured in Malmö this year alone.

12th of February: A man in his 20’s shot in the head outside of a restaurant on Möllevångstorget. Nobody arrested.

8th of February: A janitor shoveling snow got shot in a residential area. He still has life-threatening injuries. A 15-year old got arrested.

21th of January: 18-year old man shot multiple times and injured severely. The fact that he carried a bulletproof vest probably saved his life. No suspect arrested.

12th of January: 16-year old boy shot to death at bus-stop in Rosengård, he died immediately. No suspects arrested.

3rd of January: Man deceased after shooting in Fosie.

It’s incomprehensably ridiculous that the media would get hooked up on a specific date, and use that to mock Trump, when the surrounding days are insane. Just a few days after Trumps statement a violent riot occured in the notorious ghetto Rinkeby.

7-8 cars were set on fire, police were showered with rocks, and a shop owner was beaten up when he interrupted an attempted robbery in his store.

The eye witness who recorded the video above had the following to say to alt-media blog Avpixlat: “I saw how the cops didn’t enter the square. They just waited for a long time while 30-50 arabs and negroes were smashing windows. Then they went into Lidl and stole beer and energy drinks. They were given free reign for an hour and the cops did nothing, they came in first after the lootings were over. I tried to record but then three adult arabs came up to me and wondered if I was a cop, or what the hell a swede is doing here. I said I wasn’t a swede but then I got to run. They seemed to hate me because I was the only “whitey” around.”

It’s entirely possible to be a critic of Trump, and still pay attention to facts and accurate depictions of reality. What the media is doing is childish and undermines serious problems Sweden is facing, in which immigrants themselves often make out the biggest victims. Because guess whose primarily living in these rough neighborhoods?

We can not change the negatives if we do not highlight the negatives.

11 thoughts on “#LastNightInSweden – Armed Robbery with Kalashnikovs

  1. It’s a problem Sweden has got to come to grips with. The mamby pamby treatment of these ungrateful heathens has got to be dealt with by the same soft bellies that let them in. If not then fed up citizens that aren’t afraid will take care of it outside the law. Just because Trumpty Dumpty got something right about another country’s internal situation doesn’t mean he has anything else right about the country he somehow became president of. I’m hopeful that the citizens of Sweden would stand up to his dictatorial methods and views. Letting Vladimir Putin have inside access to the most precious qualities of a democratic society that he has clearly shown disdain for would not be tolerated in Sweden I sincerely hope. Whether Trump’s statement was actually his or just repeating what someone else in his circle said is something we’ll never know. He doesn’t make intelligent comments as a rule. He is unique only in the fact that so many ill-informed, and willfully ignorant supporters came together to elevate him to a place he is not equipped to handle. Behind the scenes right now there’s numerous investigations and inquiries concerning his activities and statements. The US and the rest of the world is not reacting the way they are because they don’t like him.It’s much more than that. And people are reacting to Sweden’s plight because they don’t want to hear about a herd of animals running roughshod over a great country.

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    • No, only the liberals and neo-cons are “reacting the way they are” because they can’t accept a peaceful transfer of power.
      It’s okay for you to criticize the “mamby pamby treatment of ungrateful heathens” but let Trump simply try to control the vetting process and he’s labeled a racist.

      And what precious qualities of the democratic process has he shown disdain for exactly? Certain members of the press that continue to run with one exaggerate lie after another about him? That’s not disdain for democracy, that’s disdain for liberal propaganda. Just like this Russia story, which is the exact same story from November being recycled as a new story, but with no new facts. Read them. Every story says the FBI has found no collision between his administration and Russia. Of course, you’d need to read passed the the headline and get somewhere toward the end of the story to find that information.
      You should be estatic he brought attention to Sweden’s problems. It’s not like your politicians will. And, once again, our bias media called him a liar for doing so.

      Here’s an idea. Why not call these migrants a “herd of animals” to all your ignorant liberal friends? See how understanding they are of “your great country.” 🙄

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    • You’ve been brainwashed about Trump. I was too until wikileaks. The people working for a foreign power (the Saudis) are the Clintons and the neocons in the EU. Try more than one source for your info and you’ll be very surprised how much you’ve been lied to. For example, Trump never said Republican voters were so stupid they’d vote for anyone- Hillary Clinton said that about Democrat voters. Trump was given awards for service to the black community long before it was fashionable. He was only called a racist when he went up against the Democrats – who do nothing in reality for inner city hell holes. These rabid left wingers are trying to destroy Western society and culture – and that is why they hate Trump so much.

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    • Your remarks about President Trump show you do not know much about the US. Many of us Americans are sick of this multi-cultural, politically correct, socialist nonsense that is accepted without question in Europe.


  2. Progressives everywhere have their heads in the sand with their asses in the air – good practice for the future when you will be required to do it five times a day in the name of peace. Here in Canada we have an imbecilic but photogenic former drama teacher doing his best to dismantle our culture and values that were established over hundreds of years without any interference from sun stroked inbred savages.Currently hundreds of opportunistic refugees? are swarming in at rural open border points from the U.S.A. to avoid the inconvenience of going through proper immigration channels despite our lax laws. The morally superior armchair social justice warrior mayors of several major cities have declared their willingness as ” sanctuary cities ” to accept any and all with no vetting. ”REFUGEES” from the U.S. ?! What a JOKE ! Probably the most desirable destination for migrants despite the big baddy waddy , LAWFULLY ELECTED Trump. I was no Trump supporter previously but I am becoming one as I lap up the tears of the crybaby losers who consider themselves special and exempt from the rule of law because…FEELINGS! The embarrassing failure of Europe’s social experiment is dutifully ignored by the media in general here in North America.It’s full steam ahead in the name of self hatred and misplaced white guilt. Those few who try to report anything that doesn’t follow the official narrative are of course labelled as extremists and vilified and even physically attacked. I will probably be subject to criminal prosecution and incarceration as a thought criminal in the near future as our government is trying to push through the first step of an anti ” Islamophobia ” motion that would criminalize criticism of the religion of peace with special status over other belief systems – despite not even defining it clearly. No clear definition = open to interpretation [ abuse ]. Way past time for people to WAKE THE FUCK UP and ” just say no ” to this epidemic social justice delusion drug.

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  3. Everything you describe sounds like a typical day in the US. 😦

    I do wish Trump would bother to be accurate. It’s not like he doesn’t have the resources to acquire the proper information. I lose sympathy with people who set themselves up to fail with the press. He snatched defeat from the jaws of victory on that issue.

    And while everything on your list would sound mundane to most Americans, his point could have and should have been- that kind of violence was unheard of in Sweden before mass immigration!

    Clearly, something not’s working. It might well be due to racism creating a pressure cooker situation. (I’m not going to deny that’s how it frequently works in the US). It could be a few bad apples ruling the roost because of an ineffective system. (Not going to deny that’s how it frequently works here, too). Hell, there could also be a reporting discrepancy that’s not in line with reality. But it needs a closer look, not denial.

    The Swedish method of vetting is completely different from America’s and shouldn’t be compared. But I won’t hijack the blog with my explanation on that.


  4. One more thought- Trump has built up a reputation for telling outrageous lies so now people default to his missteps as more of his bizarre grandiose storytelling. Millions of “illegals” did not vote in the presidential election. He didn’t graduate top of his class, even though his grades were fine. Claiming the murder rate is the highest it’s been in 50 years.

    If there are facts about Sweden that would help Trump make his point, he should use them. Not talk out of his ass and look stupid and dishonest.

    I tell my students that when they build up a reputation for bullshit they can’t complain when no one believed them the ONE TIME they were right.

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  5. Gah- one more thought and then I’m out.

    If you are an adult that reminds me of my more obnoxious students, we’re done. My students are adorable and I love them but Trump ain’t cuddly or cute. Grow the hell up.


    • Are you really a teacher of some sort ? You are not really very coherent Maybe you have been drinking.. As for the events that are ”typical in the U.S ”., may I remind you that the high crime areas are generally overpopulated urban liberal shit holes that skew the statistics and give a false impression of much of the rest of the country. Also comparing the two nations with regards to the difference in population is something that should be taken into consideration .


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