No, Fox News and Trump aren’t lying about Sweden


Aftonbladet is probably the biggest newspaper in Sweden. When Donald Trump mentioned what happened “last night in Sweden” they were quick to mock him, and soon followed up with a serious article attempting to debunk Ami Horowitz documentary Stockholm Syndrome.

It’s just a shame it’s full of fallacies.

Let’s begin.

Claim: “Weapons crime and rapes have risen since Sweden opened its borders.”

Aftonbladets reply: In 2015 there were 5 290 reported rapes, a 12 percent decrease compared to 2014.

As you can clearly see in their own linked source, sex crimes have doubled since 2012. They decreased a little in 2014, only to rise again in 2015. So the way they selectively pick and choose here is devious. I’d also like to mention that women’s comfortability with reporting sex crime has actually gone down.


 Source for diagram is ”Utsatthet och anmälningsbenägenhet brott mot enskild person 2005-2015”, when you open it in Excel scroll to the far right.

Also, please do note that my sources here are the Swedish Crime Councils “safety surveys”. They are generally considered more reliable than reports to the police, and this also means that factors like the definition of rape widening and taking time to apply in court isn’t relevant here. Asking citizens what they’ve experienced and looking at people who dared to report are different things.

Aftonbladet go on to say: According to the authorities 13 percent of the Swedish population was subject to a criminal act in 2015. In comparison with 2014 that’s an increase, but approximately the same as 2005. According to a report from Brå 2015, leathal violence has decreased in Sweden the past years.

Lethal violence has decreased since the 90’s, but attempted murder has increased. (Chart below)


The reason for this appears to be that medical emergency services have gotten better at saving people. And when the media happily reports about drops in violence it’s referring to limited periods of time, where it does indeed drop. Both attempted murders and murders have remained relatively stable the past 10 years though, however in 2014-2015 there was a 29% increase of lethal violence.

What we can see is that since the 90’s there’s less violence towards children, especially within the family, and less alcohol-related deadly violence. But there’s an increase in lethal violence from criminals who seek retribution over beef. The number of crimes with illegal guns have increased, and square-offs have moved out into the streets.

One example of this is the guy who, during a conflict with another criminal, fired a submachine gun in front of a school. Children were running away scared. This isn’t exactly the typical thing you’d see in Sweden 20 years ago.

It’s now more common that perpetrator and victim don’t know each other, and the biggest victims of this type of crime are individuals from ghettos. In 9 years, gun violence has increased by 84%. One study in 2012 showed that 76% of gang members are first- or second generation immigrants.

And in a different article from the very same newspaper, Aftonbladet, they say murders in Sweden are increasing. They interviewed an expert who claimed that what we’re seeing is trend break. 105 victims during 2016 thus far, this number might increase after police finish investigating suspected murders. The official stats from the Crime Council don’t come out until spring.

Also, do note the following statistics from the correctional facility, during 1997-2009, page 28: 47% of prisoners serving long-time sentences were born in Sweden and still Swedish citizens. 13,1% came from a different country but became citizens, and the remainder aren’t Swedish citizens. In other words, 53% of prisoners serving long-time sentences have a foreign background.

In short: The increasing violence poses the biggest threat towards other immigrants living in these rough neighborhoods. Not upper-middle class Swedes.

Claim: “Refugees are behind the rise of crime, but authorities are not disclosing theses facts.”

Aftonbladets reply: There are no statistics to support this statement. When it comes to people being convicted for crimes, Brå does not regularly investigate their ethnicity.

Of course there’s no statistics to support this statement, when the government stopped carrying statistics in 2005. Probably because they didn’t like the results that were showing. The police even got a special code in 2015 to keep all crimes pertaining to migrants secret.

The latest report (from 2005) hinted at severe overrepresentation, immigrants were 5.5 times more likely to be registered as suspects of rape. When the overrepresentation is that high, rapes will increase by a lot as that part of the population grows as well.

Most immigrants don’t rape. But with an overrepresentation like that, they don’t have to in order for a lot of rapes to occur.

Norway and Denmark found similar numbers, and a police report in 2016 showed 80% of sex attacks in bathing houses were by newly arrived migrants.

Aftonbladet goes on to say: On the other hand, there is a report from 2005 that shows that people born outside of Sweden are more likely to be suspects in crimes compared to people being born in Sweden. According to the liberal web site, it has to do with conditions related to their home country, standard of living in Sweden and discrimination within the court system.

That’s nonsense. BRÅ themselves literally stated on page 21 in their report that after checking for socioeconomical factors the overrepresentation largely remained, meaning that you can’t use segregation or low social status as an excuse anymore.

On page 23 it says that it’s reasonable to assume discrimination might exist, but if so it only accounts for a minor part of the equation. And page 9 explains that registered criminality varies between ethnic groups. Americans, Western Europeans and South-East Asians have the lowest registered crime, while those from the MENA-region have the highest. If racism really was the deciding factor, why aren’t Asians and Indians more prevalent in the statistics?

Claim: “160 000 refugees arrived in Sweden 2016.”

Nope. Aftonbladet point out that in 2016, 30’000 people applied for refugee status but in 2015, 163’000 applied. This is correct, and in 2016, 111,979 people learned the outcome of their applications.

Claim:Of the refuges that arrived in Sweden 2016, only 500 are working.”

Aftonbladet admit to this being true, adding: “It depended – among other things – on the fact that the authorities didn’t prioritize employment when the wave of immigrants was at its peak.”

And: “In addition to residence and education, the asylum seekers are receiving one of the state’s most generous financial allowances.”

I have no idea why they are boasting about this. Our generous welfare is the reason migrants kept traveling to Sweden even after they had arrived in Denmark for safety, and when interviewed by the media they blatantly say it’s because of bigger welfare checks. Does that sound like an asylum seeker, or a luxury seeker?

Claim:There are no-go zones in vulnerable suburbs where the police don’t want to enter because it’s “too dangerous”.”

Aftonbladet write: In February 2016, the police released a report listing the most vulnerable suburbs in Sweden. That was the beginning of the term “no go-zones” being used. But it wasn’t used in the report, and it’s not true the police are too afraid to enter these areas.

Ok, so this is a pretty funny one. State media SVT recently interviewed a cop who said that there is no such thing as no-go zones; since certain areas are so problematic that the police is needed there constantly.  ….Does that sound like safe areas to you?

The interview is in English – since Swedish journalists are now working hard to change the image of Sweden abroad – and they even admit to there being over 50 areas where the police and ambulances get attacked by residents when they travel inside, where many people don’t dare become witnesses for the police, and where there are parallell structures in place that replace society’s legal structures – all of these things are true.

But they still don’t wanna call it a “no go zone”, because technically they still travel inside. If you ask me, this is just an annoying game of semantics.

With “no go zones” you’re not trying to say that some places are impossible to visit for everyone at all times. It’s enough that there’s neighborhoods under such high control by criminals that ambulances and firetrucks can’t enter without police escort. The ambulance union demanded riot gear to be able to do their job, for christ sake.

In Seved the post office refuses to hand out packages due to safety reasons. In Tensta they haven’t had a meter maid for 8 months, because they’re afraid to go there. The same thing with journalists visiting Bäckby, Husby, Rinkeby, etc, they get attacked for holding up cameras.

The point isn’t that these neighborhoods are impossible to enter. The point is that non-locals percieved as “intruders” get attacked, and these areas are highly problematic to the point where you start wondering who’s in charge: the cops or the criminals?

Not to mention that there are certainly areas where the cops don’t even travel inside. Jacob Ekström is a police officer who works in the notorious ghettos Rinkeby and Kista, and when interviewed by F&F he literally says: “If we hunt a car it can drive to certain adresses in Tensta where a lone cop car can’t pursuit – because it will result in stone throwing or riots. Those are no-go areas. We can’t reach those.”

The area Koppargården in Landskrona once had a single officer surrounded by 50-70 people who acted very threatening. He pulled his gun to defend himself and the tension got real ugly. They spat him in the face and cussed him out while he called for backup, and when 10 police patrols arrived they didn’t even drive into the area. They stuck around outside of Koppargården, because they were afraid to start a riot. A single cop had to go inside and the two mutually calmed down the masses so they could escape.

Now tell me: How would you describe an area like this?

It is intellectually dishonest to act like Sweden doesn’t have messed up ghettos. The police report in it’s entirety can be read here. They describe how there’s areas where criminal gangs exercise a large amount of influence over the neighborhood, and how it makes life miserable for all the residents there – who are mainly immigrants. These people aren’t helped by Swedish journalists trying to downplay the issue.

I’m certainly not a fanboy of Trump, there are lots of things I don’t agree with him on politically. But I’m not a fan of our mainstream-media either. This is the type of lazy agenda-driven reporting that makes them lose trust with the people.

I hope you enjoyed this read.


Angry Foreigner

54 thoughts on “No, Fox News and Trump aren’t lying about Sweden

  1. We’ve been reading stories about women being raped and groped for a few yrs and it’s getting worse. But Trump is ridiculed for pointing out what the Swedes have been covering up or trying to downplay.

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    • It’s horrible, they try to gather a bunch of middle eastern people at once so they can feel not so alone, and then teach them and see who out lives the other better


  2. The violent crime committed by these immigrants is a form of terrorizing the populace. Why the hell did Sweden allow all this immigration? It is not like other European states that welcomed folks from former colonies.


    • To be honest, the biggest victims are other immigrants. Like I stated in the post, gun violence mostly occurs in the inner city and immigrant-dominated neighborhoods. What’s most sad is that Sweden acts like a humanitarian superforce yet they completely forgot about the people they intended to protect. Immigrants who are genuinely good people, trying to study and work hard only to have someone break into their house and rob their mom while they’re at work. I’ve gotten some pretty horrible messages from people, I tell ya.


  3. thank you for your rebuttal, I posted it on my facebook. Got censored (blocked) from one of the thread when I was discussing this, figures. Too bad that I didn’t post your video and this post before that happens.

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  4. Sweden may have problems with refugees, I don’t know, I don’t live there, I can’t read Swedish news directly from the original source.
    The US isn’t overrun by criminal immigrants/refugees, unlike Europe, we are far separated from the Middle East, which lets us limit the flow and vet them much better. It is disingenuous for Trump to imply that the US will face massive terrorist attacks like Europe has if we continue to let in a limited number of refugees. It is more than is “poor choice of words” to convey something that didn’t happen.
    It’s also untrue that we don’t vet refugees. It is hard to vet them, the government isn’t stable where they live, they are fleeing civil war, but we still do our best to vet them. We interview them, try to validate their stories, check their friends and family, and this takes a long time. It isn’t perfect, but it is far different from having unvetted refugees flood your countries across the Mediterranean and through Europe. Trump is stretching the truth to fear monger and scapegoat refugees that we have in small numbers. There is a middle ground between wanting to keep out all refugees and ignoring problems that exist, and Trump certainly isn’t in the middle.


    • I think you will find that he is not anti-immigration – he just wants people to go through the correct procedures and vetting. He is trying to protect you and you hound him for it. Unbelievable!


  5. Just because Trumpty Dumpty got close to being correct (he’ll never be “right”) doesn’t give him a pass on the mountain of illegal, unethical, unconstitutional, underhanded, deceitful actions he has perpetrated. Let’s not forget Donald J Trump likes to “grab pussy” too! His cabal, comprised of known racists, financial manipulators, and worst of all-traitorous opportunists, is ripping America apart. (Due to the repugnican party turning their heads the other way.) That being said, I do believe Sweden has too many Islamic apologists. They can put an end to the immigrant bullshit in quick fashion if they can get over this feeling of guilt that they’ve bought into. I would be as angry or more as Angry Foreigner if I saw this crap going on in the US. I don’t claim to know the Swedish mindset or psychology but I do know that when a fair-minded caring people get shit on and spit at enough times sooner or later an overreacting segment will try to bring things back to normal. In some satisfying way it would be nice to see the Swedes take off their gloves. They have shown they can be nice, now its time to show they won’t be taken advantage of.


  6. Angry Foreigner,Trump and The Truth about Sweden/No, Fox News & Trump are not lying about Sweden- both intelligent and informative information. I, as a US Citizen have seen alot of information on the Europe migration and the hypocritical bullshit that comes from the media.i see alot of things like ” We’ve been reading stories about women being raped and groped for a few yrs and it’s getting worse”, or ” violent crime committed by these immigrants is a form of terrorizing the populace”. I have seen immigrants beating and raping school children, kicking women down stairs, beating women on the streets in broad daylight, and they even brag , and laugh about it! I have seen this not only in Sweden, but Germany, France, among others and we, as Americans don’t understand why we are always seeing crying women in the videos, ect . We never really see any men, or what they are doing about it. it is hard to believe they are doing nothing, where are they?What are they doing about this? These ” migrants” as you call them , are not people, they are animals and should be treated as such. That is the only thing they will understand, and the only thing that will make any kind of a difference.We don’t understand why you let this happen to your women! You say the police are scared, or inactive. Call your friends, get organized,get some bats and mace and get busy. Beat them down , and keep beating them till they voluntarily leave your country.Get some zip ties, and a knife and cut that fucker off! You will be alarmed how fast the word will spread! And so will they! Perhaps this sounds harsh? I have seen the pictures, and the videos of the women, and girls, and even young boys, after these animals are done with them and they are changed forever, if not suicidal. Take care and protect your women and children.Take your Country back, its up to you.No one will do it for you.Stand up! It is not my intention to insult , or degrade any of you or your Countries.Every report I see on this just sickens me. I pray you find the answers you need !


    • I’m an indigenous Swedish guy. No way I’m beating up some migrants and go to jail for it just to defend women who hates me and calls me racist and white pig.
      They don’t want my help, and they don’t deserve it.


  7. What about this claim? “First, the rape rate in Sweden is baseline higher than in other European countries. This is mostly because of a change in Swedish law in 2005 that expanded the definition of rape (including having sex with someone while they’re sleeping) and started counting each instance of sexual violence as a separate attack. Klara Selin, a sociologist at Sweden’s National Council for Crime Prevention, explained what this means in a 2012 interview with the BBC:”


  8. How has a nation become so shallow and weak as to live entirely on the words and judgements of others?
    To have their entire life be dictated on the fear of being called a racist!
    Fuck what other’s have to say or think, think first about yourself and your interests!


  9. Nicely done! I’m so sorry Sweden has become a beacon of failed immigration policies, inept (to the point of criminality) politicians, and, as you put it so well, agenda-driven media.
    Here’s hoping something can break this stranglehold on the Swedes who just want the country to respond to their needs before the needs of immigrants who have no reason, much less desire, to contribute to their host country’s economy.


  10. I have not seen where FOX, Trump or Ami says anything 2016 and 160000 refugees. These two numbers are fabricated by naysayers. The documentary was showed 2017, in the documentary a swedish woman say “last year”. When was the documentary recorded? You guessed it, 2016. So which year is then “last year” you may ask. Yupp, 2015. So I can’t see that there has been an error in regards to the 160000 refugee number. If you have proof of 2016 and 160000 togeather from FOX, Trump or Ami, I would be glad to see it and then withdraw my conclusion.


  11. Excellent post and I thought your video was great too. What you have said and written shows that Sweden is in trouble, However, I can tell you that the UK is not that far behind. What they’ve done over here with immigration (non-EU and EU such as people from the former Eastern Bloc) is bloody terrible. It’s not “the people” but it’s the quantity and quality of people they have let walk through the door. I know very hard working Poles, Bulgarians and Romanians, but even they say that the UK has let in the peasentry of Eastern Europe. And then we have the mass immigration from Islamic countries which has seen a ton of Somalians enter the UK?? Somalians? Why? Then the recent scandel of the Syrian “child refugees” who all looked like 30 to 40 year blokes? So what did the Home Office do? They erected a tent like wall to stop the public and photographers from seeing anymore of those “child refugees” who were all grown men.

    The whole thing is a freakin mess! I’d understand it if the Govt flooded the country full of highly qualified skilled people, but the people they’re letting in, in massive numbers, are anything but skilled. Makes no sense. And the media refuses to report crimes commited by such people, unless they really have to.

    So what’s the result of this mass immigration? Well we’re seeing it in 2nd generation immigrants mainly of muslim backgrounds who are taking part in grooming young girls and boys. There was a recent case in Rotherham where they groomed something like 1400 boys and girls. Terrible.

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  12. Thanks for this write-up Mr Foreigner. We need more people like you. I’m going to increase my subscription to your patreon account! Change is coming. Or so I believe, and hope.


  13. Thanks for keeping this discussion data driven. In contrast to Mr Horowitz you actually use the correct data, which is a breath of fresh air in this discussion. You have several points, but you are making erroneous inference from the data. I will just pick a few things for now, but PM and I can tell you more. The BRA data is pretty great and I recommend everyone to get at it.

    Violent crime. You show a longer time series than just the past years, but for some reason leave out the last 15 years. While a bit strange for a rebuttal piece it is fine, we both have access to the BRA statistics and can see that the indicator has not changed in a statistically significant way since then. So what then can we infer from this data? Violent crimes did rise in Sweden in the 1980’s, as in most other countries in the western world. There is a lot of debate as to why. But since the early 1990 violent crimes have, in general not.

    Rape. This is tricky due to several factors including the legal definition of sexual crimes in Sweden as well as a culture of reporting these crimes in a way you do not see in many other countries. But if we just look at the numbers they have not increased in a statistically significant way since 2009. Before 2009 there was an increase, but since that is almost 10 years ago, maybe that is for another discussion?

    The connection to immigration. This is a difficult hypothesis to test since it is not well formulated. Are we talking about the influx of people? Or are we talking about the “inventory” of immigrants? We can look at both, and simple correlation analysis shows no correlation what so ever. We can control for alot of things in a simple linear regression analysis and there is no significant effect. The great thing was that there was a huge spike in incoming immigrants in 2015 and if any of the connections between immigrants and crime were true we would see a spike in crimes with such an exogenous shock. We do not. This is easily formally evaluated and shows no significance.

    However, it is true that a large portion of crimes are committed by immigrants. If we exclude Fins, which is by far the biggest criminal immigration group in Sweden, but hardly the one people mean when they talk about immigrants, we see that immigrants still commit a large number of crimes. This is troubling. It needs to be solved. But if there is no correlation between the number of immigrants and the criminal activity, we need to look for other underlying reasons than immigration alone. Maybe it is just the fact that in any city there will always be some people less well off which makes them prone to crime? If there is alot of immigration, this portion tends to have a lot of immigrants. What happens if immigration is reduced? In the U.S., where immigration is much lower, there is certainly not less crime.


    • Hey man. You’re absolutely right, and I added some info about violence there. Murders have decreased since the 90’s whereas attempted murders have increased during 1980-2006. After that both categories have been relatively stable for the past 10 years, up until 2014-2015 when lethal violence increased with 29%. If you read the article by Aftonbladet I added, they discuss 2016 and talk about how there’s been a trend break in murders. We’re seeing an increase for the first time in 25 years.

      When it comes to rape, it’s not that tricky. The legal definition doesn’t change all the time. It genuinely increases certain years and we can see that women are actually becoming less likely to report. Maybe that explains some of it as well. This is a piece of research from BRÅ that hasn’t been highlighted enough, because it’s hard to find on their website. You have to pick ”Utsatthet och anmälningsbenägenhet brott mot enskild person 2005-2015”, and when you open it in Excel scroll to the far right:

      If you wanna know my thoughts on immigration, rape, culture and how to solve these problems then I’ve made a video where I elaborate on these issues. Feel free to give it a watch if you’re interested:


      • Thanks for the reply and the update. Based on what you write, I think we both agree that Horowitz was actually pretty wrong about the numbers in the report. Nevertheless, I think my main point was lost so let me reiterate: the BRA data shows no support for the hypothesis that immigration increases violent crimes (even though this was never claimed by Horowitz). People may feel like this is the case but there is no support in the data. Crimes in Sweden over the last ten years have seen ups and downs but these are inconsistent with the immigration patterns and not discernible from random noise. A large portion of crimes are committed by immigrants, this is absolutely true (from your debates over their it seems like the police officers agree on this), but that is a something very different than claiming a causality between immigration and crime. It is important that these things are debated so that things can be improved, but it is also important to be honest about significance levels in any claim based on data.


  14. The most impoverished and crime ridden area in Sweden still has a lower murder rate and lower rate of violent crime than the US.

    I assume that is the source of the outrage. Americans being horrified that Sweden is becoming more like the US. Shock. Horror.

    Sweden has issues, like all societies, but as a Swede watching foreigners blow them all out of proportion for political gain is just bizarre.


  15. One more: The Aftonbladet article says that in 2015 there were 5 290 reported rapes. The data they are referencing says 5 918.

    Your post says: “As you can clearly see in their own linked source, sex crimes have doubled since 2012. They decreased a little in 2014, only to rise again in 2015.”

    You seem to be referencing the first chart in the linked source, which shows survey data, not crime statistics. Mistake?


    • Yeah, that seems to be a mistake of theirs. No idea what they were thinking there. Their own source disproves them. Also, the NTU (National Safety Survey) is considered more reliable than crime stats, that’s why BRÅ throw it up there.


  16. Hi Angry Foreigner, I am extremely grateful for the work you are doing in the interest of humanity and justice. Your videos are great. (Why isn’t the brave policeman who took a stand a few weeks ago and also told the same truth mentioned anywhere?)

    I just have a question. You write that immigrants are the main victims of immigrant crime. Of course you know the Swedish situation much better than me, but in Denmark it is mostly white indigenous Danes who are victims. I the many rape cases we also observe in Denmark, the victims are NEVER other Muslims, but exclusively white Danish girls and woman. The same goes for street robberies and most other crime I am aware of or read about as well.

    Could it be, that Sweden has comparatively more immigrants from non Muslim countries than Denmark, so they are also available as targets fro Muslim youth? Sorry that I say “Muslim”, but it almost always happens to be Muslims who perpetrate the violent part. Of course incidentally non Muslims are involved. In Denmark Muslims have been know to attack people of Greenland origin of whom we have many in Denmark. Somtimes lighter skinned Muslims may attack negroes, or people of other etnicity; South Americans, etc.

    Or do you have another explanation for your remarks about immigrants being the prime victims of this wave of mass immigration?

    Thanks again for your great work.


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