Trolling as a political tool

I was reading this article about the alt-right, and I came across a piece about how trolling can be used as a political tool, that I found quite fascinating:

”On the personal side, these folks find trolling progressives online almost orgasmically cathartic; in the longer game, they believe that repeatedly poking communities of so-called “Social Justice Warriors” online makes these sub-communities look so ridiculous in the public gaze that any broad-based support for them will eventually collapse.”

People underestimate the power of trolling. And by that, I mean the actual definition of the term. Here in Sweden the word has become so raped by retarded SJWs who use it to describe literally anyone who doesn’t have 100% politically correct opinions. When established journalists and media are repeatedly using the word this way, the public loses sight of what trolling actually is.

A real troll is someone who argues for opinions they don’t actually have, simply to provoke others. And if you do this the right way you can make others lower themselves to a level which makes them come across as idiots. Partly because they’re buying into it to begin with, and partly because they get so emotionally triggered that they can’t even come up with reasonable counter-arguments.

And when it comes to resistance against political correctness, the biggest problem of all is that people are cowards. Just take the following example, I’ve had this personally told to me as an issue, with people writing me saying that you don’t dare pissing off the rabid feminist in your class, because “what if she gets mad?”

Well duh. That’s exactly what you should be aiming for! Present your opinions in a calm and reasonable manner, and if you’re lucky she’ll get so pissed off that she’ll start roaring. At that point nobody will be able to take her seriously anymore. When someone freaks out because you’re arguing opinions that you can back up with logic, you’ll come across as an enlightened buddha in comparison.

And it doesn’t matter if the thing she’s screaming is “EQUALITYYYYYY!” An ape is an ape. People who are standing around observing the two of you aren’t gonna say it out loud, but they’re gonna feel more compelled to agree with you.

9 thoughts on “Trolling as a political tool

  1. This is all true, but….within a range of applicability. If your opinion is asinine then even if you present it in a calm and reasonable manner, you still might not come across as a winner. For example, if you tried to “calmly, reasonably” explain to your science class that the earth is only 5,000 years old and was created in 7 days, most people wouldn’t be sympathetic if a rabid materialist laid you out in lavender. So it helps to ask yourself, when arguing with “SJWs” whether you actually have something insightful to say, or if you are just having a knee jerk reaction to SJWs. (And yes, obviously leftists should do the same). Not every one of your thoughts is worthwhile. I’m quite left, probably an SJW in most people’s books, and as a rule I don’t flame people no matter what. But I also don’t start to sympathize with a bad opinion because someone else reacted badly to it. I’d like to think that I think more than that. Things like holocaust denial, other atrocity denial (denying the brutality of the USSR or the US, Armenian genocide for example) climate change denial, evolution denial, conspiracy theories, all make my “ASSY NINE” list. I don’t ridicule such people but I do think “The children are right to laugh at you, Ralph.”

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  2. One thing that disconcerts me is how some people I have respect for like Janice Fiamengo and Christina Hoff Sommers have spoken with channels like Radio 3Fourteen. I mean, I think you should talk to everyone, but at the same time I don’t like the thought of thinkers I appreciate be associated to them. Am I just being whiny?


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