Migrants raped woman in wheelchair – Swedes have had enough


On the 6th of October the police sent extra units to Gotland in order to calm down furious Swedes, after a woman in a wheelchair was gangraped by 5 asylum seekers. The woman reportedly “broke down” after the horrible ordeal.

On the 5th of October cirka 100 people demonstrated in support of the woman. According to one of the demonstrators all of Gotland is currently in shock and many people are crying.

In another seperate incident earler that day, an activist from the national-socialist Nordic Resistance Movement went to the address where the woman was reportedly gangraped, and confronted 3 immigrant males who have been pointed out as suspects. In this videoclip they admit that they’ve been at the police station, but that they were released. Eventually the man lost his temper and shouted: “You are fucking scum! Leave this fucking country you filthy animals!”

Since that day the situation has supposedly escalated, and now special units are being sent there to deal with the locals. So the establishment are spending more resources keeping angry swedes in check, than they do locking away rape suspects from the rest of society.

The 5 men were detained at first but were released on Wednesday. According to the prosecutor the allegations don’t stick since the woman didn’t fight back enough. But of course she didn’t, because she’s in a wheelchair, she CAN’T fight back.

Her lawyer had this to say to Nyheter Idag: “Unfortunately victims of crime will find themselves in a worse position if they didn’t shout, scream, fight, scratch or bite. And partly because of her handicap she isn’t physically strong enough and mobile enough to have been able to escape.”

The men however claim that she wanted to have sex with complete strangers in a bathroom for several hours on end. And apparently the prosecutor chooses to believe this.

So it should come as no surprise that several locals in Gotland got pissed and issued threats towards the prosecutor, investigator, policemen and the suspects. The prosecutor got a “nightly visit” from someone, and the suspects aren’t even in Gotland anymore because of the threat against them. Which technically means they’re free to go somewhere else in Sweden and rape again.

And yet the establishment gets surprised at the anger. The media of Gotland is full of debate articles warning about racism, talking about how people need to calm down, and that Swedish men rape too. A collection can be found below.

This guy worries about racism.

The politicans say that “we need reasonable citizens now”.

This guy is talking about the influence of porn.

The police chief talks about “hate and ignorance”.

This guys draws comparisons to Nazi Germany and says that’s where we’re heading.

Swedish public service media along with “antiracist” organization Expo labels the demonstrators as nazis, or at least “ignorant people who are useful idiots to nazis”.

When the demonstration actually consisted of just plain ordinary people. The elderly, men, women, children, even immigrants. You could see strollers in the crowd of people, for christ sake.

Personally I think it’s about time Swedes get pissed off and speak up against their politicians. A demonstration is good. Everything is better than just sitting at home and being frustrated over the internet.

All our politicans have done thus far is to spit ordinary human beings in the face. They steal the peoples tax money, the result of a life’s hard work, and use it to implement policies that benefit everyone other than the people themselves. Then they call the taxpayers racists because they feel worried that hospitals don’t have enough room for people who need surgery, our senior citizens are living just a tad above street beggars in quality, and bathhouses and music festivals have suddenly become unsafe places for women.

Why should Swedish citizens behave better than Swedish politicans? That the politicans aren’t considered criminals is just a matter of how you want to define things. Their actions are certainly immoral at least, to the highest degree.

It’s not right to take the law into your own hands. That’s why politicans should listen to ordinary people instead of treating them like this. They’ve treated us like shit for far too long now.

On the upside, there is one piece of good news. Kinda.

This is from before the gangrape. The government is currently investigating sharpening up the rape legislation and adding more emphasis on consent, as well as a wording about severe negligence. According to the attorney of the woman in a wheelchair, a change to the legislation such as this would have helped her case if it was already in effect. He would’ve been able to have them detained in police custody and prosecuted.

He says that rape victims who don’t fight back very boldly are disadvantaged in court. The woman clearly said no to each new male who took turns with her, but yet that wasn’t enough. Even though she got injuries that have been documented.

According to him it should be enough: “Research shows that it’s not entirely uncommon that girls become paralyzed and shocked in situations like this, because they’re afraid of being hurt. My client wound up in that category, she became paralyzed. Eventually she gave up on the situation and aimed at just getting out of there alive.”

I agree with him. Swedish law, as it is right now, puts absurd demands on women. You basically have to beat up the perpetrator in order to be able to claim rape, physical resistance is necessary. This despite the fact that the most common reaction is freezing up.

Men are bigger and stronger than women, generally. Their bodies are weapons in their own right, and women are conscious of this. Expecting a frightened woman in a vulnerable position to smack a guy across the jaw, when he hasn’t shown any respect for her boundaries yet, is blatant idiocy. Why would she wanna give him an excuse to hurt her even more?

It’s not at all strange if someone becomes paralyzed in a situation like that. Ultimately it is men who have a special responsibility to be perceptive, not to just go “oh yay free pussy as long as she doesn’t shout loud”.

The new legislation that’s being investigated takes consideration to what reality actually looks like, and the part about “severe negligence” is especially important. It means someone could be convicted of rape without having intent, or premeditation. And the way it’s been the past years is that perpetrators have been able to get off just by claiming that “I thought she wanted it”, even when the girl has said no and the evidence spoke to her favor. But the intent couldn’t be proven.

Of course the rapist doesn’t have intent. Anybody who’s well-read on rapists knows that they rarely view what they do as rape: https://youtu.be/uvUSKkahl3M

They have zero self-distance. Usually they hate rapists as much as everybody else, and they don’t see themselves as rapists. If they happen to get convicted the best answer they can come up with when asked what happened, is “it just happened”. And if they complete therapy then suicide attempts are common, when they gain insight and truly realize what it is they’ve done.

Today the court focuses too much on whether the perpetrator understood or not. With a wording of negligence in the picture you’d be able to focus on the situation at hand, instead of the perpetrators personal view on sex.

14 thoughts on “Migrants raped woman in wheelchair – Swedes have had enough

  1. ”Expecting a frightened woman in a vulnerable position to smack a guy across the jaw, when he hasn’t shown any respect for her boundaries yet, is blatant idiocy. Why would she wanna give him an excuse to hurt her even more?”

    In a documentary about the British SAS, shown on Channel 5 in the UK last week, one of the veterans talked the audience through a physically and verbally violent interrogation he underwent in Iraq a few years back. He explained that in this scenario, his trained for objective was to not provoke his captors in any way that would inflame the situation and escalate the violence he had to endure, but instead, appear meek and non threatening in any way he could in order that he would survive the ordeal.

    It seems obvious to any sentient being that this poor lady knew exactly what she had to do to survive that barbaric assault. Unfortunately, it appears that basic logic is not a requirement of the creatures who inhabit the Swedish legal system. Perhaps if their own daughters or mothers suffered such a terrible fate they would be a bit more empathetic. Although from what I understand about the Swedish legal and political establishment, they probably look at this travesty as just part and parcel of the rich and varied tapestry of the cultural enrichment they have brought to Sweden from all the Islamic Stone Age shit-holes of the world.

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    • Hate to say it, but if she’s used that wheelchair for any length of time, she knows how vulnerable she is and how she needs to really watch her back. The abuse rate against disabled people (I’m using identity first language but some use person first, but anyhoo) is really horrific. She’s probably keenly aware that people will physically intimidate her in subtle ways, rob her, and, in this case, RAPE HER. What with these jackals who think they are entitled to rape people in her proximity, she did what she could to avoid murder.

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    • just more proof that people have gone full retard. None of this is even close to make sense. And im just a stupid racist american and it isnt as bad here as it is in europe yet, but im so sick of not even being able to use simple math because its pollitically incorrect and racist. it has actually started to make me racist just because. What is even the end game here? Other than destroying our countries? Why take our 1st world countries and make them the piece of shit 3rd world sand boxes they are supposedly wanting to get away from? More retardedness, if you want a shitty oppressed sand box go back to or stay in the one your coming from. Why force me to accept and pay for you to turn my area into a shitbox like the one you just left? Im sorry i dont mean to sound horrible but it doesnt even make sense. I had the priveledge of meeting john nodveidt from the band dissection. I know you all look at him as a monster cuz he was a muslim killer. But i think he obviously a genuis ahead of his time and sweden would probably better off now if you still had some men around. Im not sorry acts of war demand replies of war. These people hate us and have no intention of befriending us or being part of a melting pot. I have heard it straight out of too many mouths that they wont stop until we are destroyed and our country becomes a muslim nation. Thats straight war talk and a direct threat and not started by my mouth. And feminists are so retarded and in my opinion shouldnt even be listened too any more. That havent even said anything that makes sense in 30 years. But they dont get it because they are so hideous and stupid that even muslim refugees wouldnt do them even if they were laying there naked, so i guess rape wouldnt make a connection in there brains. Go ahead and unload on me i dont even care any more. You will never convince me im racist against skin color, but i am racist against anyone who threatens me even if theyre a 400 kilogram bitch or a white dude.


      • Cj, I feel your frustration, and sympathize! But try to stay out of trouble, eh? Your comments could be considered a call to violence, and I know you don’t mean that. In any case you are right about feeling that immigrants seem to want to bring their hell hole countries with them to the USA. I agree that this doesn’t make sense, nor does it make you a racist. You should be aware that millions of Muslims don’t seem to know what their religion actually says. The more they learn the more they turn against it. This is the good news!


  2. The story is not true, because Assage is in the Columbia ambassy in London for much less that that that beach didn’t fight at all, so why the police haven’t dropped the changes.


  3. I’m really astonished that Sweden would actually have it in the courts that you “need to fight back.” I had no idea that a population that prides itself on being progressive would be so backwards.

    As for these men viewing themselves as rapists- don’t tell me they didn’t target her precisely because she was in a wheel chair. I know this wasn’t your topic but mind if I bring it up? Disabled people are uniquely targeted for abuse. Mentally disabled females have a sexual abuse rate of about 89%, 83% for males. Not a lot of people know that. If Sweden wants to be humanitarian, start putting disabled people on the list. Waaaaay up on the list. Not as inspiration porn, not as pity cases, but respected for this large community.

    As for immigration, well, let me say this. I roll my eyes when Americans think that the US is as irresponsible and Sweden. But I roll my eyes even harder at Swedes who think their government is as cautious as the US. Bull. Shit. Plenty of immigrants who would otherwise contribute to the nation of Sweden have wasted their time and life savings because the very bottom dwellers that terrorized them before followed them to Stockholm. Sweden: Just admit that you don’t have the resources to responsibly handle the population you have, and you need to suspend immigration until you’ve digested those who are here.


  4. The Swedish people have turned themselves into sheep. They’re getting eaten alive by wolves, and all they can do is bleat about needing better rape laws?? This is absurd.


    • Yup. Swedes, you’ve been had. Your compassion has been used against you. Stop crying and start doing something. Find out why this is happening to your country. Start reading Islamic scriptures — all three. Read, and create study circles. First, understand. Take the red pill. It’s way past time.

      Fool me once, shame on them. Fool me twice, shame on me.


  5. Hmm…
    This case of rape if obviously awful and it’s equally awful that the law let those guys free. Moreover, in this case if she got injured, that should be enough a proof she was raped and it’s hard to believe the perpetrators were let go.

    But we have here more fundamental issue…
    IN case of rape,
    how to prove the women had not given the consent? And more importantly, how to prove she HAD given the consent and then changed her mind few days later? What if she says “I was saying no” and the guy says “No, she said yes and participated enthusiastically in sex”? After all, we know that some women DO lie, and we have absolutely no idea how often rape accusation is fake accusation (there is no way to check it). Moreover, going further with this, you could claim that even if women would say “yes”, and even she would say “yes” many times, then she could still claim she was raped, because she was so afraid of saying no…

    We have a fundamental rule for the western civilisation, that better let the guilty men free than let innocent be punished. I am not sure, but it seems to me that you advocate that this fundamental rule should be abandoned and instead we should just always believe the supposed rape victim, and allow innocent guys to be punished in order to get all the rapists. If this is the case, then I find it, quite frankly, highly disturbing. Again, I would have to see the proposed changes in law to make my mind on it, so I can speak only from your description.

    Yes, without it, sometimes rapists get unpunished. But we sometimes let suspected murderers unpunished. Sometimes we are pretty sure someone did a crime, but because we have no hard proof, we let them go. This is called justice.


    • Jaysus feck. Are you insane, szopeno? A woman in a wheelchair asks to use bathroom, is raped by 5 men in a shelter, Some stories say 7. It is unlikely there were no other witnesses, that’s quite the orgy, nah? And it goes on for hours. But our commenter says, oh please, maybe she loved it! Women lie! Now I have heard it all.

      The way our civilization works is that if there is evidence of a crime, it is properly investigated, and the perps are held on bail, or lacking that, in jail. Then they have to face a trial. And pay, if convicted.

      Wake up, Sweden! We are all watching, wishing oh wishing that somehow, you will save yourselves…

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      • *facepalm*

        What are you talking about?

        I clearly said that this case was clear and awful. You have problems with reading comprehension? AFTER I clearly said that THIS PARTICULAR CASE WAS CLEAR, I have however problem with changes in the direction in which law changes go. Because sometimes men lie and sometimes women lie too.

        Are you able to discuss the laws about rapes in abstract, in principle, without screaming “hey, this arsehole thought a women in a wheelchair enjoyed the rape” every time I suggest that in some cases (not this one), perhaps, women may lie?


  6. Meanwhile Julian Assange has the police forces of half the western world ready to pounce for far murkier shenanigans than gang raping someone in a wheelchair.

    The law doesn’t seem very consistent…


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