Horrible tale from inside a Swedish ghetto


This is a comment that a Swede left on my video about the horror of being gay in Sweden’s muslims ghettos. I thought it was worth posting because it’s well-written and nuanced, with insight that I rarely see in the debate about immigration and regressive cultural values.

Here it goes.

“Most of the people commenting this video are living outside of these ghettos. People haven’t lived where radical Islam is the norm. Where riots have occurred. Where you can’t see a lot of the people’s faces. Another thing I find funny is that always on the news and in comments sections they think the cars that burn are selected by random. They’re not. They’re messages.

I live in one of the so called ghettos. It is a challenge but I am having it easy because I am a very big dude and I’m considered pretty normal. I thought I’d just show you some perspective from someone actually living in one of the “danger zones”.

First of all there are sub zones within the media’s perspective of the danger zones. In Biskopsgården there are places that clearly is outright dangerous to even be in while some are quite nice with a view over the danger zone.

The funny thing is that Biskopsgården is really beautifully located with a lake and football fields. It is really beautiful. We also have to make it clear to whom it is a danger zone. The entire area in Biskopsgården is a danger zone to the police and LGBT people but to most normal males you won’t really notice much if you aren’t a very frightened person like most Sweden Democrats that would shit themselves if a man with a turban walked on the sidewalk with them. I will make a danger list at the end of this post for y’all really scared people. If you’re like that then you’d have a heart attack looking at the danger zone.

I live in the part with the view of the local danger zone and there are quite a lot of shady people in the danger zone. With the local danger zone I mean it would even be risky for me to walk in there without a translator because drugs build up a certain parameter in that area and ask the wrong questions and you are really playing with fire. You don’t even have to try to find them. They are obvious and have a special way they move among people. You also see all the drug delivery vehicles (moped and such) and they don’t even try to hide the scent of cannabis.

Many of my friends are actually immigrants because almost everyone here is. My friends are from different places and the most liberal of them are from richer families from Iran and the most radical have rich family roots in Saudi Arabia and even he thinks that his culture’s view on women is a disgrace to all human beings and that they have too much influence on the Muslim community that is harming the faith. True, they cannot represent all the immigrants from Iran and Saudi Arabia but I’m just saying they are pretty sane Muslims.

When we walk around they usually translate to me what is going on because quite frankly Swedish is not even a language within close proximity of the danger zone. My friends know Persian, Arabic, German and Swedish so I get a whole new perspective of what’s going on when they translate to me in German because no other Muslims in the area know German so they don’t expect anything. We use German just to be sure. The funny thing is though that just like some Swedes look funny upon people talking Arabic on the tram when they don’t understand we get a lot of funny looks and sometimes even comments in Arabic when we are using German.

The main problem here is how much influence this danger zone gets on the surroundings. Muslims further away from the danger zone would be considered a lot more normal while the closer you get to the epicenter you have ISIS within those walls. I’m not even kidding, ISIS is right there and most of us could point them out and according to rumors SÄPO do have the building under supervision. To be able to talk you’d have to grow the biggest balls ever seen and be willing to move as soon as you spill it out.

The problem is that the amount of fear that the epicenter emits makes a lot of the Muslims around feel threatened and like they’re bad Muslims. One of my friend’s mother who lives closer to the epicenter has told me that she is more scared in her home in Sweden than she ever was in Iran, because in Iran she would at least live with her kind of Muslims and the Swedish immigration board don’t seem to understand the difference.

One of her relatives had to live with people that had physically abused a woman in Iran who was her friend, and she tried to bring up that she feared for her life and that the men looked at her as if she was prey. Now they shared the same camp and she was scared to death while she was waiting to gain access to the Swedish system.

Anyway, my friend’s mother has to live in fear due to her being a woman and not having much of an education. We don’t have anything to offer these women in Sweden and hence they become even more victimized and she told me that many of her friends rely on their men to bring home income, which makes the radical ideas keep on prospering because women don’t have a voice and say if they want to survive. There are simply no homes for either Swedes or immigrants who don’t feel safe in their own home so my friend’s mom is going to live her entire life in fear and die in fear if she don’t find the money to move back to Iran. Now if that isn’t the most heartbreaking thing you’ve heard in a long time you have a pretty shitty life my friend.

She says that it is an unfair amount of pressure on her to live right by the Quran while a lot of men can get away with a lot of things you shouldn’t do according to the more radical in the bunch. She is under more pressure to live right than she ever was in Iran. She has wanted to become a feminist and join a union and that was something she was looking forward to in Sweden but she wouldn’t feel safe doing that even though such a union is made for people to feel safe.

You can even see that even though Swedes can’t say that females in this area are actually one of the entire WORLDS most oppressed women that a lot of agencies understand that they have to do something. Almost everywhere you see signs of phone numbers to female support groups and hotlines for domestic abuse. On buses, bus stops, road signs etc. I have even taken a picture of a sign from Amnesty right in that neighborhood addressing the oppression of women. Dude, a sign from Amnesty in Sweden. So it is realized in some sense but we aren’t doing enough and taking proper responsibility since they still live in fear.

The closer I get to the epicenter the more you will hear of the topic that the angry foreigner is talking about. It doesn’t seem to be linked to a gender so at least there’s some equality. Okay, I really shouldn’t joke about that but there’s no difference from what I have heard if a man is a homosexual or a woman but I could be wrong. However, both seem to lose their human rights.

The further away you get from the epicenter the more most Muslims act like most Swedes. We Swedes kinda say we accept homosexuality but deep down a lot of people outside of the cities would still question it behind your back. However, in the epicenter it is not uncommon to hear both women and men talk about how Allah will punish the homosexuals. The radicals don’t even hide it because they are in fact PROUD of that opinion. They see themselves as the perfect Muslims. They say it clear in the open because they don’t fear anything and most people don’t even speak Swedish. If an outsider come into the area you have to have a translator to be able to hear what they’re saying right there clear in the open.

They even discuss daughters that don’t bleed during their wedding night and how ashamed families should be if that happens. I once heard that they “knew a guy who could surgically make their daughters bleed on the weeing night to uphold the family’s honor”. I mean these are to most normal people considered really radical thoughts but they seriously talk about it on a bench by the playground while their kids are on the swings 10 feet away.

The closer to the male teenagers you get the more they feel like they are messengers of Allah and they have the right to according to my friend’s translation “teach homosexuals to cure themselves and save those who aren’t infected”. A lot of radical women also take pride in a radical man so sadly the behavior is in some sense encouraged by the radicals in this wheel of a fucked up life.

It really is a different world near the epicenter. You can’t bring a camera or pretend you are showing something, doing a documentary or being suspicious because then they will show that you are not welcome. By show I mean they will break your shit. Me and my friends usually pretend we are passing through to get a pizza or something and that works most of the time. The most common thing though is that most people that we’d consider normal live in fear no matter the religion if you are close to the epicenter.

The police is increasing their presence but the problem is that near the epicenter they don’t believe in the police. Most don’t even believe in each other and are racing to be the best Muslims. The criminals dealing in drugs believe they are invincible and the victims and witnesses don’t believe in the police to protect them if they were to speak up.

Near the epicenter everything is ruled by fear and Allah happens to be a quite common tool to enforce their laws. A lot of times you hear talk about “being a proper Muslim”. That seems to be very important. It is like this race to be the best Muslims there ever was. So in some sense radicals gain ground by saying that they know the path of becoming the best Muslim and many in the younger generations look upon them with awe. It’s insane and the fact that this is so clear in the open and that homophobic ideals is talked about as common as the weather is crazy.

I’ve seen multiple newspapers in Sweden mention this now even before the angry foreigner did but to me and us living here it’s old news. It might be news for y’all living outside of these areas but ever since I moved to Gothenburg homophobia has always been there in Biskopsgården.

So when news come that teenagers are acting upon these things they have heard their entire life even by the playground it’s not a surprise. In fact I’m surprised we haven’t seen an attack on the pride festival yet. However, we also have to be realistic here. It’s not thousands that are throwing rocks, sending messages by burning cars and beating women. It’s a small percent but that doens’t make it any more right or acceptable but those actually acting the radical ideas out are very few. A lot more people share many of these radical ideas but they don’t physically act on them and break the law.

Even though the news mention the entire area of Biskopsgården it’s not as bad in the edges as the epicenter that I’ve explained here. It is livable for a male. When cars have been burning it is not like I fear for my life because even though it looks crazy on the news it’s a message and if the police show up the anger is only directed at the police due to the teenagers not believing in the police.

I have never seen a fat radicalized middle-aged Muslim male throw rocks at the police in Sweden. It is the radicalized teenagers and those engaged in criminal activity that believe they can carry out these acts. That’s the one time I see the radical Muslims and criminals join forces. To throw rocks at the police. #ComingTogether

I’d be afraid if I was (I put them in order as well to give you an idea how afraid you should be, feel free to combine them how you please but remember to double the fear for you first addition and triple for you second and so on):

1. A woman

2. A homosexual/Transexual

3. A feminist

4. A parent

5. A police

6. A nurse

7. A teacher

8. An Imam

9. A politician

10. A racist

Imagine being a homosexual woman with a kid being a police officer by day and an Imam by night. No, I’m just kidding. I know that’s ridiculous. That would never exist.

However do notice that by just being male you are a lot safer than our poor females that we contentiously let down in these areas. So even though you are scared from what you see on the news and you write an angry comment, you are blessed compared to the real oppressed in this country.”

17 thoughts on “Horrible tale from inside a Swedish ghetto

  1. God. Even an imam? Why?

    This story sounds horrific. I live and work in an extremely dangerous area, but there are some people on your list that are automatically “off limits” where I am. Teachers, religious workers like nuns, or imams and do not ever fuck with the elderly. I can’t believe how bad it must be where you are, and where I live is baaaaaad, even by American standards. (All your stereotypes about us having cowboyitis is pretty much true).

    How Sweden let it get to this point is beyond me. In the US, where the police have a bad relationship with damn near everyone, they still have no issues with the Muslim population. Muslim areas in the US have very little street crime. We aren’t known for our good infrastructure so the fact that Muslim folks here mostly stay out of trouble implies to me that Sweden could have easily prevented their problems.

    I’m so sorry you have to live where you do, and suffer as you do. It isn’t right.

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    • How typical of you to blame the Swedish government but not the Muslims. It’s a classic Muslim reaction to point the finger at everyone else.


      • Interesting response but…..isn’t it the job of the Swedish government to protect their citizens? Aren’t they supposed to understand what they are getting into when they accept mass immigration? Or if, you know, ISIS IS RIGHT THERE shouldn’t the government do something about it?

        It’s kind of too late to “point the finger” at radical Muslims when the Swedish politicians voted to bring them in and then set up ghettos. I can’t complain about the enablers of violent, oppressive behavior?

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    • Where in the US do you live? I live in the Northeast and you seem to be very clueless.

      The police don’t have a bad relationship with everyone. It’s the BLM movement that’s painting them out to be trigger happy dipshits that want to shoot anyone that has dark skin. Majority of people I know don’t have an issue with the police, it’s really just black people who do. Muslims dislike the police for other reasons. Muslims in NYC for example are tired of having their mosques infiltrated by undercover cops looking to uncover terrorists and it’s a reason why almost every Muslim supports the BLM movement.

      There’s “very little” Muslim (or in other words people from MENA region) street crime in America because:
      1) There’s not many of them in the US and people from North Africa and the ME are considered “White/Caucasian” under our census. So even if someone from say Iraq committed a crime it would still be listed as a white crime.
      2) Muslims are far more integrated into society than in countries like Germany or Belgium. We don’t have Muslim ghettos. However, there’s trouble brewing in Minnesota in the areas that have a large Somali population. Check the sex offender list for Dearborn, Michigan it’s almost all Arabs because MI has a large Arab population.

      Muslims folks aren’t staying out of trouble in the US. There’s been numerous foiled domestic threats that have been foiled by American born Muslims. Did you really just forget about the Orlando and San Bernardino shootings?

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      • I live in the Northeast, don’t want to narrow it down more than that. Not NYC. I did specify that the cops don’t get along with anyone where *I* specifically live. Around here the cops have had a poor relationship with everyone long before BLM ever materialized, going back at least 25 years. A lot of them are just crooked where I am. Even moonlighting as drug dealers themselves. I’m sure it’s regional. And you kind of proved my point about better integration- it’s far harder to get into the US if you are from the MENA region than it is to go to Belgium or Germany. Or Sweden. That’s my point. Sweden is making it *easy* to come and start trouble. Obviously in the US the terrorism and street crime isn’t zero, and the FBI/CIA/ATF/ICE have their collective fuckups, but the US government seems to be doing a helluva lot better than the Swedish government about this sort of thing. I’m not interested in a fight about the 2nd amendment, but it is legal to get an assault rifle here so the law of averages does mean that we’re going to get things like Orlando, Charleston, Sandy Hook, San Bernadino, and all the rest. Still, they foil things all the time and really fuck up your shit once you’re nailed. The US government could be doing a better job but at least they aren’t on the level of insanity that Sweden is.

        Again- my point is- the Swedish government is cowardly and lazy and enabling.


  2. Why is Sweden, or any other Western -values country, responsible for fixing the problems caused by Islam? Any Muslim who doesn’t feel safe in Sweden should go somewhere else. No accommodation should ever be made for Islamic culture by any country whose culture is originally not Islamic. Islamic culture is incompatible with modern western liberal values. There is no “moderate” Islam, there are just degrees of hate and intolerance that range from sort of intolerant to completely intolerant.

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    • I think the writer’s point was that Sweden has made it impossible for people living in the ghettos to lead normal lives. People of a Muslim background have the right to go secular like anyone else but they can’t do that because the Swedish government decided to be cowards. Plenty of people did actually go there to leave Islamic culture but Sweden invited the degenerates to follow them and set up shop.

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      • Good point! I find it so difficult to comprehend that whilst the Swedish Government are rabid about feminist rights, they are able to sit back and ignore the plight of hundreds of women in these so called ghettos. They should never have been allowed to proliferate in the first place. There are so many sadistic things that go on within these closed communities, FGM and forced marriage just being two alarming issues. There will come a day where Swedish society will be at the point of no return and it will be the people, not the politicians who will suffer.


  3. Meh. What he describes is near to the experience of living in a black ghetto in the USA minus the religion and adding race as an identity instead. Being white will get you beaten & robbed. Being a white women will get you beaten, robbed, & raped.

    “Diversity” in small numbers and a controlled setting is fine. Mass immigration leading to DIVERSITY is a recipe for balkanization and civil war.

    Good luck to Sweden and Swedes. You are incredibly naive & stupid, but good luck nonetheless.


  4. Sweden has basically done what most of Europe and Britain did, which is allowing these ghettos to proliferate in the first place. I cannot think of one European country that does not have the same issues. I do, however, think Swedish Government has dealt with things in the worst possible manner. Other comments on this board are saying that you cannot blame the Government, but you can, as they knew these two cultures were diametrically opposed, and it would be difficult with integration the way other cultures have done for many years. How can you change a culture that has been averse to giving women equality, and has an overt hatred to gay people? For such a progressive Country, it is incomprehensible that they have allowed blatant censorship and cover up within the media. It is up to the Swedish Government to get very tough with the radical Muslims within these communities in SWEDEN but we all know that that will never happen so, unfortunately, it will be up to the Far Right to deal with it within the not too distant future, as passive and loving as the Swedish are, i believe that there is only so much they will just accept. The only reason Brexit happened is the British see the madness happening in Europe and they did not want to be part of a worsening situation.


    Just 10 minutes away! Wonderful!
    I mean of course I knew that part of it was full of cancer (which is why I try to avoid it) but not actual terrorists. Jesus fucking christ.
    What makes me really upset is that I don’t dare to go to the graveyard at night anymore due to these people. I was going to go with a friend for All Hallows’ Eve but things happened. My dad is buried there. So is my grandma. I just want to wake up from this nightmare that my beloved country has become. The Swedish housing crisis is unlikely to improve anytime soon so I guess I’ll have to look at moving to eastern Europe or Iceland, or I risk being stuck here forever. I don’t have the money to build my own house. As a woman, both are safer than Sweden and I could try to help Sweden from abroad. And at this rate I’d even receive better health care than here. I want to stay in Sweden, I really do, but if there’s nowhere to move then how could I? Hopefully I’ll find another way.

    I am grieving for my country. Our former kings wouldn’t have allowed this, neither would the vikings. I’d prefer an actual war to the shit the global elite is putting us through. Because that’s what it is, a hidden war. This shit makes teaming up with Russia sound like a great idea.


  6. I live in Sweden, I live in this neighborhood is about.
    Nowhere where I have seen it described. There is nowhere that is dangerous to be. The area is well kept and beautiful and people feel comfortable there.
    Muslims are no different than other people they have just a little different culture. But the difference is not so great.

    The integration goes well in Sweden, the state is investing a lot of money for everything to go well, and it does.

    The big problem is underdeveloped young people who see life as a computer game that must be won. They want to win over other gangs and there will be some trouble between them that sometimes end with someone’s death. The only solution is to lock them up and throw away the key so everyone else in the neighborhood will live our lives safe in a very beautiful neighborhood in my new beloved country as liberally opened their doors to us, amen.


  7. About 20 years ago I noticed alot of Somalis and Eritrean muslims coming over to UK particularly Birmingham, I couldnt understand why they left Sweden but quite a few said it was because they found the Swedish not very tolerant towards their religion, a neighbour of mine had her face veil torn off at a bus stop by a Swedish native. Now this Eritrean lady is very quiet, meak and passive and this really scared her so she left for the UK , Birmingham. I just feel the better Muslims left Sweden and the ones who really couldn’t
    give a damn about Islam are the ones who use the religion to abuse others, the Somalian boys are like the Mafia trying to control an area. If I could I would give them a big slap.


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