Muslims, terrorism and useful idiots


The recent terror attack in Brussels killed 34 people and injured at least 230. Understandably, people are scared. Even outside of Brussels. These terror attacks happened at the airport, subway and central station, public places with the highest amounts of people. Places that every citizen is guaranteed to visit at least once in their life.

And completely in accordance with the long-standing tradition of humanity,  fear turns people into complete fucking morons.

Either you have the regressive left being so afraid of racism and increasing ethnic tensions in society that they try way too hard not to be racist, or you get the bigots exploiting a horrible incident to build up anti-muslim sentiments amongst the terrified and easily manipulated public. (As was proven recently, quite hilariously, by Microsofts twitter robot – racist bullshit is norm on the internet)

Im sick of these extremes completely ruining the public debate and distracting from the conversational point that should be made the loudest in a time like this.

On one hand, we have the idiots refusing to acknowledge that there is a problem with the radical branches of Islam, and that the muslim world needs progressive reformation. Instead of acknowledging the tough nuances and facing the risk of offending some morons, they will go to any length to combat racism instead. When interviewed about the terror attack in Brussel, Sweden’s Prime Minister wanted to “remind everyone that one of the biggest terrorists we’ve had in Europe, Anders Behring Breivik, was anything but muslim.” 

Pathetic relativizations is not what people need to hear right now. In Sweden, the dominating debate narrative the past years has been to explain away terrorism as the result of Western societies being super-racist. Apparently that’s why Gothenburg has more IS-jihadists per capita than all of America. But I don’t buy it.

The research available to us shows that most terrorists come from stable middle class families. Engineers in particular are overrepresented as a profession amongst captured terrorists. It’s time we put down the myth that terrorists become terrorists because of class gaps, capitalism and white racism. It’s a matter of ideology, namely salafism/wahhabism. This should be obvious by the fact that the leader of ISIS has a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies. Certain interpretations of Islam legitimize violence, plain and simple.

Other interpretations don’t. These reformists are not helped by the regressive left claiming that Islam is perfect, but they also aren’t helped by right-wingers adamantly claiming that Islam is evil and that a single muslim cannot be trusted. The mere existence of these reformists shows that there’s different ways to interpret religious scripture, and some are more compatable with Western civilization than others.

People also seem to be forgetting that the vast majority of islamist terror attacks occurs in muslim countries, specifically: Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria. Ordinary muslims are the biggest victims when it comes to islamist terror.

And blaming refugees for the Brussels attack is absolutely fucking senseless. Do you not realize that what you saw in Brussels is exactly what most refugees are running away from? They’re trying to escape a world where seeing people blown up in front of you is run-of-the-mill everyday reality.

You’re trying to use a terror attack upon Europe to tell people that they shouldn’t be fleeing daily terror attacks on their homes. It’s preposterous. I know that Im against Sweden’s immigration policy but that’s because it’s been irresponsible for several years on end, not because I hate refugees as individuals.

As one black man delicately put it in a Youtube-comment: “Muslims don’t scare me. My black ass is more likely to get shot by the cops or by someone who looks like me.”

So Yes, there is a problem with the radical branches of Islam. And Yes, the muslim world absolutely needs a reformation. Misogynistic and homophobic views/legislations are far too widespread in those countries. We all know this, it’s widely talked about in the alternative media scene, and I myself have even dedicated an hour long video to this issue.

But why aren’t we talking about the larger political implications which caused these problems to begin with? I see stupid Americans who hate muslims and solely blame Islam for the terror attacks on the West, when it’s their own politicians who made ISIS into a serious threat to begin with:

Even here in Sweden, the past 10 years people have been voting for the same politicians who’ve turned this country into a ticking time-bomb, politicians who funded Al-aqaida allies in Syria and helped create the refugee crisis.

In the 80’s Ronald Reagan described Bin Ladin as a “freedom fighter”. Why? Because America thought they could use militant islamists as useful idiots against Russia. I don’t think I need to explain how that strategy backfired a couple of years later. They’ve essentially funded the rise of religious extremism in the Middle East and turned muslim terrorism into a bigger problem than it had to become.

The same people the West is fighting today, they once financed. The fact that Saudiarabia and Turkey love ISIS is hardly a secret by this point in time, and yet Western countries keep pampering with them and working together. I wonder why. Here’s an account from a Swedish soldier:

“When I talk to a man who’s currently deployed in Iraq and ask him why we suck up to Saudiarabia – a country governed by the worlds worst hate-ideology wahhabism, a country that finances ISIS, a country that decapitates and crucifies people in the town square as often as we chill out and watch movies – instead of invading them, and other allies in the Gulf states, with the purpose of antiterrorism and establishing democracy, the soldier replies: “They basically own the Stockholm stock market as I’ve understood it.”

When Saudiarabia, America and Israel all want the same thing, you know something fucked up is going on.

Killing ISIS and forbidding people to recruit for terrorist groups might solve the problem short-term, but not long-term. Because the political systems that create jihadists will still remain long after ISIS has disappeared. Countries are still going to be governed by greed and willing to invade someone else’s nation solely for the sake of juicy natural resources.

The real war on terror cannot occur out in the public with the rise of a police state surveillance society as a result, and citizens rights to privacy as sacrifice. The real war on terror needs to occur in the corridors of power, where the elite decide to create fertile ground for extremists solely because they want access to other countries wealth.

The “mass murderer” Assad has higher trust and confidence amongst his people than what the Prime Minister in Sweden has. Assad is running at little over 70% whereas Stefan Löfven is running at little below 20%. What does this tell you?

It’s time for the Western world to stop acting moral-police over the world. America has the highest prison population in the world and Sweden is importing rape, none of you are in the position to lecture others on how to run their shit politically.

The West’s humanitarian interest in the Middle East is solely about financial gain, and hadn’t it been for America and Sweden supporting “peaceful rebels” we wouldn’t be having a refugee crisis that’s trying to collapse the Swedish welfare state right about now.

The terror attacks we are seeing is simply the result of the power struggle between elites. And it’s us ordinary citizens who take the shit for it all.

If you’re gonna start hating muslims because of what extremists do then you’re simply a useful idiot, because that’s exactly what they want you to do. Divide and conquer. Keep people from uniting against the corrupt ruler by having them pointing fingers at each other.

Ordinary muslims don’t support ISIS, but instead of allying yourself with them against the hand that’s pulling the strings, you wanna point the finger in the wrong direction.


14 thoughts on “Muslims, terrorism and useful idiots

  1. “Ordinary Muslims don’t support ISIS”, yes, but ordinary Muslims support a whole range of other anti-democratic/anti-free speech biases.

    I know you’re aware of the polls taken from many different countries, including Western-born Muslims, which show their support for Sharia ideals and a whole slew of other bad ideas. They support the mindsets which grow the terrorist.

    I think you give the West way too much credit for what’s happening.

    A lot of other countries/peoples have been affected by Western meddling in history, but the one ingredient that brews what we’re seeing is always Islam.

    There is a refugee crisis, but don’t gloss over the huge number of migrants which have nothing to do with Syria.

    Your videos are always very intelligent, but this post makes too much of an attempt to exonerate Islamic ideas/culture for the logical outcomes that we can see plainly.

    And although it’s true that many Muslims are trying to escape the violence in their own countries, they still bring the bad ideas with them and continue to spread Islam everywhere they go. Not to mention all of the jihadist who came along for the ride.

    Of course, the wars are a bad agitator, but credit where credit is due.

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  2. As a white nationalists I agree with your main point that global capitalism is the biggest problem. I don’t like Muslims though but I hate the global elite even more. I’m not very fond of Christianity either. They all believe in equivalent bullshit gods. Ideally I’d like to live in a homogeneous community without any nonsense about Jesus or Mohammed or any other make believe faggot.

    So why white nationalism? From my observations people are most at peace when they are among others of the same race. Sure there are always exceptions but in general I find it to be true. In any multicultural society you can observe quite easily how groups voluntarily segregate themselves and seek their own racial interests. Whites might be the only exception to this because they have been brainwashed by the media to feel guilty and to actually hate themselves. But even whites to a large degree want to be among other white people, hence the reason why white liberals in the US threaten to move to Canada or Europe if Trump becomes president and not Mexico or China.

    The thing is we have evolved over thousands of years to be tribal and we still have those instincts. No matter how hard we try to suppress them, they aren’t going to simply disappear. All of this forced multiculturalism is causing psychological stress and we’re seeing its manifestation. They say it’s about islam but do you really believe that? Do you think these same people blaming islam would be okay with a million Ethiopian Christians coming into Europe? I doubt it, they’d probably find some other excuse.

    But calling people a racist or bigot to try and shame them for having these feelings isn’t going to help. The more we try to bottle it up inside, the bigger the explosion will be. At least let the poor people vent! For the most part they’ve kept it on the internet.

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    • I’m not a white nationalist, however I agree that societies need common values and goals in order to be cohesive, peaceful (laws are based in values) and also this contributes to the shared sense of identity everyone within a society has. Anyway, I hope it isn’t rude to share a link here, but I think this article: covers this issue pretty well. Either countries become post-national, where people are more individualistic and move around from place to place migrating wherever their jobs take them and form smaller tribes within a society or countries need to assert their values and their wants more, but this might come at a cost (like pulling out of trade agreements).


    • Hmmm. The rates of interracial marriage in the US has been climbing. I’m in one of them. And when I mean climbing, I mean there is just no sign of plateau anywhere. 40% of Asian women marry non-Asian men. While it’s rare for black women to marry white men, they actually have a 44% less chance of divorce than any other arrangement. This is because they tend to have higher education and marry after the age of 30. Education and stability trumps culture and race fairly often. So multiculturalism does happen over time, by hook or by crook.

      Keep in mind in the ancient world, you could easily tell the difference between a Gaul and a Roman by ethnic features, before they became Gallo-Romans, who then became just plain old French. Ta da.

      Do I believe it’s Islam? Yes. I do. America did quite well with its Chaldean Christians. We’d do alright with Ethiopian Christians too, probably. Armenians, Greeks, Christian Koreans, all do just fine here. So do a lot of non-Christians. Really, all it takes to make it in the US is to obey the law, pay taxes, and not be an asshole. Plenty of people accomplish this with little trouble. How come so many Muslims have trouble with it? Well, I’d argue that many don’t, but for the many who do, that’s because salafism/wahhabism really makes it impossible to get along with your neighbors. If you read the Quran, you’d realize even without being a salafist you’d have to do mental gymnastics to get around the text.


  3. I suggest everyone read this.

    Everything started decades ago, when America and Saudi Arabia teamed up.. USA to provide military support to Arabia, and Saudis to sell oil for USD.

    Oil is the only reason the US dollar is worth more than toilet paper. This is why America kisses the ass of al-Saud. This is why we haven’t eradicated the source.

    America is terrified of Russia becoming a superpower because then there would be competition in the bully department. We keep our allies weak in order to facilitate our superiority, it’s the British Empire all over again.

    It’s embarrassing.

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  4. I admire the way you want to nuance the argument. I also acknowledge that it must be disgusting to be followed by genuine racists and white supremacist, but it is a price worth paying to stop the regressive left.

    I have a few “moderate” muslim acquaintances here in Austria and I’ve worked with some of them. They are in denial about what is happening in their countries. Sam Harris once explained very well how the moderates support the “radicals”. Inaction is the cause of these growing divisions within societies. Abdeslam managed to hide in Brussels among fellow “moderates”. The truth is that a large percentage of the so-called moderates don’t mind ISIS.

    I find it mind-boggling how trusting people in Western Europe are. Don’t they realize that the other side has no obligation to be honest whatsoever. They need to research the meaning of “Taquiya” within the “religion of peace”.

    By all means normal everyday muslim folks should not be a persecuted by bigots, but the change has to start within their segregated communities. It can’t be that hard to isolate the islamists, provided they really are as small percentage as suggested.

    Credit where credit is due to America’s failed attempts at “bringing democracy”, but as Harris said, intentions did matter. Let’s not play the “stealing their resources” card, because then the whole Africa and various other former colonies should have started a suicide bombing offense ages ago. Islam is the common denominator here.

    The real freaks are the Gulf countries and the main driver for these wars is the Sunni/Shia conflict. It was there before the USA ever set foot in these lands.

    I was surprised by this post of yours, but you are entitled to it, because you have done more to contribute to the public dialogue in this topic than anyone from your country or in the German speaking world for that matter.

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    • Regarding your comments about moderate muslims;

      Just recently I was talking to one of my neighbours, a Brit of Pakistani origin who is a muslim and is due to repatriate to the UK in the near future. We were discussing everything that’s happening in Europe and he was very angry at the way that Islam is being hijacked by extremists. He was very critical of how the situation is being handled by the authorities and had some very interesting views generally.

      I said that more muslims like him should make a stand and be critical of extremism in the way he had just expressed. I suggested he should be vocal about this once he was back in the UK but he said no way. “Why not?” I asked. His answer was: “I’m scared to speak out”. Basically his view is that any reasonable muslim poking his head above the parapet and criticising other muslims or the rhetoric being preached is inviting retribution. After the recent killing of the muslim shopkeeper in Glasgow by a fellow muslim it’s easy to see why moderates would want to keep a low profile and not speak out.

      You could be cynical and argue that my neighbour was just practising taqiyya and saying what I wanted to hear with regard to moderate Islam but I’m not so sure. I think that there are muslim communities where fear and intimidation keep people in line. Abdeslam was able to hide amongst “moderates” but I suspect that there were genuine moderates who knew or suspected but were too scared to say anything. This is very reminiscent of what happened in Northern Ireland when the IRA were active during the troubles. Nobody was going to inform or stand up to those guys for fear of punishment by “the boys” and when they handed out punishment it was brutal.

      I think Europe is heading towards sectarian conflict and the outlook doesn’t look good in the long term. Moderate muslims will just keep their heads down unless there is a mechanism that can be devised to protect them from retaliation. Unfortunately the political elites seem hell bent on restricting the the ability of non-muslims to criticise the religion so what hope is there for moderate muslims?


  5. Over here in singapore unworthy foreigners can just come in unhindered, work for a few years with advantages over local and after that hop back to their home countries.
    Take for example this bi*ch Rita Moa, who worked for Mediacorp in Audit for a few years and before that in other companies. After cry babying her way to please her bosses whenever there is work problems, she has left to NZ to gleefully enjoy the fruits that the trait** SG government has provided.
    We must have the daftest govermennt in the world which protects foreigners jobs at the expense of locals! Phui!


  6. Unfortunately the political elites seem hell bent on restricting the ability of non-muslims to criticise the religion so what hope is there for moderate muslims?
    That´s so exact. Remember Kamel Daoud, what bashing he got from French intellectuals?
    Here in Czechia lives a blogger of Tunesian origin, very wise and bright man, devout muslim. Basically appreciating european critical thinking, loving freedom and wanting fellow muslims to respect laws, habits and especially women. In a nutshell he wants muslims to behave in a civilized manner. No one sane can have a problem with such a person – muslim or otherwise, except… Except government sponsored agency “Hate Free” (indeed generally hated), bunch of lunatics or hippies trying to impose this west-european elite doctrine that muslims are always fine, whatever numbers and we are all racists and fascists if we want our children to live in peace. (Unlike Swedes, Czechs don´t get offended to be called racist at all). So this government agency labeled this very pious muslim enemy of islam and posted that in english on the internet. These are ISIS informers paid from our taxes. Instead of supporting enlightened muslims, our “elites” are pandering to hardliners. This is called appeasement. Remember Neville Chamberlain? He managed to make Hitler so much stronger before he found that confrontation with this gentleman is unavoidable.
    Judging from your blog, the situation in Sweden defies imagination, let alone understanding. Swedes (original Swedes) still have a big respect here. I wonder why they have such an irrational problem with self-respect?
    It´s already couple of decades that we used to have a communism here. There was one ruling party with one idealogy. If you criticized it, you were facing trouble – mostly in job and your children in school. Better not to think about certain things, let alone talk about them. Then came freedom. Marvellous thing, you know. But somehow – no one really knows how it happened – all our major medias are again speaking in one voice, which is oddly at odds with public sentiment and (of course) the same goes with most major official parties. Somehow again we are being told what good opinions are and what we are supposed to think even though they make no sense and deny reality. Almost no one buys that. We are long accustomed to the fact that taxed-payed public broadcaster aires barely covered shameless propaganda and the only thing you can really trust on public telly is a weather forecast. Déja vu? Definitely. What is different now is that then we used to know who the puppet leaders were. Comrades in Moscow. Who is it now? Comrades in Brussels? But why? Political correctness is an agenda prohibiting denoting problems and when problems can´t be denoted, they can´t be discussed and solved. It is fascinating how quickly and casually today´s Europe dumps freedom of expression (and thought). I thought these used to be cornerstones of our identity and mentality. All that remains in public debates are allegations of racism, fascism, xenophobia, islamophobia, antisemitism, populism etc. Form is getting ever more important (just don´t offend any moron in any thinkable way), substance is not welcome. Our ancestors would puke to see that and if we don´t change our ways, our kids will hate us.


  7. I know this post is over a month old, but I came as soon as I felt like it. Anyway, I liked your post and thought it was perfectly reasonable and realistic. I don’t view it as backsliding at all.

    I live in an area with Iraqi refugees. They work, their kids do alright in school, they cause no problems. Can’t ask for more than that out of people. So it can indeed work and considering America promised citizenship to people who cooperated with us, I think we should make good on that or forfeit our honor.

    I have some of my own ideas about how to deflate jihad in ways that would require a minimum of violence, but I don’t know enough about European law to know if they would work. The first thing I would do, if I were running Sweden, would stop state subsidization of mosques and Islamic schools. In the US we are very generous with our tax laws (Church of Scientology, you tax skipping bastards!) but there’s no way you’re getting a paycheck. I was really surprised to learn that secular governments in Europe used taxpayer money to support such religious institutions. Right, after stopping subsidization, I would ban funding from outside the country. Sorry, Riyadh, your money is no good here. This will force radical mosques to rely on private donations that they can use either to keep the heat on or fund jihad groups. It might not eliminate all funding, but it would take away a good portion of it.


  8. I am skeptical of your take, Angry Foreigner. Though I agree with the above poster, that you’ve done massive good work to publicize what is going on in Sweden. Thank you for that.

    Since people have shared their stories, here is mine. I grew up in central Europe, went into exile from communism. Have been in America for a long time. I am pretty knowledgeable about western religions, but I now find I was misled about Islam. I read people like Karen Armstrong who sanitize Islam. I used to believe the nonsense that Islam is just another “Abrahamic religion.” When the crisis in Europe happened, I was desperately trying to understand what happened. And I scoured the internet, of course, and I am still learning. Been an intense year. The Europe I knew is gone forever.

    My honest opinion now is that Islam is the problem. Not Islamism, not radical Islam. Because Islam’s scriptures have nasty hateful stuff in them, and what’s worse, millions of Muslims believe it, think it’s God talking, and try to follow it. And they are not a tiny minority, as the Left claims. Every country in the world where they take polls, large percentages of Muslims are for various brutal aspects of sharia.

    Islam has been at war with the kuffar since the beginning. It still is. And because of it, and because many (enough) Muslims are willing to terrorize or kill their fellows who don’t toe the line, the would be reformers are afraid to speak up. Those who have, and are known, live in hiding or with bodyguards. And the rest of us are being more and more muzzled.

    All those things about westerners starting wars, and doing other damn stupid things, are all true, but that does not change the fact that even if our governments had not done those things, and we were all wonderful and perfect, Islam would still wage war against us simply because we are kuffar. And it would still kill its own because dissent and criticism is not tolerated, and other takes on Islam are not tolerated, as commanded by the scriptures. Leaving the religion is not tolerated, people have to fear their own folks if they convert, or even if they are thought to slack off, for crying out loud. It’s like back in the Middle Ages.

    Mohamed created a brilliant, frightful fighting machine. And it continues, now with the help of our own elites who have been bought by Saudi money, to fight us.

    Kat, I agree with you, but how is that going to happen when the elites are behind it? If the European countries were willing to follow their own laws already on the books, this tragedy would not have happened. I think we should ban sharia. Killing homosexuals and stoning women is not compatible with our laws or values. Duh! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    I tell everybody, you don’t have to believe me. Educate yourself. Read Islam’s scriptures, all three (Koran, Sira and Hadith). Find out for yourself what is taught there. Find out what the madrassas and the imams teach. Learn Islam’s true history. You’ll be shocked. Reforming Islam? I wish them luck, but it does not look that way. I just heard a wonderful speech by a rabbi Sacks to the EU parliament. It’s on youtube. He says when Jews again have to flee Europe — and they are fleeing because Europe is importing Middle Eastern antisemites by the gazillion, and in some places Jews can’t worship or send their kids to school without armed guard — that is the beginning of its downfall.


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