Donald Trump is the symptom, not the illness


I definitely understand his appeal. In a politically correct society where you are judged by ”ugly thoughts” rather than just ugly actions, seeing someone break every taboo imaginable is incredibly liberating.

On a primal level it reminds you of what you as a human were put on Earth to do: You are here to express yourself. Be it your dreams in life, or everyday ponderings, you’re supposed to live for yourself. Yet existence for many is just 80 years spent worrying about stupid peoples shallow judgment of your character.

All society does is tell us to get in line with the rest of the drones who are ready to sacrifice their personality for the sake of fitting in. We’re taught to hide our prejudice, not to voice them and examine them. (And eventually, challenge them)

Thoughts deemed uncomfortable aren’t to be examined, they’re meant to be pushed under the carpet. Even though bottling things up can give you cancer. If that’s what suppression does on an individual level, imagine what it does on a national level in terms of society?

The dumbing down of society has gone so far we’ve forgotten the very fact that a human being can’t be reduced to a few ideas. One opinion doesn’t make an entire person, so if someone says something bigoted or stupid they don’t automatically become Hitler.

Yet people are exactly that judgmental. Nobody listens to each other anymore. They’re more interested in pushing you down so they can raise themselves up.People have forgotten to distinguish bad thoughts from bad behaviour. They act like defect thoughts will affect others the same way defect actions would. (Physical assault, robbery, rape)

We’re constantly told by society that we aren’t good enough, that we are defect somehow, finding flaws so they can offer fake solutions. Bad breath? Afraid someone won’t fuck you? Buy some mouthwash. Feel worthless and confused? Buy a religion.

Trumps appeal is that he is unapologetic about his percieved flaws. He’s doing what anybody wish they could be doing: Speaking their mind, with no restriction, and being applauded for it by those who are like-minded.

But at the end of the day, I suspect Donald Trump is just another crony capitalist who, if given the chance, would join the New World Order so fucking fast it would make your head spin. The guy isn’t even a good businessman, he’s just good at presenting himself like one. Google ”Donald Trump Scotland” and see how he fucked the entire country over with devious promises of profit. There’s absolutely no reason to assume he would stand up for the everyday common man. He sure didn’t do that in Scotland.

I watched his interview on the Alex Jones show, since that’s the only place you get to hear his thoughts unedited and uninterrupted, and I had to turn it off halfway through. Because despite many words gushing out of his mouth, the guy isn’t saying anything of substance. Like any other politician, it’s shallow and abstract, simply meant to attract.

This doesn’t mean that any of the other political candidates are better. They aren’t. And voting for Hillary just because she has a vagina doesn’t turn you into a greater moral example than a Trump supporter. Face the fact: American politics are severely fucked. And every year it’s the same shit.

There’s only two political parties you can vote for, and pretty much all their candidates are controlled by private banks and corporations. America needs to look into direct democracy and abandon the illusion of democracy they’ve been sold thus far. Choosing a puppet every 4 years is not freedom.

12 thoughts on “Donald Trump is the symptom, not the illness

  1. First off, thank you for writing this. Too many Americans are so oblivious to the actual problems they don’t see how they’re duped by every candidate.
    Second, thank you for being a true, unabashed Satanist.

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  2. I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles! They always give me a good chuckle just when I need it. Keep up the great work and I will keep reading! I always look forward to them! Laughing is so much better than crying which is what I want to do when trying to figure out which Presidential candidate to vote for in the coming election! We’re doomed.

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  3. I’m sorry there’s just no way you can make an argument out that Donald Trump is a bad businessman and I don’t really care what he did to the people of Scotland since he also wasn’t doing very moral things to the people of America… because his job was to try to do well for his business. He’s not claiming to have always been perfectly moral and always had the intent to help every single common man, don’t you realize he talks about having Hillary Clinton come to his wedding and openly admits he was gaming the system?


  4. Same shit everywhere. It will be one more challenge the elite and the common men will have to face and overcome. I imagine, in the near future, a huge western society reform.

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  5. great summary.. but why was the commie Sanders left out? I mean I’m sick of Trump but I’m sick of Bernie the commie hero too.. he would support everything that I hate about the current western culture.. and don’t get me started on the Bernie sanders supporters.. fucking SJW, BLM, Feminist, Communist, Liberal dipshits… for anyone wondering.. i’m a libertarian.. if I was an US citizen I’d vote for some 3rd party libertarian.. or at least the not so perfect Rand Paul in the primaries.

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  6. John Steinback once said “The problem with Americans is that they all think they’re temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” This is absolutely the case. Most Americans are unwilling to admit that we are controlled by corporations. We want to think that if we work hard enough we will live like Trump and when it never happens we don’t deconstruct exactly what is going wrong. It’s worse than religion. But maybe that’s starting to change?

    Trump and Sanders are interesting for the same reason- they’ve been telling people that the GOP and Democrats have been convincing people to vote against their own self-interests for decades. Hmmmmm…..


  7. The problem is cultural marxism, aka Political Correctness.

    Trumps popularity (“populism”) comes from his outspoken political incorrectness. The establishment (the powers that be, NWO, insanity or whatever) surely seem threatened because he MAKES SENSE. The brainwashed masses are against Trump because simply because that’s what the manipulative corrupt facist media tells them to be. Civilization’s last hope is to end political correctness. Scumbag Hillary is surely NOT going to end the PC era. Trump just might…

    So I disagree strongly. Trump may be just what is needed to start solving the problem.

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