Various Swedish Rape

Political correctness brainwashes women into believing they owe their vagina to the Third World.


The woman got on the night train. She had reserved a couchette in advance so she made her way to the compartment she had been handed. Upon entering she woke up 3 Middle Eastern men who were also passengers there. None of them were Swedish citizens. She started talking to the men and bought them sandwiches, probably due to sympathy for them being refugees. One of the men treated her to vodka so they all drank some from it, started singing and had a good time.

After a while she went to bed. She later awoke from one of the men thrusting his penis into her. When she awoke he immediately stopped. She became angry and told him to leave her. She grabbed her things, left the compartment and went to sit in a regular seat, crying. One of the other men came after her and asked her to come back. He said that everything was cool and that he’d make sure his buddy wouldn’t try anything again. She explained that she didn’t want to and contacted the train attendant.

When he asked if he should call the police, the woman didn’t want to. Because she felt sorry for the poor refugee rapist and didn’t want to get him deported.

Swedes are more or less taught to be guilty about how ”good” they have it compared to other countries, so of course we must share all our resources with everyone else, at any cost, no matter how they behave. So just spread your legs for the entire Middle East to come in.

And you know what’s most infuriating about this woman’s response? The reason you report a rapist isn’t just for your own justice. By pressing charges you’re contributing to making life safer for other women as well, so they won’t have to be exposed to someone like that. But this girl has been so brainwashed by the “Refugees Welcome” campaign she thinks it applies to Swedish women’s vaginas as well.

Luckily, she eventually came to her senses and reported the assault to police. The court sentenced the rapist to 1 year in prison and deportation for 5 years. He stated that he didn’t flee Iraq because of war and isn’t at risk for persecution in his home country. In order words: When he sought asylum, it wasn’t because he’s an actual refugee.

This reminds me of another case not too long ago. A woman who was subjected to rape in public, while being passed out from alcohol, refused to believe a witness who saw the whole thing. Why? Because the rapist was black. So she accused the witness of being racist.

It wasn’t until someone showed her a recorded video of the event that she could accept that an African would be capable of rape.

It gets even more absurd. The rapist has been sentenced to 1 year in prison and deportation for 5 years. But a juryman wants to dismiss this verdict, since the rapist voluntarily aborted the rape attempt out of “consideration to the plaintiff”.

A group of 30 asylum seekers tried to break into a room at the asylum house so they could rape the female refugee living there. Why? Because they consider it a crime that she’s in Sweden without a man, therefore she must be “punished”.

You look at that and then try to tell me that culture and rape doesn’t bear any connection. We know that Swedish man rape too, but they don’t do it out of cultural beliefs. If you think Im wrong then please inform me of the last time 30 Swedish men attempted a gang rape because they considered it unacceptable that the woman is a single mother.

How do you think these individuals view Swedish women who dress in ordinary western clothing? It’s not weird that there’s been so many horrible assault rapes in the news lately.

In August a woman was assaulted on two separate occasions by different men, all in the same night. The first time she was pushed to the ground and raped by one man. After he left she got up and started walking, but she didn’t get further than 60-70 meters before she’s attacked again, this time by two entirely different men.

One grabbed hold of her so she couldn’t escape, and the other said: “Im gonna fuck you little Swedish girl” before he began the attack. After the assault he spat her in the face. All of these men are asylum seekers living at the same asylum house. One of the perpetrators brought a Quran into the courtroom, and though DNA samples show that the woman was raped by 3 men only 2 have been found so far.

In September a woman was walking around the dock in Stockholm. She was sad and crying for personal reasons. Two guys approached her and started comforting her. They were being kind towards her and asked if she wanted to accompany them. She went with them to a viewpoint nearby.

Then they brutally gang raped her for several hours. One of the guys pushed her to the ground and started showering her with punches. Her vision turned black as he grabbed a chokehold around her neck. It turns out that other boys were living there in a tent camp nearby, so they started joining in. Altogether she thinks she was raped six times by at least 4 different people. She cried and begged them to stop, but they didn’t. She got blackouts several times over during the assault and thought she would die.

The assailants? Illegal immigrants. “Street children” from Northern Africa who were sentenced to 6-9 months in a juvenile facility. Which is actually a reward seeing as how these “boys” normally live on the street otherwise. The court estimates them to be 15-18 years old.