The Islamization of Sweden

A Somali woman who briefly worked as a journalist in Sweden said that the politically correct media makes Sweden more dangerous than Mogadishu. She discovered that Al-Shabaab were recruiting people from a recreational center and after running the story she received threats from locals while the Swedish journalists labeled her report as “hearsay”. So she moved back to Mogadishu.

Yes, you read correctly. She prefers Somalia to Sweden, because she considers it less dangerous than the Swedish suburb she lived in.

The fact that it’s easier to become a muslim radical in Sweden than in a muslim country should tell you all about how deranged Sweden is. Mona Walter came to Sweden from Somalia and it was first in Sweden that she encountered radical Islam on a daily basis. She converted to Christianity and became a critic of Islam, which caused her such severe threats that she now lives under secret identity.

To the rest of the world Sweden gives off the image of being a peaceful and progressive, nearly utopian, society but this is merely a facade. Sure, it might be true if we’re talking about the wealthy all-white all-Swedish neighborhoods in the fancy parts of Stockholm, but when it comes to the segregated suburbs it’s like that alcoholic dope fiend family member everybody wants to pretend doesn’t exist.

The Swedish suburbs are becoming more radicalized by each year. Immigrant women living there have recently come out and confessed that there’s sharia police walking around telling women how to dress, that they deserve to die if they don’t wear hijab, that Swedish food is “haram”, that they aren’t allowed to visit cafés, and so on.


The city of Gothenburg alone has produced more ISIS-jihadists than all of America. According to a former islamist, now secular muslin, wahhabists are in control of several major mosques in Sweden. This is a rather small branch within Islam but since they’re being funded by Saudi-Arabia they have the biggest financial muscles to flex.

This sentiment is echoed by Aje Carlbom who is a docent in social anthropology and teacher in religion at Malmö university. Since the 1970’s Saudi Arabia has been working globally to spread their radical interpretation of Islam by funding the building of mosques all over the world, and then sending their radical preachers there. The Saudi mission is organised by the Muslim World League.

Of course, the mainstream media don’t talk about this. Possibly because Saudi-Arabia is bribing media all over the world to talk about them positively, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Sweden is on the list too.

Not to mention that Western countries to this day are allied with Saudi-Arabia for the sake of oil and business, and have previously funded the spreading of radical Islam. In fact, Ronald Reagan himself called Bin Ladin and his gang of mujahideens “an inspiration to freedom”. Great video about that here.

Sweden has no working legislation against terrorism.

It’s not illegal to join or recruit for the Islamic State. If the national security police suspect someone of being a terrorist, most they can do is give them a phone call. They aren’t legally allowed to do more.

There’s even examples of individuals who’ve fought for ISIS, returned to Sweden to receive healthcare for their injuries, and then returned to Syria to fight some more. ISIS is the most inhuman monster since the Nazis during the second World War, and Sweden is – yet again – not doing anything to stop it.

The migration board is discovering that all the more terrorists and war criminals are seeking asylum in Sweden, pretending to be refugees in order to escape punishment. Thus far in 2015 the migration board has submitted 363 cases to the swedish national security police. In all of 2014 they only submitted 109.

Here’s the kicker: If the 363 cases of suspected ISIS-terrorists would be confirmed as terrorists, Sweden still wouldn’t be allowed to deport them. Because Syria is a conflict zone, and apparently it’s against human rights to deport someone to a conflict zone.

Also, every attempt to sharpen terror laws is met by muslim organisations going apeshit about how it would stigmatise the muslims of Sweden. The major muslim organisations claim to represent muslims but in reality they represent the Muslim Brotherhood more than anything.

Islamists claiming to fight islamophobia are given millions in tax funding every year to spread intolerance. A muslim organisation were given money to run a website which was supposed to “build bridges” between muslims and non-muslims, but instead they had the website say that homosexuals should be punished with death and that it’s forbidden for muslims to be friend with non-muslims.

This is just one incident of many. If you want to see a detailed presentation of how tax-funded mosques and muslim organisations in Sweden are spreading sexism and intolerance, watch this video I’ve put together. It’s rather long so for that reason there’s a table of contents with timelines in the video description.

The public debate in Sweden also suffers from extreme leftist ideology. People who condone tougher laws on terror are more or less waved off as xenophobic by both the left-wing and the right-wing, who consider terrorism to be a symptom of social injustice, exclusion, racism and unemployment. So the general feeling in the Swedish debate is almost this: Unless we take care of racism and poverty first, we shouldn’t bitch about terrorism, because we sort of deserve it. It’s our fault.

And on top of all this, secular muslims are hounded by left-wingers for being ”racist” when speaking out against radicals. They go so far as to call them “house niggers”. Sadly, this part isn’t unique to Sweden, it seems to happen to sensible muslims everywhere.

This is Sweden in 2015. Islamisation is an institutionalized process made possible by the complete cowardice and ignorance of Swedish politicians and journalists. They don’t know anything about muslims, and they don’t want to know. All they want to do is further their own career by saying what they think muslims want to hear, and avoiding labels such as ”racist” and ”islamophobic” – the latter of which is the islamist’s favourite tool to blur the line between democracy and theocracy.

”Islamophobe” is a word purposely confusing well-founded criticism against religion with bigoted hatred towards all of it’s followers.

Any sound critic of religion knows well enough to differentiate between people and ideology. Criticizing Islam (a collection of ideas) and demonizing muslims (individuals with varying interpretations) are very different things. The word ”islamophobe” makes it impossible to have a constructive, nuanced conversation about Islam and islamism.

The people who are shouting that muslims are taking over the world and that you can’t trust a single muslim ”because it says somewhere that they’re allowed to lie to infidels”, those people are just as destructive to the development of society as the cowards who don’t wanna focus on radicals what so ever. Because they completely ruin the public debate and make it impossible for any well-founded criticism against islamism to come through.

We need to salute the values that make western countries attractive to live in, secular countries where you are entitled to mock and challenge religious authorities, because the right to ridicule religion is directly tied to human rights and freedom of speech. Equality and democracy are good things, they are not something we should apologize for. These values can be embraced by anyone, blacks as well as whites, muslims as well as christians.

And just because most muslims are peaceful doesn’t mean that radical muslims are a small issue. It’s said that roughly 10% percent of Germans during the second world war were Nazis. That’s a small minority, and look what they accomplished.

The civil rights movement in America was a small minority too, but they managed to give all blacks in America equal rights. Sometimes, minorities are the ones pushing through all the change happening in society and they should never be underestimated. For better or for worse.

The fact that radicals are a minority doesn’t make anything less serious. If you wanna stop hatred towards muslims, then work on shrinking that radical minority down to the point where they aren’t the biggest threat to western civilization today. Stop acting like that minority is harmless and just consisting of people with weird opinions. It’s way more dangerous than that.

So stop entertaining the racism of low expectations, and help the moderate muslim voices become stronger – instead of calling them porchmonkeys.

17 thoughts on “The Islamization of Sweden

  1. What makes western countries so attractive to live in for most people is not its values. The main thing people are looking for is welfare. This is why so many third-world immigrants don’t bother trying to assimilate is because they don’t care about western values. If Sweden didn’t have such a huge welfare state they wouldn’t come. Very few people come to places like Sweden or even the United States looking for free speech. And democracy? Hell, I don’t even believe in our democracy. It’s a joke. If you need any evidence that our democracy doesn’t work just look at our leaders.

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  2. Hello, your video “Welcome to Sweden ” was really enjoyable to watch; good argumentation, good articulation and you were not so angry as you are in your previous videos that are in swedish 🙂

    My point: stefan molyneux made really nice interview on Nima Sanandaji about “Scandinavian Socialism: Dangers of the Welfare State”, Since both you and Molyneux produce really enjoyable podcasts in youtube I think it would be a good idea for you to have common youtube video.


  3. hi men i was in sweden several years ago i have to be honest i was a ilegal inmigrant but i learned a bit of swedish i like swedish and the most important thing i worked very hard i spend every cent i won to have a roof in my head and food in my table i made several Friends and they respected me just for the fact they knew i work to sustain myself i worked cleaning houses repairing computers and removing snow i always was well treated everywhere and i think the reasson was i pulled my own weight i have fond memories of sweden and it saddens me to hear from you and the Friends i still have there how the situation is getting worst by the day i hope the swedish people rise up and defend their home is a beutyfull country i dont say i am better than them but i always worked and i remember even in that time i saw Young musulman men doing nothing all day they have wellfare i had to work but i am not lazy cudos men great videos and i hope your country find the way

    sorry for the english but i almost never use it in my country

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  4. Did you really want to tell those who follow your work “F you” in your christmas vid? Mindboggling. Not what I would do it I had global attention. But then, de gustibus non est disputandum, eh?


  5. Hey, I am german and I’ve been following you for a while now… since the problems in our countries are pretty similar.
    On New Years Eve there was a huge “Mass assault/rape/burglary” in Cologne and some other big cities in Germany… The 1000men (who are obviously only rarely exclaimed as the migrants they are from the media) shot fireworks into crowds and ripped womens clothing apart.. sexually assaulting them and even raping them. For now they say there are around 60! Victims.. but I am sure it’s more than that. I wonder if anything like that happened in sweden too? It makes me so angry…

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  6. Dude, Move to America. With your delivery and acrid sense of humor you will be a hit on the comedy circuit in no time. You should be running the Daily Show. Seriously, there are lots of things wrong with America, but we still have free speech and the Muslim’s are not going to take over here. Peace

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  7. This comes a few years later but.. I live in Finland. Think about how I feel with this ticking time bomb next to us. My best friend, soul mate, lives in Uppsala with his Swedish girlfriend. Stabbings and shootings are an everyday occurance there. He once went to see Malmö, he was shocked to see what it had become. There are huge areas where the police won’t go; even they fear for their lives. The amount of rapes has skyrocketed in all of Sweden, as has the nature of them changed radically; more violent and more gang-rapes. The statistics don’t lie. Luckily, in Finland this year, the right-wing has the biggest party and so there is hope. Because Finland is changing too, and we must stop this invasion before it’s too late. Me and my boyfriend have already discussed where to move, to escape, before there is war. Because there WILL be war. And I don’t want to fight for someone who willingly gives away our safety and freedom. I believe that European Union was a scheme all along, funded by Saudis. It’d make sense, when you think about it. Anything is possible, and corruption is everywhere that is widely organized.


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