The Refugee Children of Sweden

Recently, the Swedish newspaper Gothenburg-Post wrote a sob story about a 16-year old unaccompanied refugee child who….. appears to be a full-grown man.


Does that person look 16 to you?

What’s even worse is that Avpixlat, a site often labeled as racist, completely destroyed their report simply by going on the guys facebook and looking through pictures and info. They discovered that he registered on a dating site in 2008. If his age was true then he was looking for a fuckbuddy at the age of 8. But as you can see for yourself, his age is 24 on the site.

CRyYxORUEAAN61_.jpg large ARSE

Do I need to explain to you what a disaster it is that established journalists in the massmedia don’t even look through basic information before writing a sobby character portrait? The guy claims to be a refugee from Afghanistan and painted up this story of miserable experiences at the hands of human smugglers, while his Facebook account is full of pictures with him posing in RayBay-shades wearing a big wrist watch in Istanbul.


Or why not this image of him suffering at the poolside in Southern Europe? No wonder he moved to Sweden, considering how terrible his circumstances were.


His gallery gives the impression of tourism rather than war. In the article with GP he showed the journalists a map of his travel route: Afghanistan – Pakistan – Iran – Turkey – Greece – Makedonia – Serbia – Hungary – Austria – Germany – Denmark – Sweden. Several of these are safe countries yet they don’t ask him any questions about why he’s avoided seeking asylum in them.

When he came to Sweden it was winter and “all he owned was a mobile phone and the clothes he was wearing.” There’s no explanation to how he was able to lose his passport but not his iPhone. Like the majority of people granted asylum in Sweden he hasn’t been able to verify his identity.

Case workers at the Migration board have said that asylum seekers from Syria and Eritrea ger their application granted in nearly 100% of the cases, yet 72% of applicants from Eritrea lack passports and for Syria the number is 98%. They simply don’t know if the person is who they say they are, and they don’t really care either because the order from higher ups is basically to accept as many as possible in as short of a time span as possible.

When case workers at the Migration board turn on their workcomputer a message pops up to remind them of the boards vision: “We view migration as a positive force, something that contributes to making our country richer both financially and culturally.”

A former case worker at the Migration board wrote a debate article saying it’s far too easy for ISIS-terrorists to get into Sweden, because even if the workers get suspicious there’s no time to investigate. Cases are supposed to be handled in max 1.5 hours compared to the 2.5 hours a “normal” asylum application takes.

As a case worker you’re expected to hand in at least 3 finished decisions per week, the number of finished errands decide your individual pay grade and possibility for permanent employment. In other words, the work theme is “the more the merrier” and you are given the choice to either keep your job – or do a good job.

Does this man look like 16 to you?


Does this guy look like 17 to you? Should he be in a school with other 17-year olds?


The number of children seeking asylum in Sweden has exploded over the last ten years, presumably because children are granted asylum much quicker than adults and Swedish authorities don’t verify the age of these so called children. The Migration board is expecting 30’000 unaccompanied refugee children to arrive in Sweden 2015. In Denmark, they put 282 unaccompanied refugee children through age tests and found out that 203 of them were adults lying about their age.

In Norway, teeth x-rays revealed that 9 out of 10 unaccompanied refugee children are above the age of 18. Sometimes they are as much as 10 years older. Asha from Somalia said she was 19 when she was actually 30 and for her that’s entailed life-threatening issues. She has high blood pressure but is wrongly medicated due to her incorrect age. She is quoted in the article saying: “The doctor changes medication all the time but it doesn’t help, but I can’t say anything about my age.”

So put simply: This is fucked up for everyone involved. Immigrants lying about their age can be given the wrong medication which contributes to their death, if they say they’re younger than their actual age they’ll also have to work longer and retire later than what’s normal. It’s also bad for Swedish taxpayers who are financing these con artists, but the ones who get it absolute worst of all are actual refugee children who are starving to death in refugee camps that lack funds.

Some weeks ago the government came out and said that they were going to take 8.2 billion SEK from our humanitarian aid budget and put it on refugees who come to Sweden instead. And they declared this the day after UN came out and said they had to cancel food and water for 360’000 refugees near the conflict area due to lack of funds. Now, our prime minister is saying even more money is gonna have to be taken from the aid budget.

Tino Sanandaji is a kurdish national economist in Sweden and his response to this is as following: “The UN:s resources for 2.5 million Afghan refugees equals the cost of 300 unaccompanied refugee children for one year. Cutting down on healthcare and schooling for millions of poor in order to afford a few expensive refugees in Sweden isn’t “taking responsibility”, it’s blatant madness. It will only seem as reasonable to our government because they’re captured in mass psychosis. What Sweden is about to do is a misdeed of historical proportions, and those who have pushed this forward have many lives on their hands.”

He links to an article by Reuters which explains that because of the “migrant crisis” dominating headlines and demanding cash, the UNHCR in Pakistan has received only $33.6 million for 2015 out of its $136.7 million annual budget.

So if you support asylum immigration to Sweden, you’re also supporting the oppression of the poor and excluded in other countries. Basically, the world has officially gone full retard. In Sweden you’re considered racist if you don’t want to accept refugees because that means you don’t care about poor foreigners in need. But according to that line of logic you’re also racist if you want refugees in Sweden, because that means you don’t care about poor foreigners in need.

Clearly, everyone is racist.

64 thoughts on “The Refugee Children of Sweden

  1. Absolute insanity. It’ll take a hundred years to un-fuck Sweden with this kind of negligence, and that’s assuming they try to fix it in a timely manner, which seems very unlikely.

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  2. Very good post as usual! ☺
    Why does our government everything to destroy Sweden?
    They must surely damn understand that this is unsustainable!!
    Unfortunately i think Its over for Sweden as we know it and i am worried, angry and sad when i think about my children and future grandchildren who will inherit this chaos. 😈

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  3. Swedistan is a joke, but a serious joke for us who share borders with those maniacs. There is no doubt that this sorry excuse for a country will be the first country in the western hemisphere to voluntarily give up their cultural identity and become a Muslim khalifat. And then my country, Denmark, is in the front of a battle zone. I really hope that the Swedish freedom fighters will stop this madness with the measures needed. I can read in the news today that they have begun taking actions.



    • And now you have Germany to worry about too.

      It’s amazing the difference between how Poland reacts vs Sweden. Poland is only expecting 5,000-7,000 migrants in 2016 and they have a population that is nearly 4X that of Sweden and yet the Polish people are really pissed off about this whole thing. There have been anti-immigration protest in every major city. They already have a conservative government in power but now they are expecting an even more right-wing government to gain power in the upcoming election (it’s almost guaranteed.) Meanwhile the Swedes are just letting themselves die it seems. The schools and media have really done a number on the Swedish people. It’s very disturbing to watch. I really hope they wake up soon.

      Good luck to the Danish, you’re going to need it.

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      • There was a time when I wanted to move to Sweden and settle down there. Polish life is like… it is. Watching today’s situation it’s a good thing. I won’t move from Poland – none of the “refugees” wants to live here

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      • Regarding Poland, I offer as an answer the musings of Peter Hitchens talking about Marxism “In my youth, I though Marxist-Leninism had all the answers. Unlike people who’ve been vaccinated, I’ve actually had the disease. Therefore I’m totally immune to it in a way that a mere vaccination couldn’t possibly provide.”

        Poland’s had the disease. Poland’s experienced what the multiculturalist marxist’s utopia actually is. They’ve endured existence when ideological fanatics are given absolute authority. In living memory. In a way that Swedes simply never have. And like EVERY other country that’s gone down the suicidal, marxist path, they will eventually cast it off. These things just have to work themselves out. Will people die? Yes. Will there be hardship? Yes. Will there be poverty, and human misery? Yes and yes. But Sweden just has to learn this lesson. You can tell a child til you’re blue in the face not to stick their finger in a socket, and for some kids, that’s enough; but not most. Most will simply never fully understand why they shouldn’t, until they do. It’s the pain it results in that makes them realize the full scope of their ignorance that enlightens them, not telling them not to do it. And most people just simply never grow out of that childish ignorance of the world, especially when they’re protected from it so thoroughly like many are in the West.

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    • Well, as Canadians, we don’t share borders, but that doesn’t help. Our newly elected Liberal government has promised to take in 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2015. With our famous multicultural identity we need to support this minimally checked immigration, otherwise we wouldn’t be living up to our reputation. We’ll deal with the consequences later – what’s important is to look good, to the world.


      • I read that the refugees to Canada are to be settled in Manitoba. Really?!?! They won’t like the cold there anymore than in Sweden. President Reagan settled Haitian refugees at Fort Drum, Watertown in the People’s Republic of New York. One winter and they were gone. Unfortunately, they filled the US immigration quota (that was way back when those laws were enforced), so my brother couldn’t legally immigrate from Canada. So, a force of uneducated, unskilled labor OR a nuclear computer hardware engineer? Mmmm we choose to increase the welfare rolls.


    • i can garantue you, if shit doesnt change within the next election, im taking on the streets and cleansing that shit, perhaps then the naive faggets from Stockholm will get their head out of their asses and start realizing that the rest of sweden except them have gotten fed up with this bullshittery.

      Worst case scenario, ill just pack my car and drive over öresunds bron and start living in denmark instead


  4. How could anyone believe that guy was 16? He looks older than me and I’m 31. All the established media cares about is crafting their propaganda stories, facts and accuracy be damned. They need to be put out of business. There needs to be a mass media that is held to some kind of accountability. At this point if a government came in and shut these lousy newspapers down, I would applaud it. I would not care about their free speech rights. The lies and misrepresentation they print is causing too much damage.

    And these migrants do not enrich Swedish Culture, they destroy it. Now you can’t even be proud to be Swedish without being called a racist. I really hope Sweden gets a new government soon, one that will put an end to all of this madness. If this continues by 2050 Sweden will be like a third world country. At least no one will want to migrant to it anymore.


    • According to UN we just have to wait until 2030, then Sweden will have a lower Human Development Index ranking then Libya have. Norway, Denmark and Finland on the other hand will have a higher ranking then what Sweden have today.
      Google UN HDI and see for yourself.


  5. What I find so hard to understand is why large numbers of Swedish people are in such a state of mind-numbing political correctness and submissiveness that they are committing ethnic and cultural suicide?

    Where is the outrage, where is the opposition to this absurdity?


    • i know. Its just baffling.
      Can we say indoctrination to a level some communist or nazi leaders would have been jealous of? It’s just baffling.
      Here in Canada we have just elected a PM that is hell bent on bringing thousands of refugees.

      While I’m not against helping people I urge caution considering all the stories coming out of Sweden and other countries… and guess what? I get labeled intolerant racist insensitive heartless… People here like in Sweden see Canada as a moral superpower. It is part of the national identity built since the 60 s against the USA as a backdrop. To even question this is tantamount to sacrilege in some ways. Multiculturalism is the big taboo that cannot be questioned.


      • As a Canadian, I cringe when I think that I voted Liberal despite knowing the party’s promise wrt the refugees. I think I was hoping that they wouldn’t be so stupid as to try and ram them through the system before the end of the year. It’s sad that there really wasn’t much of a choice since I definitely didn’t want Harper for another term and the NDP’s stance on the refugees was similar to the Liberals’ while pushing a platform that I don’t really support.

        I think we’re really not that far from where Europe is in terms of Islam threatening to dominate other ethnic groups. After a certain point I think it’ll be a lost cause because I don’t see other populations reproducing at the rate Muslims do. I’ve been called racist on account of my views towards Islam, and truthfully I don’t want it to spread the way its adherents would have it. I see it as a force that wants to reverse progress on several fronts, e.g. attitude towards women, severe retaliation against anyone who might question the faith or poke fun at it, etc.


      • I wouldn’t label you intolerant, racist, insensitive or heartless. It is sheer stupidity to have any migrants in any country especially when most of them worship a false god. Saudi Arabia should be taking them all. Same pathetic religion.


    • It’s a cult. Thank goodness for people like y’all. I’ve been attacked so many times for just mildly disagreeing and asking for some foresight. That makes me a xenophobe and a neonazi, eh? Fukkum.


  6. I think its brilliant that Sweden is taking all these immigrants. Every one they take that’s one less coming to Britain. In fact if they like, we will send them all our immigrants as well.
    Send every European immigrant to Sweden then erect a hundred foot high dingo fence around it to keep them all in. I wonder what their ancestral vikings would have made of all this lunacy.

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  7. Dear Arg Blatte Talar,

    Have you seen this one? It may take the price…

    In the interview the “child” asks the reporter where he is! The reporter answers “Malmö” (The 3rd biggest city in Sweden!).

    Seriously, we need to deport these giant central asiatic Babies! The belong to the steppes where they should live a calm but happy life as herders and leather makers. Not suck welfare in Sweden, dreaming nonsense about becoming doctors, CEOs and so forth. They never will!

    Best regards,

    ps) I have aways wondered what ever happened to “Achemd 14 years”, he was “big” in alternative media
    around 2010-11. He and the “journalist” that showed him to the world sort of woke me up to the grandeur
    madness of Absurdistan/Sweden. Anybody know what happened to “Achmed 14 years”?? (Jail?)


  8. Reading your blog and watching the videos is enlightening; and frightening. In Canada, I see a similar behaviour in a lot of things – as a Caucasian, Canadian-born male we are told we have “no culture”. I have been called racist for even implying things that were far from it. Historically Canada has been quite liberal about immigration and our latest policy wants to see us bring 25,000 by the end of the year – 2 months. Our unemployment rate is comparable to Sweden – 7% to your 7.8%. Geographically, I believe we even have a similar climate, at least in western Canada. And where either Canada or Sweden is in relation to Syria, or even Iraq, Afghanistan, wherever, doesn’t make sense that it would be a first choice anyway, other than people taking advantage of liberal democracies.

    I think it will be hard to bridge the gap between first world and third world. First world needs to give up their good life, and the third world needs to give up their bad life. Both are almost impossible. I think, the bottom line is that people are migrating from the middle east because there is nothing left. It’s cyclical, since in order for our nations to develop we had to use their nations and now they have nowhere to develop to.

    They are willing to kill for nothing, and we are not willing to kill for anything. That needs to be put in context somehow. Not to kill them, but to deport them. Something we won’t do because they tell us their life is in danger.

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  9. I’ve seem most of your posts here and on Youtube. You have a point. My recommendation is that you should establish a new political party. Many people who aren’t happy with neither Red-Greens nor Alliance are not happy with SD either. So, they would vote for something in between, which could be your party 😉 Seriously!


  10. Time to not be ashamed of being called a racist, be proud about it and by doing so disarm those who have nothing more than that to accuse you of. Drop that ridiculous “jag är inte racist, men..” attitude, you are just contradicting yourself and trying to act something you are not. Here, take my house, my car, my money, my daughter, my wife, shit on my lawn. But don’t call me racist because that makes you better than me??Flipping the race card is equivalent to a teenager threatening to call you a child molester if he/she doesn’t get the latest iPhone. We live in mysterical times when you are called a racist for not being ok with being invaded by lazy, priviledged, deceitful rapists. I live in Finland, we the people are racists even if our media tries to say otherwise. We make sure no leech feels welcome. This cold shoulder together with the cold winter will make many “refugees” (should call them fudgies instead..) think again. Sorry Sweden, they will come to you from here. Unless your people wake up, you are at war and you don’t see it.


  11. In Austria it came out that more than 60% of the Asylum Kids was not Kids…and this where only the guys where Doctors can say 100% that they are older than 18…


  12. I get extremely pissed off reading reports like this. I applied for permanent residency to live in Sweden back in May so I could finally live together with my Swedish fiancé, instead of flying back and forth numerous times per year to each other’s country.
    The initial estimate was that it would take approximately four months for my visa application to be approved. But as time went on, my application was deemed not important enough for consideration and that these ‘refugees’ need priority over me. As it currently stands, the estimate for my visa to be approved is 14-22 months, which grows longer every month after the immigration department reviews how many new ‘asylum’ claims have arrived.
    I am further away from living with my partner now than from when I first applied for the visa (although there was advice on the immigration website during October that if my partner was to fall pregnant we would receive priority in the visa queue – this has since been rectified to ‘no priorities’ unless they’re asylum visa claims).

    In contrast to these refugee claims, I have all the necessary paperwork filed, with exact evidence of who I am and a background check available at the push of a button – it should be an open and closed application.

    As it currently stands, Sweden seems to be quickly degrading from a country suitable to try to raise a family in. I was hesitant to bring my partner over to my home country due to the exorbitant visa fees charged here, but it’s looking like it’s going to end up being the better option.

    That’s my rant done.


  13. You should see the Casualty report in the previous Gazan conflict. It is full of children who are not only adults but are also terrorists. Considering how most adult from that region are so into children that they want to be children all over again. It is a typical tactic used.


  14. How is Sweden going to be able to continue as a country? I don’t say this in a joking manner. What kind of cognitive dissonance is going on over there that people look at these photos of grown men and are expected to nod like dumb animals and agree ‘yes, that’s certainly a 15 year old’. What is going on? Surely most Swedes are pissed about this, yes?

    I’ve watched many of your videos on youtube and am a subscriber there–I’m no feminist and think they are responsible for many of the social ills we now experience, but what is the reason that they don’t speak up as regards the clear danger to women, brought on by forcing them to live so closely to Islamic men, who are more than willing to rape women and children, as we’ve seen in places like Rotherham and Derby in the UK? Why do they want to scream rape at anyone other the people who are actually the problem?

    There must be people who do not see this as a desirable state of affairs and are clear about the fact that Sweden will no longer be a sovereign nation unto itself with these insane immigration policies?

    I know that I am perhaps asking stupid questions in that there is no easy answer, but I would genuinely love to hear your thoughts in re; the fact that there must be some Swedes who have had enough? Some women who are tired of being afraid and will speak out? Some national security agency who sees this constant influx as a danger to your country? Frankly I am terrified for all Europe–you are not even allowed to protect yourselves with guns in most places, which is ridiculous.

    I know you yourself are an immigrant. My family came to the US in the 1880’s. Immigration when handled carefully is one thing. If one comes to a country, wishing for a better life, and has something to give back to that country, learns the language, treats citizenship as the honor and the privilege that it is, that’s one thing. What you have and what Europe is getting are a bunch of terrorists swarming you like locusts, taking away from your own. That’s sick.

    It’s even sadder that with these immigration policies, the children and the elderly of Sweden are made to suffer as resources are stretched thin. It is not abnormal to take care of your own first. Human nature is tribal. I will take care of my own and the people like me who share my ideals, my values, my beliefs long before I take care of anyone else. I will never apologize for that. I will not apologize for being white any longer either, and I would never prostrate myself before these people for anything. They are animals. The people in charge who want us to believe that WE are somehow sub-human for not rolling over and accepting rape of our children, harm to our elders…I have no words for them.

    Anyhow. I can’t say I enjoy reading your blog as frankly I find it all tragic. I do have hope that somehow, someone somewhere will put a stop to this cultural marxist bullshit that has taken over the left, and do it in a way that doesn’t involve harm, though they have certainly done harm wherever they are allowed to settle. Go door to door and kick them out. Who will seriously care that these thugs are gone?

    I wish you the best.


  15. 34 years old with a nose job as well. The bearded children of Sweden……If they are under 18, then they are entitled to more benefits. So now they’re all 17 years old.


  16. Its all deliberate.

    It is part of the Kalergi Plan to genocide white Europe.

    Merkel won a Coudenhouve-Kalergi award. She is an expert at destroying Germany and Europe.

    They want the white race gone. It’s that simple.

    None of this is “madness” or “incompetence” or “idiocy” or “political correctness gone mad” or any of that. It is the deliberate destruction of the white race.


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