The Philosophy of Being Yourself

There’s people who say: “You can get away with saying certain things because you’re an immigrant.” Nonsense. There are individuals who sincerely believe that Im a nazi, and there have been for a long time even before I started making videos. I get called “racist” as easily as a white Swede, because I look and speak like a Swede and therefore I get treated like a Swede.

But even if you don’t look Swedish you can still be called racist. “Housenigger” or “Uncle Tom” is pretty common in Sweden if you’re an immigrant and only slightly to the right politically. Everybody catches shit when they speak their mind. The point is not to walk on eggshells your entire life and do your best to avoid ugly labels. The point is relating to other peoples words in a constructive manner.

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First of all, other peoples words will only have as much power as you are willing to give them. Second of all, you are limiting yourself if you value other people’s opinions. You have to realize that you can’t live your life after a desire for social acceptance. It is true that man is a social creature, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting good company – but you’re not going to end up in the best possible company if you spend your entire life hiding who you truly are.

I like freedom. I have always enjoyed freedom. Thus, I’ve noticed that if you try fitting in and being liked by others you’re living in a prison. You’re living with constant anxiousness wondering how you will be percieved, and you start molding your behavior according to what others think. You’re basically allowing yourself to become mindcontrolled.

You’re living according to other peoples needs, and not your own. You’re not expressing your own personality and you’re not living your own life. You’re being a copy of someone else and a shallow shell of your environment’s expectations. Honestly, you might as well just kill yourself at this point because you’re not a real human anyway. You’re a zombie by choice. You were given the gift of intelligence, but you chose to throw it away in order to lead the most comfortable non-conflict existence possible. And that’s sad. Life is conflict, so you need to learn to deal with conflict.

If you don’t want to be a sheep, then kill your need for validation. Stop looking outwards for affirmation and start looking inwards instead. Learn how to enjoy being alone and you’ll stop thinking that the most important thing in life is getting along with everyone. If you enjoy your own company you won’t be desperately addicted to the company of others, and not giving a shit about what they think will be far easier.

People think you lose something on being outspoken, when you actually gain access to things the sheep never will. At it’s core it’s about getting the most out of life, and in order to do this you first must realize that you are going to die. You don’t get an endless amount of second chances and you are not guaranteed a happy Disney-ending.

The Guardian published an interview with a nurse who worked with dying patients, and the thing people regretted the most on their deathbed was not having the courage to live life according to their own will. Many experienced that they had lived according to their environment’s expectations rather than how they themselves wanted. Thus, what they regretted is not exercising their own freedom.

Their life was never about making themselves happy, it was about making others happy by having the right opinions, buying the right things, having the right job and making the right life choices. And it’s first when they turn 90 and realize that death is actually a very real thing that they understand how stupid it is not to live life according to your own pleasures and interests.

Whether or not you stand up for your values, or you run and hide so you can fit in, you’re gonna suffer either way. Both options entail suffering. Either you hurt because you’re wasting your life living it for other people, or you hurt because you’re being your own person. But at least when you embrace that suffering, you can grow as a person and get more out of life. What you need to understand is that life is suffering. So choose a suffering that’s worth it.

It’s understandable that people might hide their opinions because they don’t want to be alone, but here’s the thing: If you’re honest with what you truly think and dare taking that chance then you’re going to have better friends in the long run, because you’ll scare away all the people you’re not compatible with and attract like-minded people instead.

We all want to be surrounded by people who understand and respect you for who you are, and that’s never going to happen if you surround yourself with shallow relationships where you can’t even express your true opinions.
A rewarding friendship isn’t about sharing the exact same thoughts, it’s about seeing a person for more than solitary opinions they might have on things. It’s about having a substantial exchange with each other, and for that to be possible you gotta be able to openly share your thoughts with each other. Not necessarily have the exact same ones.

And the thing about those shallow relations is that they’re so fragile, because as soon as the person gets to know the real you they’re going to run away. Because “you’re weird, you have dirty opinions on things!”
Why would anyone even put themselves through that process? If you can’t have an open, honest, rewarding conversation with other people: Why would you even bother getting to know them?

I’ve never had the desire to have one more moron in my life. So I really can’t understand what the danger is. It’s one thing if you’re at risk for getting the shit kicked out of you, or being a victim of arson, or living in Saudi-Arabia. But if the only social consequence you’re facing is being disliked by other people then I fail to see the disaster.

And this isn’t even a matter of having good self-esteem. This is a matter of not wasting time. You know that you’re going to die. Whether there’s life after death is debatable, the only guarantee you have is a life before death. So the only reasonable thing to do is to attract substance here and now. There’s too many idiots in the world, I don’t need these in my immediate social circle.

Being outspoken is a lifestyle for those who wanna get the most out of life. Some say they’d be fired if they were open with their opinions at their workplace, but why do you even work at a soul-sucking place that doesn’t allow you to be you? It’s not like you have absurd demands on your workplace. It’s not like you’re demanding the right to walk around in shit-stained underwear amongst co-workers.

You’re simply demanding the right that’s already been promised to you by society: The right to democracy and freedom of speech. If you cannot practice this right, then what’s the point of participating in society on society’s terms? What’s the point of paying taxes to politicians so they can fund this totalitarian madness?

You might as well get fired so you can be hired somewhere you can be yourself instead. You’re not gonna die from being unemployed a while, there’s worse things than being on welfare. If your situation is really bad however, to the point where absolutely nobody wants to do with you, you can just move to a country where you wouldn’t be fired for having the opinions you have. As long as you can move your arms and legs there’s always something you can do.

And for that matter, Im pretty sure it’s not allowed to fire someone simply for a disagreement in opinion. At least in a Western country. So if that were to happen you should do society a favor and take it to court, challenge the injustice publicly, get in touch with the media, make a big deal out of it. If there’s anything worth dedicating your life to, then it’s freedom.

There’s a saying along the lines of: “Speaking is silver but silence is gold.”
That might sound like elegant wisdom but it’s actually nonsense. In a democracy silence = consent. If you’re silent then you surrender to asshole tyrants that try to dictate how others should live their lives. Whether we’re talking radical feminists, politicians or islamists – the rabid assholes should never be left unchallenged because that’s when they get an opening to bend society to their will.

Be silent, and others will speak in your place. Being outspoken is not only beneficial to the individual but also to society as a whole. For some practical tips on how to become better at expressing yourself, read this post.

15 thoughts on “The Philosophy of Being Yourself

  1. This has been enlightening. As sad as this sounds, I didn’t consider the importance of my own theories, thoughts or ideology in a world that has “already been shaped” as I believed at first. Though I don’t intend to give the impression that I was an absolute drone to begin with. Questioning ideologies, beliefs and politics has led me to a lot of debates and verbal fights with the ones who’s strings are being pulled in the false sense of comfort, or as we say in Finland “those who live in a bubble”. I remember the good times when Finland and Sweden were only worried about beating each other at sports or other competition, casually calling each other all sorts of names without a care in the world. Now we are either supporting immigration from our bubbles or fighting ass backwards immigration policies and ideologies (Applies to both countries.) It’s hard to feel that sense of competitiveness anymore when I feel sorry for Sweden because of their failed politics and worry over our own politics who’ve betrayed every promise they gave before the election and take fascination in swedish politics.

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    • Your post makes me feel incredibly sad as it is our destiny that you are speaking of, and it is like the whole of Europe has just resigned itself to the fact that we have been give no choice or input into our own futures.Is this really any different to living in a dictatorship?

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    • Perhaps the world has already been shaped, but it’s also continually being shaped by the will of it’s inhabitants. It’s very important that we express ourselves because I believe that’s the only real way to reach sustainable truth in the long run. Conflict is essential.

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  2. Reblogged this on Poetry Playpen and commented:
    The Guardian published an interview with a nurse who worked with dying patients, and the thing people regretted the most on their deathbed was not having the courage to live life according to their own will. Many experienced that they had lived according to their environment’s expectations rather than how they themselves wanted. Thus, what they regretted is not exercising their own freedom.


  3. This is an awesome post. I’m a huge fan and I just started my own blog. I’ve always loved writing but I feel overwhelmed and underwhelming, like my ideas won’t make a difference in the world because there are so many other (and opposing) viewpoints.
    My first blog post is pretty bland, but I’ve been inspired to improve by your post here. I’m not very familiar with WordPress yet but I’ll figure out how to promote your work here if I can. Cheers!

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    • Don’t feel overwhelmed/underwhelming. As long as you express your ideas they will reach out. If your blog isn’t getting any traffic, consider writing on your Facebook wall, or making vlogs, or just discussing with people in your day-to-day life. 🙂 A blog is a good place to start in either which way.

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  4. At last count, I have been called “waycist” 355 times, and “bigot” 183 (mostly online). One thing I have never been called, and never will be, is dhimmi cuck.

    Please, Swedes, awaken. Struggle for your beautiful Sweden. Your weapons are intellect and character.
    Of which you have an abundance. Require of your invaders that they assimilate or leave.
    The Status of Non-Muslim Minorities Under Islamic Rule
    Dhimmi was the name applied by the Arab-Muslim conquerors to indigenous non-Muslim populations who surrendered by a treaty (dhimma) to Muslim domination. Islamic conquests expanded over vast territories in Africa, Europe and Asia, for over a millennium (638-1683). The Muslim empire incorporated numerous varied peoples which had their own religion, culture, language and civilization.

    Don’t allow Sweden to join that tragic list.

    Deus Vult

    An Amerikan radical


  5. your utube video touching on this topic really spoke to me, connected a few dots i had yet to, a more complete reality if u like. this article is tops too, spot on I reckon, great reference source to drop on folks who struggle with this. the only thing i don’t like being called is a liar, the rest is water off a drunks back 😉


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