Asylum seekers? More like luxury seekers.

Here’s yet another protest by refugees who claim that they’re being treated badly in Sweden:

In this case the food isn’t good enough, therefore they decided to put together signs and go stand in the town square to demand “respect”. Apparently it’s very disrespectful that the staff at the asylum house put together a menu with arab food for them, but aren’t cooking it the same way that they’re used to in their home country. One of the spokespersons for the protest said: “If you’re gonna make food then please – make it good.”

Apparently the food is such a big deal it warrants them holding up signs with the dead 3-year old kurdish boy Alan and text saying: “Don’t kill us again.”



The article says that there were also other complaints, but doesn’t specify what this is other than one of the other refugees saying that the food isn’t the main issue and that they “need to be treated as humans”.

In another article however, in a newspaper, the refugees claimed that the staff yells at them about all things possible. The owner, however, says that it’s simply not true but that they have to tell the refugees firmly if they catch them smoking in their rooms, something the staff has been clear isn’t allowed. She is also saddened by the criticsm because she feels it boils down to misunderstandings, and that they also do a lot for the refugees that they don’t have to do. For example, they give them Wi-Fi access in their rooms and TV’s with arabic channels.

One refugee also claimed that a staff member roughly grabbed her son in order to take away a toy which the little boy was intending on bringing to the restaurant, and that her son started screaming from the fear and pain. The owner, however, isn’t familiar with this incident. (Let’s be honest, kids will go apeshit whenever you try to take something from them.)



Honestly, I don’t know whether or not this protest is warranted. It’s entirely possible that privately owned asylum houses are corrupted and compromise the living standard of their housing in order to cheat themselves to more money, but it’s also possible that these refugees are just spoiled. They seem to be expecting better food than we give our elderly citizens, and it’s not the first time we’ve seen examples of luxury seekers around these here parts in Scandinavia.

In Finland, three Iraqi refugees posted a videoclip on Facebook saying: “We’re already considering returning to Iraq. We regret coming to Finland. We were wrong! We paid huge sums all for nothing. In Iraq you think everything is so extraordinary in Europe, that Europe is something divine. But it’s just completely ordinary here.”

Completely ordinary = life without bombs. What the hell, did he think they were going to Disneyland or something? If they had arrived there he probably would’ve complained about the rollercoasters too.

“The situation in Europe is tough. Sure, you’re safe here, but the toilets are dirty, there isn’t any clothes, food is expensive… The portions at receptioncentrals are small, they’re not even enough for children. Running from your country is terribly humiliating. You can’t get a job here. It was wrong to come here.”

They even go so far as to say: “Stay in your home country if you’re there, even if it means death or being hurt. At least you’re home in your country.”

At the same time you can read that around 40 refugees have decided to return to Iraq instead of waiting for asylum in Sweden, since the process can be very long. One really has to wonder: How great is the threat of death in your home country if you’re willing to return just because you might end up waiting in Sweden?

Numbers from Eurostat show that only 1 in 5 refugees are actually from Syria. Half a million migrants have arrived in Europe so far this year, with 156,000 coming in August alone. Rather than claiming asylum in the first safe EU country they reach, most head on toward wealthy northern countries.

Refugees who were interviewed by Danish television were asked why they didn’t stay in a peaceful country. The reply was that Denmark has too low welfare checks, so therefore they want to Sweden instead. When interviewed, a syrian refugee confirmed this image saying that the majority of people claiming to be refugees are simply trying to upgrade their living standard and exploit european welfare-societies. So did this one testify.

What conclusions are there to be drawn here? Is Sweden a shit country that can’t accept refugees properly, or are certain refugees just spoilt brats? One thing is for sure: During the Balkan crisis in the 90s, us Bosnian refugees didn’t complain about not being able to create music in the asylum house. An incident in December 2014 had 40-something refugees refuse to get off the bus in protest because the asylum house they were gonna live in “is too cold” and they didn’t like having to live 8 people in one room. They even went so far as to imply that the refugee camp in Lebanon they lived in for 2 years prior was better because “even though we had to sleep on the street we weren’t cold there”. They even planned a hunger strike because of their discontent.

Another paper reported how refugees were disappointed because they had to wait a whole week for a dental appointment. Here’s the kicker though: Asylum seekers in Sweden get free dental while waiting to have their asylum application treated. Swedish citizens do not get free dental. In fact, a 55-year old woman was forced to sell nearly all her possessions in order to afford dental work for a tumor in her jaw, and over the past 10 years she’s spent 250’000 SEK on dental work because of her condition.

And there are some places in Sweden where you have to wait 5 years for an appointment because the dental service is legally obliged to accept refugee children first and foremost. Swedish adults seeking service are told to visit private clinics instead. Keeping all this mind, perhaps the refugees shouldn’t bitch about having to wait a week considering that our public health sector is strained as it is.

Another bus protest occured because the refugees felt the rooms are too small and too far into the woods.

And recently 30 out of 100 refugees were so unhappy with being placed at a military camp in Åstön that they started marching by foot to Sundsvall to reach the train station there. Apparently it was unacceptable that it’s so cold, no stores and no communications nearby. (The weather at the time of the article varied between +4°C and +14°C. If you have a problem with cold, why do you come to a country where the winter temperature can be way below zero?)
They wanted to live in a city and didn’t appreciate ending up “in the middle of nowhere.” Now, tell me something. Does this look like unacceptable living standards for someone who’s fled the threat of death in the Middle East?


åston militärförläggning

It is clear that many asylum seekers who come to Sweden expect a very high standard of living, even at an asylum house. But can you blame them? Our politicians are just as deceptive as the human smugglers are. Sure, our politicians might not say that you will get a free house and a Swedish girlfriend if you come to Sweden – like the smugglers say – but they sure give off the illusion that everything is going to be fine. As if there’s housing and jobs for everyone.

Newsflash: There isn’t. The local migration authorities all basically say the same thing when these refugee protests take place: The system is strained. We’re taking in a lot of people, perhaps more than we can handle, so this is what we have to offer at the moment.

I mean freaking hell, in Jönköping we even had to move 40 refugees to another asylum house in order to fit more newly arrived refugees. So we’re basically moving refugees to fit refugees. And guess what? That turned into a protest too.

In another case two female volunteers who were handing out free clothes at an asylum house were beaten and threatened by an asylum seeker in his 40’s, because apparently “the residents have felt frustrated by not being able to pick clothes on their own. They’re upset that we’re telling them to write up what they need on a list, and that we’re organising and handing out the clothes according to that.” The boss also says that they’re “used to handling situations like this.”

Here’s another case. Seriously, look at the video in the article linked. They’re playing football in a grass field, they say that there is internet and ping-pong tables there, and that they came to Sweden because they heard that it’s the best country in the world: “The people are so nice and understand the meaning of human rights.”
And yet, they are disappointed. Why? Because they have “nothing to do all day”, and “we have been living here for 14 days and nobody from the Migration board has come to greet us and ask us how we’re doing, and if we need anything. That would have made it feel more motivated to come here. Knowing that someone takes an interest in us would have been enough.”

Basically they sound like a bad female stereotype that gets angry at you for not spending every waking moment catering to her mood swings and reading her mind when she’s pouty. You should KNOW what you did wrong, you bastard!

Furthermore, they go on to say that they live in a room that looks like a prison and complain about not being able to open the window. They literally say that it’s their “biggest problem” there, because when they close the door it gets “stuffy”. Their conclusion is that they regret coming to Sweden becuse they have “nothing” here. Seriously. Watch the video I linked, see for yourself what their room looks like, and then ask yourself: Is that a reasonable reaction for someone who has fled the threat of death?

This makes me think of the incident that I started this blogpost with. In that case, the asylum seekers got together and protested because they demand “respect”. Respect is a good word considering some of the incidents we have seen in Sweden over the past year or so. One simply has to wonder how these so called “refugees” are showing respect by coming to a country and shitting on everyone that’s helping them. Surely, demanding things from strangers as if you were a kid is the complete opposite of respect?

I would like you, dear reader, to perform a thought experiment: Try to imagine what country you would look down upon enough in order to be able to behave like those “refugees” are doing.

Personally, I don’t believe that they are all innocent victims like the media wants to portray. I am absolutely sure that some of them are real refugees. I remember that when I heard of one of the first bus protests there was a refugee woman who came with the same bus, she was interviewed by reporters and she said that she was very grateful for Sweden taking her in, and that those who were protesting should be ashamed of themselves, and that they didn’t represent everyone on that bus. I am sure of that, and that many are real refugees. However, I also suspect that many are simply luxury seekers.

Real refugees would be greatful to escape the threat of death. I came to Sweden as a war refugee when I was a child, and most of these people I’ve listed in this post make me fucking sick. They have no place in Sweden. They are not refugees. They are people who want to live their entire life on Swedish welfare.

13 thoughts on “Asylum seekers? More like luxury seekers.

  1. When the Japanese president Shinzō Abe was asked why Japan doesn’t take any refugees he gave the reason that he wants to take care of his own people first and foremost. He also said that even though the birth rates in Japan are low, he’d rather encourage people of his own country to have more children rather than import a bunch of people from another country. No one has yet to call him a nazi or racist for it the way Viktor Orban has been for wanting to protect his borders. It’s like European countries and only European countries are expected to take in the entire world while everyone else is held to a completely different standard.

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    • This post by Josh raises an important issue that usually gets overlooked in the debate about asylum and immigration. The example of Japan demonstrates that the number of asylum seekers that countries are willing to accept is dependent on these countries perceived need for net immigration to offset the aging of their population. In other words the establishment in white countries collude with the fiction that all these illegal immigrants are really refugees because they regard them as an opportunity to bring about desired demographic changes that they believe are essential for their economies to thrive. Of course the public have not been consulted about this because ‘replacement immigration’, as this policy is called, is not negotiable.

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      • Open borders plus granting asylum is not the only approach to tackling the demographic problem through immigration. A merit-based global competition is a superior approach.

        The application process can be open to anyone and as many worthy applicants as planned for could be granted the opportunity to build a new life in Sweden.

        I do not find the demographic explanation convincing. It is incomplete at best. At the same time, a (misguided) attempt at addressing the demographic problem seems the only reasonable explanation for the irresponsible policies carried out by the politicians. I refuse to accept that all these politicians are lunatics – they must have genuinely convinced themselves of this path based on at least a coherent argument.


  2. In many countries, including the US, the same things are happening. I know Europe is taking an overwhelming portion of people, but they are coming here as well. Because our country is much larger, it doesn’t seem as blatantly obvious as it does in Sweden. Add on top of that how long Sweden has been doing this, and it really compounds the hurt on the nationals. The problems Europe is experiencing are the same problems the US is experiencing. You don’t hear about it as much, though, because so many people are completely narcissistic, which makes them oblivious to any problem that doesn’t ‘directly’ impact them. And that is such a ridiculous thought process, because if anyone would look into the issues, they would realize that everything is interconnected, so it does impact them. The world has pretty much just gone insane, really. It’s sickening.


  3. it appears that islam turns it practitioners into helpless toddlers… unable care for their ow needs or responsibly do a little research before making a major decision… SMH. Yes, some are real refugees. But those who complain about it being “too cold”, yet when a window is closed it’s also “too stuffy”…. oh fer pete’s sake, grow up r go back where you came from. Take your ire to the conman who apparently charged you for travel costs, not on the country being so kind to you. What I don’t understand is — whether in the US or elsewhere, why do the people in charge, who can actually do something about it, not catch on? it’s as if every one of them is dumbly following orders from some evil shadow they dare not admit to knowing about.

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    • That is the question of interest. The leadership of many countries cannot have all gone insane simultaneously. There must be a more plausible explanation (conspiracy is not a plausible explanation either).

      Perhaps there are multiple reasons: expanding human capital for the economy, votes from current citizens (of certain demographics), potential votes from the new soon-to-become citizens, including newborns in the very long run, fear of alienating alies or acquiring enemies in foreign policy, or fear of destabilizing the status quo (who wants to be the one starting major policy change, for seemingly no reason – yeah, there’s a little friction, but not a real crisis, so no risky actions justified). These reasons may be based on faulty reasoning or ignoble agendas, but they would be at least coherent.

      Consider that several parties in various countries have been warning for many years now (PVV Geert Wilders in Holland, National Front Le Pen in France), but the respective countries did not catch on fire so far despite their warnings. You and I may believe they did catch on fire and that situation is deteriorating, but perhaps the scale is still too small to motivate policy change. In other words, the politicians might appear insane to us, because it is simply too early. Political change is very slow.

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  4. Bara en liten detalj upplysningsvis, de “flyktingar” som demonstrerar på torget ovan bor på Guntorps herrgård, ett av de bättre ställena på Öland. Det är en vackert renoverad herrgård kompletterad med en modern hotelldel med pool, och serverar utsökt (om än lite dyr) mat till turister under högsäsong.


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