“Im gonna fuck you on Thursday”, Ali explained to the welfare case worker


This is a true story, but it sounds like some kind of comic book.

It all started in the Haga gymnasium of Borlänge. Ali, who is 21 years old and arrived in Sweden as a “unaccompanied refugee child”, went to the school and told the principal he wanted to start there. But the principal, Tommy, explained to Ali that he’s too old for gymnasium. A gymnasium is a secondary school focused on preparing students to enter a university for advanced academic study and normally the students are 16, 17 and 18. What Ali needed to enroll in was komvux, a special school for adults looking to repair their grades.

This process repeated itself several times over. On numerous occasions the young man showed up to the school, forcing the principal to explain time and time again (once with the assistance of a counselor) that Ali was simply too old to attend a school with 16-year olds. And as a result of that, Ali finally decided to violently punch the principal in the back of the neck. As soon as Tommy had turned his back, Ali was reminded of the quintessential saying by the Roman poet Horatius: “Seize the day” – KAPOW!


A few days later Ali shows up to the welfare office and demands more money. He says he gambled up the money he got. When they denied him money he decided to kick apart several of the workers cars.


The next day he returned again with more demands. When he, yet again, was denied money he threatened to burn the place down and told a female social worker that he was going to “fuck her on Thursday”. On his way out he threw a trashcan through the window and also smashed the interior of the office.


After that he went downtown, saw a city guide, grabbed the megaphone-equipment that was hanging around the guide’s neck and almost threw him down some stairs.

Yet another couple of days later he returned again. This time they had assigned security guards to protect the staff from this scoundrel. The guards recognized him and went to reject him, when Ali decided to punch one of them in the face. Then he smashed a window causing shards to fly, which cut the other guards hand. Ali then continued smashing office interior and threw a trashcan. Afterwards he molested 3 female employees who were taking a break outside of the building. One was slapped, another woman was kicked and the third woman was shoved.

It was first after all this that the police decided to do something. When they interrogated him, Ali let them know that the Swedish school system sucks, and he started boasting about how much better life is in Iran. Among other things he claimed that in Iran he was allowed to go to school how much he wanted, that the police treated him to food and that he’s being treated like an animal in Sweden. He also denied all the allegations and painted the image of himself as a victim.

Basically, this guy took on Sweden the same way you take on a new city in Grand Theft Auto. And it’s not even certain he’s gonna be spending so much as a year in prison, no less get deported.

But hey, that’s what happens when you build an entire justice system on the notion that everyone who behaves badly is a victim of their surroundings. This is an entirely separate case where a 19-year old stabbed two security guards. They were both injured severely, and the prosecutor had this to say:

“But at some point you have to ask yourself if it’s really necessary to keep a 19-year old locked up? This man has nearly no criminal record and doesn’t belong to the “dangerous guys”. In that case you need to compare the proportions and think of the trauma it entails for a 19-year old to be locked up when he should be going to school.”

Reminds me of that time a completely different prosecutor didn’t want to push to get a Somalian citizen deported, after the immigrant had raped a woman while she was dying from a drug overdose. The prosecutors reasoning was that he “doesn’t understand why a somalian woman would be worth any less than a swedish woman. If he’s deported he could commit crimes in his home country, and I don’t differentiate between people like that.”

Eventually the prosecutor did change his mind and managed to get through a deportation plea, but it’s only valid for 10 years. After that the necrophiliac rapist is welcome back to Sweden.

The same prosecutor also said it’s rare that criminal immigrants get deported from Sweden. I believe him. It doesn’t feel like justice happens very often in this country. A 23-year old immigrant once assaulted a senior-citizen couple and ended up killing the 78-year old woman of the couple. He punched her in the face so she fell to the ground, and she hurt her head so badly from the fall that she died two days later. The 23-year old got 1 year and 8 months in prison, and didn’t get deported.

Let’s get back to the bad boy rebel Ali who wants to rape his social worker. A witness account on the forum Flashback says that the principals of that particular gymnasium were completely passive when one of their students was bullied into changing schools. This is because the student was a Sweden Democrat, and apparently the principal didn’t want to take a stand for such a terrible filthy racist. Funny then, that his reward for antiracist altruism ended up becoming a taste of multiculturalism gone wild.

9 thoughts on ““Im gonna fuck you on Thursday”, Ali explained to the welfare case worker

  1. I am so freaking tired of these assholes getting their way. I am tired of people having no consequences to horrible actions. It’s absolute bull shit. People like that were part of the reason the country they came from was so shitty in the first place. Then, the country they migrate to “has” to take them in, and the migrant pulls the same shit in the new country, making the new country on the verge of just as shitty as the country they came from. The way I look at it is this: if you don’t like the country you came to, and you don’t want to integrate, go back to the hell hole you came from. No one wants or needs you in the new country if you are going to try and turn it into a shit hole just because you are being a petulant child. Go the fuck home.


  2. Hey you!
    I’m a big fan of your work. It’s so damn refreshing to hear someone dare to say the things you do.
    If you ever come to Israel, I’ll be happy to meet you 🙂
    Meanwhile, you might want to make your blog more prominent in your videos so that anyone who clicks on an ‘angry foreigner’ video will see your blog’s name next to yours. I didn’t even know you have a blog until I accidentally noticed it now.

    I’ve heard Norway has started deporting criminals who apply for a Norwegian passport. Is this talked about in Sweden?

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    • Thanks for the tip. I want more people to learn about my blog since I’ll be writing about some things that won’t make it into videos (but no less important) so I’ll keep that in mind.

      As for Norway, I was sure our neighboring countries already deport criminal immigrants. Denmark is real good at that usually. But nah, we don’t talk about it here because it’s almost unthinkable here.


      • Well, I think youtube videos will always generate more hits (and you’re good at it) but a lot of people will go from youtube to your blog if it shows up more prominently.

        About Norway deporting people, here’s a link: http://www.thelocal.no/20141110/norway-deports-record-number-of-immigrants

        It’s also claimed (not in this article) that crime dropped by around 30% as a result. I don’t have an official source for that, it’s just what I’ve read in various articles.

        I don’t even want to think about what Europe will look like in just 15 years. Too horrible to contemplate.
        My guess is that there’ll be as many random stabbings as are going on today in Israel, even more if this massive wave of refugees (or ‘refugees’) is taken in. Meanwhile, Israel has taken in a number of asylum seekers from countries like Eritrea and Sudan.
        Some of the results are: A man from Sudan, randomly killed a 50 year old local woman in Tel Aviv, this was captured on security cameras, they were the only people in the street, he lunged at her for no reason and murdered her.

        Recently, 3 young men from Eritrea brutally raped a local woman.
        Another asylum seeker raped a local 82 year old woman. 82 years old!! Who does that? Another one was caught with his pants down in front of a 5 year old girl he’d dragged into a stairwell.
        A video taken with a mobile showed a recent immigrant/asylum-seeker, a woman and mother, using a wooden plank to hit a local Israeli woman. Since when do women violently attack women? Looking at the video, you’d have thought the asylum seeking immigrant considers this to be her own country, she walked with the plank like she owns the place.

        Of course most of these people are peaceful but bringing them in is a terrible idea and people are scared to walk around where they live. The supreme court keeps blocking any attempt by the government to keep these people in refugee camps and politically-correct groups want to block any attempt to send them on to a 3rd country through an agreement with a 3rd country, one very much like their own country.
        This is what Australia did so effectively, offering them a choice between going back to their home country or to another 3rd world country in which there’s no war. That’s what stopped immigrants coming by boat to Australia.

        In Canada, the government enacted a law saying women can’t wear a Niqab while taking the oath of allegiance to Canada and being granted citizenship. Their courts blocked it, saying it’s “unconstitutional”.
        As I understand it, it turns out the woman is (surprise surprise) an extremist with links to various extremist groups. Judges have become un-elected rulers. I don’t think Canada should grant citizenship to families whose women wear Niqabs even if they agree to take it off for 5 minutes when they become citizens.

        End of long comment 🙂


  3. Can the perplexing current events be explained by *ignorance gone mainstream*? Weak reasoning skills and suspension of logic had been at the root of much failure, loss, and violence throughout history.

    Traditionally ignorance had a stronghold among people with fringe ideas, e.g. creationists, cult leaders, conspiracy theorists – benign or harmful, but certainly ignorant. In contrast, the mainstream society was guided by common sense. For example, while some activists campaign against contraception on religious or other fanciful grounds, most people simply make use of it. This imperfect but overwhelming permiation of reason, kept surreal events from developing.

    That such surreal events do develop now might be a symptom of irrational thought prevailing among the mainstream, instead of being confined to the fringe. This can happend to a healthy mind, because once enlightened, it is not guaranteed to stay immune to ignorance.

    Ignorance can creep into a healthy critical mind through laziness. Each liberal ideal requires a burdensome chain of reasoning, from premise to a conclusion, such as “slavery impedes prosperity”. A person who considers one such question and accepts the argument rightly feels enlightened. The person starts seeing how faulty the opposing opinion is. However, the person might be easily tempted to forego repeating the full process of considering evidence and verifying the argument when confronted with the next question. After all, the person had been enlightened, from then on, he or she can feel what the right answer is to any question without much effort. A person is born, who is blind yet convinced that he or she stands behind reason.

    Critical thought is hard work. Like idleness replaces effort by default, ignorance replaces reason by default. The result: intelligent people acting irrationally.


  4. So by taking just punishment away from refugees commiting the crimes they do, the government is simultaneously and indirectly letting go of their own responisibilty and the public’s need for explanation of the whole “must become multicultural” idea. But at least they are wakening up lately, the big bosses


  5. I’m so glad I was looking for new videos from you and came across your blog. Thank you for doing them in English also. I count on my youtube folks I follow to know the truth about what is happening around the world. I think almost all mainstream media tells us what they want us to think instead of reporting the facts so we can determine what we choose to think for ourselves.

    I stopped responding to many comments online as it’s apparent many people no longer use rational thought to reason. Critical reasoning skills are more important than ever but how do we reach those who are so lost in nonsense they turn their noses up and call us racists for wanting to open an honest dialogue on the refugee issue? I think Islam needs to be reorganized to remove the hate and intolerance or else eradicated. I’m not wanting to act like an ostrich and pretend there is no connection to the politics of Islam making it much much more than simply a religion.

    Thank you again for sharing your perspective and most importantly the facts of current events in your country. I do believe I need to purchase a bottle of wine for my next sit down watching your videos. No offense intended — God Bless you and may you be kept safe from danger, in any form. 🙂

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