Dehumanization – The comfortable way out

I saw a short news report by the name “Catching A Monster“. It was about Peter Scully, a man who made videos torturing and molesting children, and then selling the videos internationally through the deep web. I came across his name when lurking around the depraved section of the swedish forum Flashback.

Looking through what people had to say on YouTube there’s the type of comments anyone should expect when we’re talking about people who do terrible things: “They’re not human. They don’t deserve to be viewed as human.”

Well, first of all, why would you act like humanity is some kind of honorary medal? You’re acting as if human beings in general are awesome. They’re not. They’re morons.

Second of all, people saying that this dude is a monster and shouldn’t be viewed/treated as human are naive. This is a part of humanity, whether you like it or not. That man is a member of our species. So are Hitlers nazis, the Islamic State, the people who performed the Armenian genocide, Japan’s “rape of Nanking” in 1937, and so on, the list of atrocities committed by man through time is long.

By dehumanizing people who do horrible things you’re moving the problem away from mankind. Thus you’re removing man’s responsibility and that makes it real easy not to think about it deeper than the surface. It’s simple-minded to solely dismiss someone as evil, it’s much more challenging to understand how someone would be able to do something terrible and why people are what they are.

As soon as you choose to dehumanize someone you’re opening yourself up to becoming as disgusting as them, by saying: “Only they are capable of evil. Not me.” And history has many examples to offer proving you otherwise. Sure, you might not rape and murder kids, but that’s not the only horror that could come from you choosing to stop viewing certain people as people.

8 thoughts on “Dehumanization – The comfortable way out

  1. I would post this link on my face book page but you have a rude comment that comes up in the name. You are very intelligent and need to be heard. There is just no point for the rude comment.


    • I deleted the comment now. While I did find it completely fucking hilarious, I suppose spreading a message is more important than making myself laugh. You’re welcome to share the post now if you want. 🙂


  2. I can´t say I agree with you here, it´s not that I don´t agree about evil people still being people deserving of basic compassion and consideration but I think dehumanization is a better and far healthier reaction than the other side of the coin that is collective guilt as you seem to suggest by stating it´s “man´s responsibility”, you speak about accepting humanity as it is yet at the same time you seem to operate under the assumption that evil necessarily has a significant cause rather than just accepting some people will do evil stuff just because they can get away with it and don´t care about others, regardless of their upbringing, condition and education

    Why should people who had nothing to do in the affair feel responsible for the actions of a grown up and mentally capable individual?, they might be under the worst circumstances and have the most compelling stories about how they ended up there but I refuse to carry a burden that has nothing to do with me out of blind stupid empathy for someone who chose to do that stuff on his own volition

    Holding people responsible for an event they have minimal relation with is the same kind of stuff crazed progressives do with crap like “teaching men to not rape” programs, they remove the guilt away from the rapist, reinterpreting him as a victim of a flawed system and place it on humanity as if rape was a basic male human drive that needs to be suppressed with intensive additional education rather than treating it like what it actually is, a conscious antisocial action that can only be discouraged with punishment

    Call me old fashioned but I prefer a society of lynchers than a society of self-loathing relativism that only waits and expects humanity to suddenly “evolve”


  3. There is a Petition on for the immediate resignation of Chancellor Merkel, and for an immediate change in German government. It’s set to be closed on Tuesday, November 24th, and they need about 7,000 more signatures for it to be a success. The Germans don’t want any more people, and from the sounds of thing, the Swedish can’t take any more. If you could do anything to spread awareness, everyone EVERYWHERE, would be grateful for anything you could do. I’ll leave the petition’s link below:


  4. You don’t ask why they do these things. You punish them so harshly that they will fear the consequences of doing it again. In some cases where the criminal cannot be reformed or ‘cured’ (pedophiles) you lock them away forever.

    Anything else is putting their rights above those of their future victims.


  5. Allt du har att uttrycka dina ĂĄsikter och farhĂĄgor är absolut “plats pĂĄ” …. tillbringade mycket tid i Sverige frĂĄn 1989 till 2011. Jag faktiskt förhindras 4 svenska flickor frĂĄn att bli vĂĄldtagen av en stor grupp av muslimska invandrare i Södertälje. Jag kan bara föreställa mig att det är mycket farligare där nu. Prata eftersom du talar fullkomlig sanning!


  6. Until the people rid themselves of the insane elite that has run Europe now for the last 50 plus years, things will only get worse. From my perspective, I see civil conflict on the horizon, and it is not far away.


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